Madison Beer SPEAKS OUT About Getting Bullied For This..

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anna oop

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Madison Beer SPEAKS OUT About Getting Bullied For This..


Mariah Noelle
Mariah Noelle Prije 3 dana
The way you said Gubler killed me💀💀and it’s gray gubler
Barima Opoku Agyemang
Barima Opoku Agyemang Prije 4 dana
Do you know what I love about this girl,she grew,yes she has embarasing moments but she grew and her music is now amazing and beautiful 💗She is amazing
cat with stripes(ur mom)
cat with stripes(ur mom) Prije 4 dana
literally why i hate anna. she makes everything look embarrassing
NotHannah Live
NotHannah Live Prije 4 dana
i knew the paparazzi was toxic when the woman called "its competitive" after Selena Gomez politely apologized for being scared
ᴀʟɪɴᴀᴊᴜʟɪᴇᴛᴛ Prije 5 dana
Ok but she’s literally just showing the middle finger to the Paparazzi for no reason. Lmao.
Breanna Simon
Breanna Simon Prije 6 dana
The vid with the lady telling her to get off the carpet the lady fs look annoyed by her and the vid where she lied about the crowd fake hyping her up tbh that one is embarrassing💀💀lmaoo ain't nobody hyped her up everybody was mad chill
Lizzie Malfoy
Lizzie Malfoy Prije 8 dana
Maddison is literally the definition of me in public with my friends. Lmao
iconic Prije 9 dana
this is just a video full of second hand embarrassment (no hate to her)
Mya Lee
Mya Lee Prije 10 dana
I feel like she just has social anxiety
Euré Prije 11 dana
like leave the poor woman alone😭
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 13 dana
Ngl.. Maddison doesn’t give me celeb vibes she’s still an influencer to me💀 she’s an example of pretty privilege, I honestly don’t think her music will rlly go anywhere
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 12 dana
@bluebelletwo what does that have to do with what I said?💀 I just said she doesn’t give celeb vibes and I don’t think her music is going anywhere?
Mrs. Livv
Mrs. Livv Prije 13 dana
@bluebelletwo you do not know that and @KeKe Graham has a great point. You do not know she is sweet. Have you met her? Do you know she could be hinting behind a screen. I don’t respect people who flip off people for “fun”
bluebelletwo Prije 13 dana
Whether you like it or not she IS a celebrity, yeah she's an example of pretty privilege but it's not her fault she was born this way, yall gave the privilege. Most of her "scandals" have been debunked and she's a very sweet human being. She's been told to kill herself every single day since she was twelve! Imagine the damage that made on her! She doesn't deserve all this hate, no one does.
Starfe Prije 14 dana
Ok mad wtf girl .
Kona Cole
Kona Cole Prije 14 dana
i truly feel bad for madison. yes shes dont some things wrong a lied. but she has apologized for those and moved on. her fans just didnt and use it against her whenever they dont have something to cancel her for.
Blaze S.
Blaze S. Prije 15 dana
Yo fans and everyone in the world stop bullying Madison Beer bye her body she is a wonderful singer, just stop!!!!
Say life's a bish but mines a movie
Say life's a bish but mines a movie Prije 16 dana
I love Madison no MATTER WHAT
Jessica Pearce
Jessica Pearce Prije 17 dana
if she wants her pictures taken, let her. it doesn’t mean shes being cocky, or arrogant. she had an argument w her bf in public, give them privacy. it has nothing to do w u. regarding her voice, every singer has bad days. you can’t jusge her for that. if she wants to smoke cigarettes, she can. people shouldn’t invade her privacy. the fact that she might not want to show smoking to her audience because it DOES influence it should be respected. she has made mistakes, that i can never condone. but this just doesn’t justify the bullying
Ashmita Kafley
Ashmita Kafley Prije 18 dana
Honestly Madison deserves better
solange tettehh
solange tettehh Prije 18 dana
i don't think these are embarrassing moments, they are just mistakes that happen in life.
Tiktok Labels
Tiktok Labels Prije 18 dana
Madison Beer 💛
Imane is here
Imane is here Prije 18 dana
This is not embarrassing or cringe, we all see moments like this happening with a lot of celebrities. She doesn't deserve the hate that she gets, let the girl breath for a second
Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert Prije 20 dana
fr tho jokes n shit get to ppl
Manaia Nathan
Manaia Nathan Prije 20 dana
Anna oop realy dont Got no life
Mariel Haest
Mariel Haest Prije 20 dana
dude y’all will take clips of a HUMAN being a human, & try and rip them to shreds.. like she’s a human being. despite them having a platform she’s a human being dude what
Mariel Haest
Mariel Haest Prije 20 dana
1. madison flipped off the paparazzi because (she has said that she flipped him off because he did something that she’s not going to discuss online) don’t assume stuff. 2. i’m sure she didn’t just see the lady telling her to leave the red carpet. 3. why do we need to bring up awk moments that every human has. she’s literally a human. 4. she’s sang/written songs about how toxic their relationship was & i do not blame her for being mad, we don’t even know what the situation was. don’t assume shit.
geli p
geli p Prije 21 dan
Yall mad. If i looked as good as maddison i’d be doing that
stewart M
stewart M Prije 21 dan
I wonder if you’re just running out of video ideas. This was clearly just for clicks, All of this is pretty old stuff.
Jenna Stefanoski
Jenna Stefanoski Prije 21 dan
3:05 you could have walked away it was clearly private. Would u like to be having an argument with ur SO and someone starts filming you?
stewart M
stewart M Prije 21 dan
I never knew her flippin off the paparazzi was a big deal lol she has every right to, they're annoying. People expect her to be perfect and she gets hate for no reason.
Tenzin Dolma
Tenzin Dolma Prije 22 dana
she wasn’t well known that time but she was getting filmed. idk why people even billing her for flipping them off
Aphrodite xx
Aphrodite xx Prije 22 dana
what’s the matter if she’s smokin btw
Aphrodite xx
Aphrodite xx Prije 22 dana
oki, just, I love Madison but I can’t stand her lies....
Addison Stone
Addison Stone Prije 23 dana
don't get me wrong she has done wrong things in the past but we all have. imagine if you got hate for getting the wrong flavor you would feel bad so everyone stop hating for the DUMBEST things
the_webtoon_addict Prije 23 dana
Mrs. Livv
Mrs. Livv Prije 13 dana
Ok go ahead....
the_webtoon_addict Prije 23 dana
I really love her album 'LIFE SUPPORT'. She grew so much now tbh
warum warum
warum warum Prije 23 dana
The Lady on the carpet wanted to move her
Ashwini IS
Ashwini IS Prije 23 dana
people in the comments didnt pass the vibe cheecckk
Samuel Igo Bos
Samuel Igo Bos Prije 24 dana
Just let people breathe, she's juste human
hello person
hello person Prije 24 dana
i hate the paparazzi
Cezarica Cumatrenco
Cezarica Cumatrenco Prije 24 dana
She didn't ignore the lady on the red carpet...she was just enjoying the moment and didn't notice her🙄
lea Prije 25 dana
bro people should just leave celebs alone, let alone tiktokers who dont actually deserve all the bullcrap
sheesh Prije 25 dana
Girl you bought this up for what?... These videos are so old, give madison a break....
Deb Sumaylo
Deb Sumaylo Prije 25 dana
Oh no i did not know this she really has nice voice.... OH NOO 😐
AVATERAANG'S HOE Prije 25 dana
Exposing how a singer can't sing live is not bullying, it is embarrassing for the singer
lmao Prije 26 dana
you're just spreading more hate
Hager Elgadi
Hager Elgadi Prije 26 dana
lmao Prije 26 dana
eddie zinn
eddie zinn Prije 26 dana
silent diamond
silent diamond Prije 27 dana
I think ppl should let her be for awhile till she gets herself back like it's sad n I don't like seeing her cry tbh I love you Madison 🥰
Zuri Giddings
Zuri Giddings Prije 27 dana
celebrities are literally just like everyone else , they're still human & ppl need to realize that .
paulina Prije 27 dana
ah yes, 90 percent of the video is spent quite literally bullying her by showing embarassing/PERSONAL videos of madison and then is followed up by a quick 'oh em gee guys look at these tweets madison made about bullying i cant imagine who would do this shame on you if u would!! 🥺🥺' smhh
blushariaa Prije 27 dana
not the hollywood fix stalking her.. xD-
Jessica Owoh
Jessica Owoh Prije 27 dana
Bro I still love her and she still fucking gorgeous and that's never gonna change thank you bye
SaM Is mY SpIriT AnImAl
SaM Is mY SpIriT AnImAl Prije 28 dana
Lennon Owen
Lennon Owen Prije 28 dana
paparazzi takes things too far. who records someone when fighting with their significant other. that’s just wrong
mariebelle Prije 28 dana
when someone asks u: tell me an embarrassing story about urself. u start laughing while remembering it. people who are famous or have followers aren't normal like us? i don't get it. everyone can't control all their moments stop waiting for people to say a word🤦‍♀️
fofo amiri
fofo amiri Prije 28 dana
im unsubing bai
namjoons left dimple
namjoons left dimple Prije 29 dana
the clip of madison and her ex fighting is just a HUGE invasion of privacy-
Tanaka mlk
Tanaka mlk Prije 29 dana
She is a human, like I like Anna but she literally said she wouldn’t be rude. But like why make this video? So people can hate on her more, like there was no point in making this. It’s just rude.
Lexi Belle
Lexi Belle Prije 29 dana
I really hate when people share like the most embarrassing things about you or other individuals because they have feelings too and sometimes they were really struggling to move on from the embarrassing things and people keep sharing it.It's not funny and it hurts people feeling and sometimes make them feel insecure about themselves.This is called cyber bullying and it is a serious thing,so I hope to encourage others NEVER to do this no matter how much you hate or dislike the person. Thank you for taking your time and reading this.I hope you have a wonderful year:)
Silent Berry
Silent Berry Prije 29 dana
Madison beers voice is amazing I mostly think people only like her for her beauty but her singing is the best And that why she’s my favourite singer!
Secret _EU
Secret _EU Prije 29 dana
fuck me,this is cringe 😐
tina lindell
tina lindell Prije 29 dana
Madison flipping off the paparazzi is so cringe 😩
Argh Prije 29 dana
Poor girl let her breath what happened at the past is the past she was very young 🙄 everyone had embarrassing and awkward moments just not filmed
Hi Hi :P
Hi Hi :P Prije 29 dana
Starting to dislike your content ://
Werm Prije 29 dana
Paparazzi suck. If they were following me, I'd want to flip them off too. Its incredibly gross that paparazzi are so socially acceptable. They harass and dehumanize people. I'd have a hard time not beating them up.
Jimena Mendez
Jimena Mendez Prije 29 dana
She thinks 12 is bad getting bullied well I got bullied at the age 6 till this day now I’m 13 going to be 14
MJ Gacha
MJ Gacha Prije 29 dana
The only Paparazzi I like is the one Lady Gaga sang and made 💀💀 these other ones are kinda stalker-ish 😌🙏
Drama QuEen
Drama QuEen Prije 29 dana
the comments bruh
emmarose mcgowan
emmarose mcgowan Prije mjesec
How is flipping off a parparzi bad they are so annoying
adorbsbunny ୨୧
adorbsbunny ୨୧ Prije mjesec
Why isn’t the paparazzi illegal?
Palak Malhotra
Palak Malhotra Prije mjesec
didnt these things happened like 2 years ago? lmfao
Tarajii owens
Tarajii owens Prije mjesec
ard but im starting not to like u because how is this embarasing? these are moment when most of the time she didnt wanna be filmed like the argument if u were being filmed by paparazi while arguing how would u feel.
Sugaowi Prije mjesec
wow… y’all are really laughing at her fighting with her ex boyfriend .. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PRIVATE CONVERSATION. It’s disgusting that you shade them for having a fight as if you never had one 😐.
BANGTAN Sope Prije mjesec
i mean the ONLY reason why i like her is because of K/DA so like yea👏🏾
Guadalupe Serezo
Guadalupe Serezo Prije mjesec
I was the only one that cringe at the way she said Matthew Gubler
certified bussy
certified bussy Prije mjesec
i feel so bad for Madison, leave her alone omg
tosia Rost
tosia Rost Prije mjesec
I feel like it’s normal to hate paparazzi okay? they follow you and invade your privacy.
sporty Playzs
sporty Playzs Prije mjesec
𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒆𝒓𝑬𝒗𝒆❄︎ Prije mjesec
Libby tourangeau
Libby tourangeau Prije mjesec
“And let’s point out peoples mistakes” she’s being herself, let her be.
Semya Hunt
Semya Hunt Prije mjesec
ok with her flipping them off- maybe she was having a bad day and she didn’t wanna be filmed, doesn’t mean she thinks she’s above everyone😐
periodt_ Prije mjesec
None of this is embarassing, why do y´all care so much abt her life jesus christ. Yáll are the weird ones, go live a fucking life.
Sunflower Garden
Sunflower Garden Prije mjesec
If I looked like Madison and had her success, I would also act like that hahaha. She is on top of the world
Sunflower Garden
Sunflower Garden Prije mjesec
Anna giving us the hottest tea 🍵
𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒆𝒓𝑬𝒗𝒆❄︎ Prije mjesec
She clickbait
egg_ sandwich _
egg_ sandwich _ Prije mjesec
This is all I'm gonna say I hate internet it creeps me out so much that I barely use it, it was like welcoming yourself to hell
routrin Prije mjesec
I still don’t like this girl, I don’t see why she’s a celebrity and influencer. It’s so easy to be white and pretty in America
Poison Panda
Poison Panda Prije mjesec
the lady did not tell her to get off the red carpet. she said come to little right if u get what i mean
akuot yout
akuot yout Prije mjesec
Her singing tho
Fifi Mimi
Fifi Mimi Prije mjesec
Sorry but the owner of this acc "anna op" is definitely a Madison hater
Isabella Naomi
Isabella Naomi Prije mjesec
Bye not Anna literally saying "embarrassing videos of Madison" and then Madison saying that she is exhausted of people labeling everything she does as cringy and embarrassing 8:29 like Anna just don't
ii.marbles Prije mjesec
Abby Bee
Abby Bee Prije mjesec
Ok so you are finding it entertaining to make fun of her??? Ok I see how it is
Alley Karson
Alley Karson Prije mjesec
im sorry this video is just stupid... you exposed her for nothing lmaoo
Ramen._.noddels89 Prije mjesec
Hi anna
ꜱɪᴍᴘ.ᴇxᴇ Prije mjesec
y'all love to hate on her
Tenzin Dolma
Tenzin Dolma Prije mjesec
no cause half these moments aren’t even embarrassing. It’s literally peoples fault, they bring down any greater for no absolute reason
Abigail O
Abigail O Prije mjesec
But who doesn't love matthew. Siriusly. Be honest.
♡ Kiwiqloss ♡
♡ Kiwiqloss ♡ Prije mjesec
Maddison luv- not her flipping off on the paparazzi-
waffxlles Prije mjesec
Please make a video on how Addison rea kissed tanner
It’sAllounaandLammura Prije mjesec
Helloo Anna I am begging for a face reveal plsss
lindsi ann
lindsi ann Prije mjesec
someone should make a video on embarrassing moments about anna ! 😁 ooh we can include the time she said a slur and didn’t do ANY research abt it 😯
granny smith
granny smith Prije mjesec
Or that video blaming a girls suicide on her boyfriend 🤧
Hi Hi :P
Hi Hi :P Prije mjesec
Lol, maybe change your thumbnail for lil tay video you made.. without the tape maybe? Kinda seems a little disrespectful :/
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