Malu FINALLY CANCELLED for DISTURBING PAST? Danielle Cohn BEEFING with Nicki Minaj? Sway House OVER?

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anna oop

Prije 20 dana

"add short description of 2-3 sentences here"

Lana nabeel
Lana nabeel Prije 8 sati
Khatantuul Buyanbaatar
Khatantuul Buyanbaatar Prije 14 sati
umm... anyone saw the description lol
It's Sasha_iixx
It's Sasha_iixx Prije dan
char Prije dan
"I'm not racist" yes and I'm not bisexual. we know we both lying.
Annilixia Prije dan
I’m not tryna sound rude but... when y’all ask “why do you guys give problematic people fame!!” Maybe because.. you talk about them a lot?? And give them the attention they want?
um yeah i already know ppl are gonna get mad at this but i dont think its wrong for hispanics to say the n word. sorry but shes not racist for saying that.
Mahi Thakur
Mahi Thakur Prije 2 dana
Anna: When will these problematic tik tokers stop Me: Doesn't your whole career depend upon them 👀 (No hatere)
mariely espinoza
mariely espinoza Prije 2 dana
pretty sure I’ve been living under a rock cuz.. I have no clue what the r-slur is
hogwarts editor
hogwarts editor Prije 2 dana
some tik tokers, do this for clout and attention! it's not cool😒
Miu Iruma!
Miu Iruma! Prije 3 dana
But that’s like saying Im not racist my best friend is black 😭😭
Galaxy_Rose Prije 3 dana
Omg tik tok is really TOXIC it's really needs to be banned ALREADY
adriana Prije 4 dana
Why do people get so mad about it like it’s just a word didnt white people invent it if u wanna say the word that bad then 😭😭😭 I’m black and I really don’t care I know my opinion does not matter but I’m just saying and please don’t reply off arguing with me I just wanted to say that
Faith H
Faith H Prije 4 dana
I mean she deserves to be cancelled for the n word ... but the cousin situation like she was 5 ffs , it’s her mom’s fault
frog Prije 4 dana
she’s such a gross person omg. she was literally laughing and saying “i r4ped my cousin haha”it’s not even funny that’s gross.
Lee Amore
Lee Amore Prije 4 dana
ngl you guys are so problematic
Itz Katherine
Itz Katherine Prije 4 dana
omg gurl I LUV ur little avatar for these vids! gurl its so fricken cute!
Leah Manhertz
Leah Manhertz Prije 4 dana
Malu need some help asap
fymblade Prije 5 dana
saying retarded is a slur
Maria Becauri
Maria Becauri Prije 5 dana
Malu is from Taxes what were yall waiting¿?
xXBhaddie_KaylaXx Prije 5 dana
It doesn't matter if you have black friends or black boyfriend but if you are not personally black you should not have n word in your vocabulary.
Beatriz Pires
Beatriz Pires Prije 6 dana
The only thing that is screaming in my mind is that her father is definitely not black and the reason why I'm saying this is because she only discovered this 1,2 years ago? So you're telling me that her mother only told her that her dad was black after she have said the n word endless times?? She is definitely covering this up cause she is tired of getting hate but hey honey you wanted this when you started your career you basically asked for this, this is what fame brings it brings hate it brings random people's opinions it brings drama it brings everything and covering something up with a disgusting lie is just so crazy and stupid it is worst than actually saying the n word or the r slur the only thing I'm sorry for is the fact that she's a beautiful girl she is gorgeous but she definitely has a shitty personality and does a lot of bad stuff but she doesn't even have the guts to correct herself she needs to be canceled she should already have been canceled
Faith Allan
Faith Allan Prije 6 dana
Malu is the type of person to say “ I’m not racist my aunties neighbours sisters mailman’s dog is black”
Jayden Stirk
Jayden Stirk Prije 6 dana
I have ALOT of respect for black people who STILL don’t say the n word
potterheads Prije 6 dana
Its DISGUSTING how people say the n-word like its nothing 😔 same for the r slur its EW
potterheads Prije 6 dana
EW the racist b
Anxietitty Prije 7 dana
"Chrevehoe" 💀
Diblaim Tejada
Diblaim Tejada Prije 7 dana
I really don’t understand these tik toker, thinking they can get away with anything, you rape your cousin it’s still rape, u said the n word and r word, u still said it, Danielle is just making a bigger hole for herself she been caught red handed so many. I really don’t understand why social media platforms hasn’t done anything. Your making people famous for the wrongs reasons
SelfmadeDia Purrr
SelfmadeDia Purrr Prije 7 dana
First of all Dani waffle cone better keep the Queen out of her mouth 😐☝🏽
gottagogames 324
gottagogames 324 Prije 7 dana
At this point they should make a groomer house by how many there are.... 😀🤚🏽
Brxght Moon
Brxght Moon Prije 7 dana
Why even say the n word? It’s ONE word! Keep it out of your mouth not too hard
Boujee Babe
Boujee Babe Prije 7 dana
I don’t know how any of you guys are surprised about her saying the n word when she has said it multiple times in a video of her singing freaky Friday
Oluwayomi Williams
Oluwayomi Williams Prije 8 dana
Oh malu she is raciest
jays roblox page
jays roblox page Prije 8 dana
Isn’t malu Puerto rican?
Nana Ama Bedua Mensah
Nana Ama Bedua Mensah Prije 9 dana
Malu just needs to be put into another planet smh smh smh 🤦‍♀️
no comment
no comment Prije 10 dana
That's sad nikis dad passed away
Jazzy _official
Jazzy _official Prije 11 dana
what’s the r-slur
oqhixlism Prije 11 dana
I swear I thought this video was literary 1 year, I think I'm going crazy 😭
Charlotte Gent
Charlotte Gent Prije 11 dana
Lmao my friend once said I can’t be homophobic my friend is gay like sis that’s not how it works and that just like saying I can’t be racist bc I have a black friend nah hun not how it works
Charlotte Gent
Charlotte Gent Prije 11 dana
Sorry but why are people normalising saying the n-word with famous people and teens and stuff like come one
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams Prije 11 dana
Saying the N word doesn't make a non black person racist. Can we stop devaluing what Racism REALLY MEANS! Words are words. Racism is actions. What power does Malu have to oppress black people? Cause that's what racism is, the oppression of others
Aliya Reynolds
Aliya Reynolds Prije 11 dana
Dani wasn’t the problematic one… suprised
xmilanj Prije 3 sati
I’m laughing at the fact that she said nicki was her favorite artist but didn’t spell her name right💀
adni ash
adni ash Prije 11 dana
I want to educate myself so - can someone tell me what the (r-slur) is because I don’t know and I want to know
yxoniie Prije 11 dana
they where like 5 -
Nyesha Oquendo
Nyesha Oquendo Prije 12 dana
About Dani Nicki cant even go at her...her sister had NO part whatsoever in the drama going on...its her fault if Danielle cohn going after her...maybe she should just stop being nosey and go on with her own life
Chelsea' s life
Chelsea' s life Prije 12 dana
I mean I'm black
Akali Missi
Akali Missi Prije 12 dana
What is the R slur?
Rose Langley
Rose Langley Prije 12 dana
Girl I thought it said Nikita dragon never knew this girl actually had the audacity to Beef with Nicki
leilani faith11
leilani faith11 Prije 12 dana
Malu is mixed 😂
unloved_kianaaa Prije 12 dana
okay so malú is hispanic correct? so hispanic background has black culture in it. NOT SAYING I EVER SAID IT but why are people bringing up the past🤔? cause i remember it being said that the past is the past.
Briyann J.
Briyann J. Prije 12 dana
Malu is like 25% black that don’t give her the right to say the n word
Briyann J.
Briyann J. Prije 11 dana
@zayna but she ain’t black and if she was, she like 10% from another family member and that don’t give her the right to say it
Briyann J.
Briyann J. Prije 11 dana
@zayna well I don’t really know wut she mixed with but she said one of her family is black and she got it in her “blood line” so she thinks she’s black and can say the n word
zayna Prije 11 dana
if shes 25 percent black then that means she has black in her
Noelle Mary
Noelle Mary Prije 12 dana
you all are just now finding out about malu’s past? i’ve known about her for years now and during her whole “career” she’s been so problematic. never liked her.
CupCake 43
CupCake 43 Prije 12 dana
Y'all do know malu is Cuban and Cuban people are black. The only thing that separates us is a boat ride💀
mickayla daniel
mickayla daniel Prije 12 dana
I feel like ming had no place in the situation lol
Richard Chanasue
Richard Chanasue Prije 12 dana
I don't see why ppl need to say the"N" I'm mixed and I wouldn't dare call my mom that! I like living;)
Richard Chanasue
Richard Chanasue Prije 10 dana
@zayna Damn you brave!! :p
zayna Prije 11 dana
i called my mom a hoe
Richard Chanasue
Richard Chanasue Prije 12 dana
Dude I don't want to seem uncultured but what is the "R" word tho?
Em Thedragonslayer
Em Thedragonslayer Prije 12 dana
Get her Nicki don’t hold backkkkk
Adriana The Blossem
Adriana The Blossem Prije 12 dana
dont mess with onika tanya miraj (nikkis real name)
Hayden Prije 12 dana
i dont think it matters whether or not your family is famous , that doesn’t give u a pass to get all up in everyone’s business and speak on something that doesn’t involve u , and it’s making nikki look bad bcs her sister is causing stuff. fame doesn’t matter , it’s the way u treat ppl . i still stan nikki heavily plz don’t attack me😭💀!
Itz Rabbit
Itz Rabbit Prije 12 dana
early gang
Jalyia Davis
Jalyia Davis Prije 13 dana
Dani could never nicki is queen
{Mia aa}
{Mia aa} Prije 13 dana
I meannn idk is she really beffing with her if she laugh plus she should have not said anything 👁👄👁💅🏽
cosmixs Prije 13 dana
The life of Ry
The life of Ry Prije 13 dana
She Spanish like she technically is black
Xiomy Rivera-Carreras
Xiomy Rivera-Carreras Prije 13 dana
Malu better wear some right cloth, because he N was all we I seen one of her live streams in this video
Hxney Tuber
Hxney Tuber Prije 13 dana
What is an r slur ????
Jada-Kay Strickland
Jada-Kay Strickland Prije 13 dana
R slur? Waz dat
FBI Prije 13 dana
Isn't she yellow? She's black right?
Shanaayaa Kunder
Shanaayaa Kunder Prije 13 dana
Andrea Øvregård
Andrea Øvregård Prije 14 dana
why should people get cancelled beacuse she did something in the PAST, people do mistakes
Julian Prije 14 dana
No offense but y'all act like non of us never said the r word or the n word like the irony I'm not saying what she doing is not wrong because she presenting it. But people love to call people out when they don't even know there name .
Gisselle Barrios Hernandez
Gisselle Barrios Hernandez Prije 14 dana
“I’m not racist I have black friends” Ahhh yes the floor is made out of floor
zayna Prije 11 dana
i have black friends and i am racist
yael amador
yael amador Prije 14 dana
Starii ¡
Starii ¡ Prije 14 dana
As a person who can say retarted WE DO NOT CARE AT ALL!!
Starii ¡
Starii ¡ Prije 14 dana
Some of us do tho💀
Arine Libarian
Arine Libarian Prije 14 dana
Anna you should speak up abt the ded teenager
Miku Chan
Miku Chan Prije 14 dana
I’ve missed so much tea time 😞✨
Brenda Gonzales
Brenda Gonzales Prije 14 dana
But mauls dad is black so that makes her black lmao
Gisselle Barrios Hernandez
Gisselle Barrios Hernandez Prije 14 dana
She lied pls 💀🤚
VaSean Wrld
VaSean Wrld Prije 14 dana
First of all I don't know when people are going to realize that cancel culture is full of s*** okay they have selective outrage
rahel demissie
rahel demissie Prije 15 dana
"I'm not racist my boyfriend is black" its like saying "I'm not racist my candle is black"
Emily Zamora
Emily Zamora Prije 15 dana
I saw a video and it’s Bryce hall on a date with Loren
Laura Motie
Laura Motie Prije 15 dana
I got nothing to say..........
Playbøi Barbīe
Playbøi Barbīe Prije 15 dana
My ex boyfriend new girl kinda looks like me but with darker skin so how am I racist
milicika Prije 15 dana
“Don’t fuck with the minaj family” i’m cringing
Poona Firaz
Poona Firaz Prije 15 dana
" Most of the guys I talk to, black. " SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT SHUT THE FUCK UP
Poona Firaz
Poona Firaz Prije 15 dana
malu hunny if you said a story and you were just a kid, then why did you say "I gave him kisses. I r*ped him". like ???????? what?
Canica L. Kelly
Canica L. Kelly Prije 15 dana
and she said she look better than black girls with ok i'm just going to stop lie lie lie shes not a girl
Canica L. Kelly
Canica L. Kelly Prije 15 dana
not the county fans saying the N word
Tee tee Baybiez
Tee tee Baybiez Prije 15 dana
1. Malu past is killing a lot of us right now and the fact that she comes out her mouth with no hesitation saying slurs that is offensive to “Poc” and any one with “disabilities” and then she say she messed around with her cousin and even worse she said it was when she was a Child is irresponsible on her mom behalf then she decide to say clearly not thinking it through “the boy I fell in love with THE MAIN ONE was black and GHETTO” that isn’t cute 2. Niki fans is dragging y’all tik tokers plus it is really rude to talk about any ones child in general then niki sister comments it’s over at this point 3. Idk what Dani and her mom got going on with assaulting kids and sending cops to their house but no 4. Quit all TikTok houses it’s always some type of drama in it and someone’s claiming there quitting it but ends up back in it for some odd reason.
Kate Cabrito
Kate Cabrito Prije 15 dana
What is the n word
Brian Garrow
Brian Garrow Prije 15 dana
Saying retard is not slur😭😭
Lucy Ryan
Lucy Ryan Prije 15 dana
Danielle Cohn I swear is in every video
Abbigail Lochan
Abbigail Lochan Prije 15 dana
Dhjdks 😂😂😂😂 0:55
Millie R.
Millie R. Prije 15 dana
These ppl dunno that even if you have come in contact with a different race doesn’t mean that you aren’t racist-
Lethal Wolf
Lethal Wolf Prije 15 dana
Deadass tho who tf knew Nicki had a sister cuz I didn't 💀💀💀
Tutu Boo
Tutu Boo Prije 15 dana
Atp if you pull up a video of some one saying retarded from last year stfu bc y’all didn’t even make a big deal about the word retarded until this year like stfu pls that’s irritating 😀🙄🙄
red. comm
red. comm Prije 15 dana
"1 of my boyfriends.. ThE mAiN oNe"
red. comm
red. comm Prije 15 dana
Some of the tiktokers that say the n word probably think it's okay bc their lungs are black
Ellie V
Ellie V Prije 16 dana
she can say the n word because she is black
Jaleya Beauregard
Jaleya Beauregard Prije 15 dana
She isn't black she is Cuban lmfaooo
Grace Schott
Grace Schott Prije 16 dana
you know someone is fighting to stay relevant when they cause this much drama
Reece Jones
Reece Jones Prije 16 dana
Danny Igl
Danny Igl Prije 16 dana
« Why do we keep problematic people famous ? » because y’all idiots wanna cancel them but still talking about them ??? 😑
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