addison’s new movie as a…..DISASTER 😭

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anna oop

Prije 21 dan

addison’s new movie as a…..DISASTER 😭


Hannah Scheifley
Hannah Scheifley Prije sat
I liked the movie 🍿
Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden Prije 3 sati
The movie was good wdym?
Tyrese Robinson
Tyrese Robinson Prije 8 sati
I'm so upset with everybody that hates Addison Rae movie she did really good don't hate at least she tried if it was Charlie she will be perfect
mochi chu
mochi chu Prije 16 sati
I think people should think of this as a movie its self , its not all about Addison Shes a starter actress and I think she should just practice
Lizzy Prije dan
Addison did fine, it wasnt great, but it was good for a first try. Shes obviously new to acting and people shouldnt have such high standards especially when they know that addison doesnt have very much experience with acting.
Savanna Wood
Savanna Wood Prije dan
Jeez harsh a little? I really loved it 😊 Thanks for the update tho
FriesWithAPlate Prije dan
yall so dramatic and have to hate on addison in any way possible the movie was legit to funny and good.
Ninti Bey
Ninti Bey Prije dan
Anna disrespectfully shut up cuz you obviously don’t have an opinion for these influencers and what they’re doing or being accused for atp you’re a follower stop being obsessed and have your OWN opinion not everyone else’s!
Maia Anderson Pickett
Maia Anderson Pickett Prije dan
u mad?🥺
emo girl~
emo girl~ Prije dan
Its not the worst but not the best either lmao😀
Salma Abdukadir
Salma Abdukadir Prije 2 dana
Wtf is Omar gonna say about those kissing scenes
wtfno shut omfg
wtfno shut omfg Prije 2 dana
the movie wasn't that bad come on.
Bianca The Blink
Bianca The Blink Prije 2 dana
I actually think she did really good singing the teenage dream.
🍓•K's_Tea•🍓 Prije 2 dana
Just bc addison is in the movie doesnt mean you have to hate her. Its not fair what if you were her and you got hate and got bullied.
localblushfairy Prije 2 dana
You havent even watched it? I watched it and i expected it to be trash but actually it was really good
BlueEmma Prije 2 dana
I seen the movie and In my opinion she did really good for her first time! And I can't stop watching it. Really it does have a few down hill scenes but overall great!
gbplayer 345
gbplayer 345 Prije 3 dana
it was not bad tho
Yaaruli Eshel
Yaaruli Eshel Prije 3 dana
well it's her first movie, i think it's okay
Mick Plays
Mick Plays Prije 3 dana
I thought it was pretty good lol
mariposita 🦋
mariposita 🦋 Prije 3 dana
2:12 these comments took me out 😭‼️
Anabell Hernandez
Anabell Hernandez Prije 3 dana
That was funny tho 😭 “tag your ex” *tags Addison*
heaven Prije 4 dana
tbh it wasnt that bad😟
Niki Smith
Niki Smith Prije 4 dana
i mean i think it’s really good
Callifiah's World
Callifiah's World Prije 4 dana
Yall need to stop bulling her, she a first time actress ok.
Gabriella Paige
Gabriella Paige Prije 4 dana
It has “bad Ratings” Bc y’all just like to be rude and give it bad ratings, it was actually a decent movie😅.I don’t care for her or the genre of the movie and I still didn’t think it was as bad as y’all like to say it is💀yeah her acting is a bit off(note she’s never acted before) and the production was a little cheap buuttt uhhh I’d give it a 6/10🤷‍♀️especially with how trash all movies are now lmao
IcyTbh Prije 4 dana
The movie…………was alright
Gia Soto
Gia Soto Prije 4 dana
I feel like the movie was really good and if they had better actors playing the rolls it could have been executed very well.
Levi ackerman is short
Levi ackerman is short Prije 4 dana
her movie wasnt as good but it wasnt bad it was just her acting but it wasnt bad
Eirel Abregonda
Eirel Abregonda Prije 4 dana
Anna, why do you act like ur better than her? 🙃 Her acting is just fine. I really liked it. If you dont, just dont say anything.
Donuthebear plays
Donuthebear plays Prije 4 dana
I watched “he’s all that” I thought it wouldn’t be good because well her song wasn’t amazing but the movie was actually pretty good I think she’s better at acting then sing ngl
Zz Vlogs
Zz Vlogs Prije 5 dana
Well Addison was racist and mean 🤦🏾‍♀️ so…
Zz Vlogs
Zz Vlogs Prije 5 dana
She also lied a lot
Kaxandra Genette Astadan
Kaxandra Genette Astadan Prije 5 dana
uhm....don't you think addison just want to be a celebrity, i mean first she made a song and now a movie which made me think that she just want to be a celebrity
Narutaya Karnpasutchvanich
Narutaya Karnpasutchvanich Prije 5 dana
I mean I watch it it was so basic no hate but like when I watch it it wasn’t bad or good it just normal
tamara Prije 5 dana
it was actually good i liked it,
Ulrich Box
Ulrich Box Prije 5 dana
Let's except everyone for who they are ,because all you do is putting people lives outside ,this is not good what you are doing
ishita mann
ishita mann Prije 5 dana
okay but it' was a decent watch ??
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda Prije 5 dana
Honestly, the movie mad no sense especially when she said "they're not atarngers they're followers!" And thinking people who like punk rock are losers....?
Aurelia Perera
Aurelia Perera Prije 5 dana
It was good
Monewa Mteulwa
Monewa Mteulwa Prije 5 dana
Girl girl the movie wasn't that bad okay what's kind of bad but it wasn't that bad at least she tried
달콤한 flowers ♥
달콤한 flowers ♥ Prije 5 dana
omg people need to chill out, it was her FIRST movie, i didn't even know who she was before watching it and it was pretty cool lol and btw don't try to come at me bc i will not answer, leave my opinion alone.
Kalilah Briscoe
Kalilah Briscoe Prije 5 dana
Bruh shut up!!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE I literally want t watch it a million times like bruh did you even watch the movie
Belle curves💜💝
Belle curves💜💝 Prije 5 dana
Anna oop- girl don’t be judgmental- Prije 5 dana
I literally HATE Anna. I only watch her to catch up on the tiktok tea. Its hard to watch the vids though.
Elysia Aimufua Irowa
Elysia Aimufua Irowa Prije 5 dana
the movie was not bad
mindyabusiness Prije 5 dana
anna now u dtm… the movie wasnt even bad at all💀 for smb who prob js started playin in movies it was good 🧍🏽‍♀️ u love being extra & its annoying yall are so judgmental
DirectionerandLivie Prije 6 dana
Honestly the movies wasn't that bad. Its just your typical high school movie!☺
bxsugar Prije 6 dana
But the movie was good
K & C ST
K & C ST Prije 6 dana
can. we normalize ex's being friends?
Emily LEWIS Prije 6 dana
to be honest for a first try and a Netflix movie it wasn't that bad she will improve I think people were just mad because she was in a movie. 😅
Kirra's Aquatics
Kirra's Aquatics Prije 6 dana
i dont think the movie was that bad
yumekomaryy Prije 6 dana
The movie was good and it was amazing so get over it and stop hating on other celebrities like you hating making them even more famous the movie was AWESOME
0bamaswetbudussy Prije 6 dana
The only problem with the movie are the sad scenes and the happy ones were ok! Like it’s her first time acting and it wasn’t at all bad
lily casry
lily casry Prije 6 dana
all the reviews on the movie is just pressed little boys 💀 and also you are being pretty rude she’s not gonna be a perfect actor on her first movie not rlly anybody was
Cloudy_dailys Prije 6 dana
I actually loved this movie it was not bad at all people just say it’s bad she is in it but it was pretty great
olive Prije 6 dana
bruh stop making fun of her you hate on people for making fun of other people yet you are like sit down
alexa Prije 6 dana
Guys i know it was addison's first movie but really acting wasnt good. She is a good dancer but her acting needs a lot of work
ItsLimeyTea Prije 7 dana
The movie was really good. I hate how Anna is hating on addison the first day and the other day she’s like “yall should be EMBARRASED for hating on my girl addi”
Yasmin Donelly
Yasmin Donelly Prije 7 dana
Chill Anna she did a pretty good Atempt at this, also you can’5 just go ahead and say its rubbish
CarlCraft _Playz
CarlCraft _Playz Prije 7 dana
Yall hating on her. She didnt ruin the song she just sang it. And bet yall cant even act. Shes just looking for her own talent
klee° Prije 7 dana
And ruining teenage dream? Any body could sing that song and people wouldn’t say that their ruining it so what?? She’s literally singing a song she never ruined anything
klee° Prije 7 dana
It was good, her movie was really nice but how is it a disaster?
CarlCraft _Playz
CarlCraft _Playz Prije 7 dana
queen mya
queen mya Prije 7 dana
Ok ngl the movie was good me and my bsfs were watching it at school during PE and it was super good!!
Yoongi’s Coffee addiction
Yoongi’s Coffee addiction Prije 7 dana
I think that people are hating on her way too much just for being famous because of her dancing , she deserves to be someone more than just a dancer in an app .
Justlily Prije 7 dana
I loved the movie
j e m
j e m Prije 7 dana
People are being pretty harsh on this movie because its actually quite good
itsurgirl.ashley. ash
itsurgirl.ashley. ash Prije 7 dana
Anna oop is just mean her acting is amazing y u hating
Maheen Hamid
Maheen Hamid Prije 7 dana
The singing made me lose my braincells
SxmplyxAddy#roadto50 Prije 7 dana
It’s so good stop
Celeste Delue
Celeste Delue Prije 7 dana
Idk but she reminds me of Jennie from Blackpink.. If u know u know
Armin arlert
Armin arlert Prije 7 dana
She did okay pls 😐
Rose Mary
Rose Mary Prije 7 dana
To be fair it wasn’t that bad for a first time, I’m not an Addison fan but I wouldn’t be so harsh ‘Anna..’
sherry games
sherry games Prije 8 dana
Ok so yk Anna u should stop making fun of people Addison is movie is amazing
Mahlatse Serame
Mahlatse Serame Prije 8 dana
And I don't know why I have to be disrespectful for you from us and our son is trying her best I was taking you to the game console you and I don't know why cuz you always lie missing you see when you talk about Dixie and know about the brother but there was actually Dixie I did watch the whole video Jesus you look like an obvious that it wasn't so if you don't even see your face mathematics textbook the return the best 20 best and I don't like to 2 + 2 2 + 2 is not that hard like I see that your monthly visit to be like their own and I hope you never find a boyfriend and I don't want even like you is so beautiful Michael I will send you or it's over but I have seen all the videos and like-for-like beach
Si Phu Ra
Si Phu Ra Prije 8 dana
I think that the movie is good
Nadine Meroun
Nadine Meroun Prije 8 dana
I actually liked it it wasn’t very bad
Fannie Brown
Fannie Brown Prije 8 dana
No offense but it was a good movie
Call Its'Me
Call Its'Me Prije 8 dana
The part that got me laughing where the guy was telling his backstory and her expression was like 'What are we talking about again? I dont remember askimg..'
「 potato」
「 potato」 Prije 8 dana
The movie was not even that bad
Mikeys wife 🥴
Mikeys wife 🥴 Prije 8 dana
i looked up addisons boyfriend and screamed in terror
nina Prije 8 dana
she did good for her first time , she gonna get better. don’t forget it’s her first every time acting.
jiakvrs Prije 8 dana
anna...just a question, weren't you like criticizing her a few videos ago? i mean... "not that many people are happy with addisons acting skills at first" "BUT personally you guys, i feel like addison tried her best...*proceeds to lightly compliment her*" anna.....
sʜᴇ ʜᴀs ɪssᴜᴇs
sʜᴇ ʜᴀs ɪssᴜᴇs Prije 8 dana
What the fuck is wrong with you, Anna? Promoting hate towards another person - the movie isn’t even that bad.
Madalyn Ingram
Madalyn Ingram Prije 8 dana
I like the movie though:(
honey Prije 8 dana
Wow really Anna ? Your promoting people to drag Addison
Saytun Hassan
Saytun Hassan Prije 8 dana
she did good but it was not a good movie it was boring asf
Boba world
Boba world Prije 8 dana
When I saw Addison on Netflix I was like wtf but good job tho keep up the work
Katie 16
Katie 16 Prije 8 dana
Girl you're just trying to get followers and likes, look at this comment section, no one cares what you have to say
sourphie Prije 8 dana
ppl rlly come at people who got famous for pursuing their dreams.. like maybe they didnt mean to get famous??
Shrimp Prije 8 dana
Girl…. Stop the shade and hypocrisy… it was actually ok…
flying tacos
flying tacos Prije 8 dana
Am I the only one who actually enjoyed the movie? I'm not a huge fan of addison but the movie in my opinion was intrested and for the first time I think it was good.
𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖊𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖗𝖞 Prije 8 dana
Burh My mom tried to watch He’s all that but it is to cringe
Tisha Kapali
Tisha Kapali Prije 8 dana
I don't like Addison and Bryce but this is what I don't understand, when they are rude and ignorant towards each other, people call them toxic, but when they are supportive and nice towards eachother people start to tell them to get back together. Why can't people just let them be ?
Zyarre Prince
Zyarre Prince Prije 9 dana
It wasn’t even bad Anna 🤨
Thomas Doherty
Thomas Doherty Prije 9 dana
I rather watch not another Teenage movie than her shitty new movie bye✌🏻
Prije 9 dana
Girl please the movie was really good and your only saying it's bad cuz Addison is in it
Mc Childe
Mc Childe Prije 9 dana
Not really a fan of Addison but, the movie wasnt really bad and the plot was kinda good. Some parts were sorta cringe and all but i kinda liked it-
Ariana Xyooj
Ariana Xyooj Prije 9 dana
Yk they be watching her movie while saying sh*t about her but like yall watching the movie tho
alicecanmeow Prije 9 dana
She did good for her first try, why are people so dramatic, its her 1st movie its not meant to be perfect.
zlp gold
zlp gold Prije 9 dana
actually it was pretty good ms.oop
꧁𝒅𝒙𝒂𝒅𝒄𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒆𝒓꧂ Prije 9 dana
I watched it because my cousin loves her and it was horrible 😂🤢
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