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anna oop

Prije 10 dana

#annaoop #bhadbhabie

Devina Altair
Devina Altair Prije 7 sati
The kids on the internet who just learned who Bhad Bhabie is probably thinking she's a bad person since they haven't experienced what mental illness is
Phantom Sims
Phantom Sims Prije 9 sati
She’s a rapper it’s not a singing career
Simdaqueen Prije 9 sati
The Dr Phil show is staged this was revealed by a person who was actually on the show .I think that a is why we should stop hating on all of these people
Kimmy Debrags
Kimmy Debrags Prije 13 sati
3:11 looks like Addison rae
Zoe Beatty
Zoe Beatty Prije 16 sati
Love you❤️
Reuben Kumassah
Reuben Kumassah Prije 19 sati
Bhad babies needs to stop
Emski Ok
Emski Ok Prije dan
Ok but when u said she’s only 13 wha- she looks 15-18
nicole chalabi
nicole chalabi Prije 17 sati
she's 17 haha
Minty winkie
Minty winkie Prije dan
Ok I haven't been her biggest fan but I support her on this feel so bad for the children in that ranch and Danielle I truly believe her on this I don't get why docter Phil could even do something like this and the fact the some people are say that she is lying- disgusting
Thata Samboma
Thata Samboma Prije dan
Unpopular opinion:I've always liked Bhad Bhabie even through her problematic phase
Crystal Monroe
Crystal Monroe Prije dan
Why in the HELL is Biden not investigating these child abuse jails? 😤 The government needs to step in and do something about these ranches, group homes, and foster homes. I was horrifically abused in group homes and foster homes and reported abuse to police, schools, and social workers and they did nothing to help me and the abuse continued. I suffer from PTSD because of the sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Our country is so F up.
Crystal Monroe
Crystal Monroe Prije dan
Kids and teens just don't act like this for no reason. I honestly feel really bad for her but she turned her heartbreak into a big success! I think there's so much more she will eventually tell us she went through before going to that horrific child jail. 😢
siorrTM Prije dan
She looks pretty with them black hairstyles.
Ari Norris
Ari Norris Prije dan
Jayda Durden
Jayda Durden Prije dan
I like how you only included the bad parts lol
misa Amana
misa Amana Prije dan
Shes pretty-
Prije 2 dana
7:55 ayy that's me
cappuxccino Prije 2 dana
People be judging her all the time!! If you go through the shit she went through then u might know
‘ʙᴜɴɴʏ Prije 2 dana
I feel so bad for her what.
Alexplaysmadden21 Prije 2 dana
Not sure I buy her story. Its been running since the 90s but not one person has came forward about the abuse?
Alexplaysmadden21 Prije 2 dana
Do you have to shout "but" so loud 🙉
Eline Rojas
Eline Rojas Prije 2 dana
You need to make sure you tell the story how it is of when she said “ who wants to be black “ I think you didn’t say it to make her look like a bad person and that’s not ok
Epiphany??? Prije 2 dana
People say things like that where I'm from. If someone said "you wanna/tryna be whatever" we'd respond with "who" Its not that its not known who they're talking about, but in like arguments its sorta common So when she said it, thats what I took it as- like a sort of retort rather than asking "who wants to be black" literally Idk if I explained it well but if u get it u get it.
Gheena Mahmoud
Gheena Mahmoud Prije 2 dana
Her mam was actually 90% of the problem tbh.
SunShine_xVibes10 Prije 2 dana
I’m a bit confused
Jeremy Martinez
Jeremy Martinez Prije 2 dana
I thought she was 19
JoscelynYT Prije 2 dana
POV: your watching this on April 7😳
MOHASAL MEDEH Prije 2 dana
1:02 The subtitles 😂
Gretchen Little
Gretchen Little Prije 3 dana
Itzyasmeen X
Itzyasmeen X Prije 3 dana
To be honest i never knew dr phill before Danielle 😂
Natalee Calvillo
Natalee Calvillo Prije 3 dana
She’s 18. Now so no one can say she don’t act her age not talking bout you Anna 😌🤚🏼
E_B_S Hair styles
E_B_S Hair styles Prije 3 dana
I feel bad for her now like she told the truth and now she wants justice so we are gonna give it to her
Caylee Lorenz
Caylee Lorenz Prije 3 dana
wait that’s why they say take them to the ranch-
a human being
a human being Prije 3 dana
This is when I really support her
Alice Doja cat
Alice Doja cat Prije 3 dana
You can tell, she was been through a lot of things. But to the rude things she did to her mom I felt bad.
Aesthetic fanpages
Aesthetic fanpages Prije 3 dana
How many ppl are there gonna be with such a personality
Bisma KD
Bisma KD Prije 3 dana
That “BUT” scare me a lot
Sinaiyito Reyes
Sinaiyito Reyes Prije 3 dana
She has a bad connection with her mom because of her dark past who can tell she has been really hurt.
Phoebe May
Phoebe May Prije 3 dana
It’s April 6th and I don’t see anything from Phil
Army Love
Army Love Prije 3 dana
I hope these girls win, after al, it isn't the child that asks to be on the show or raised up with trauma or around dysfunction. They needed help, not abuse.
Zaazil cabreja
Zaazil cabreja Prije 3 dana
Lol ive never heard about her till this video
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith Prije 3 dana
# pretty girl.
GreyShellDraws Prije 3 dana
The way she explained what happened to her, I can tell she's telling the truth. She suffered so much in her past
Metalllic Prije 3 dana
bruh you sooo late on this
nini J
nini J Prije 4 dana
people should never go to dr.phil he don't even try to fix people problems he just make it worse and split people up instead of bringing them together
Serena Owusu
Serena Owusu Prije 4 dana
I want to be black and that’s is “PERIOD”
Naima Levin
Naima Levin Prije 4 dana
omg what is happinig to tik tok
Shae Du Rand
Shae Du Rand Prije 4 dana
I'm sorry but I love her 😛
Karla Prije 4 dana
It's april 6 did dr phil apologize?
Gertie Siegel
Gertie Siegel Prije 4 dana
I was sent away for depression to a place like the ranch and I was sexually assaulted too. When I spoke up about it, they told me not to tell anyone. I believe her.
Mayra Brito
Mayra Brito Prije 4 dana
It’s April Fifth
Isabelle Arreguin
Isabelle Arreguin Prije 4 dana
Omg not again with the “black fishing”. How many times do I got to tell y’all people can dress,do their hair, or do their makeup how ever they want. It’s THEIR body. But if she was calling herself black/giving false information that’s a different story
Lisaqwzx piip
Lisaqwzx piip Prije 4 dana
I like her (Danielle bregoli)
Red Nova
Red Nova Prije 4 dana
It’s April 5 omg what he goona do
CrystvL X
CrystvL X Prije 4 dana
Thank you Anna for this video.
Red Nova
Red Nova Prije 4 dana
I believe her it’s just like a bully when they bully you something they’re going through at home
Angel Udo
Angel Udo Prije 4 dana
It’s April 5th!😩😭
Reginald Knox
Reginald Knox Prije 4 dana
thats wat she gets
Lil_Nightcandy Prije 4 dana
I guess shes handling things her way
Fatemah Alkankouni
Fatemah Alkankouni Prije 5 dana
Gucci flip flops Mickey hitch AMA say us a big wap
VERITAS Prije 5 dana
anna oop: "BUT" it's so annoying. I mean I like your contents but I'm so annoyed at your voice
Davina x
Davina x Prije 5 dana
todays april 5th...
Galaxie_ Coeur
Galaxie_ Coeur Prije 5 dana
The, "who wants to be black?" comment seems like she miscommunicated what she meant to say. I take it as "Who wants to change their skin to BECOME black when they're not?" It was phrased poorly, which led to the whole controversy/drama tbh. (I'm black, don't come for me.)
Dinar Renata
Dinar Renata Prije 5 dana
Anna: "you will have different emotions" my emotions : happy = calm = sad = angry = scream
Divya Sethuraman
Divya Sethuraman Prije 5 dana
When she said “who wants to be black” we never know what she actually meant. She could’ve mean that in a way that blacks get treated horribly...yall cant be too quick to assume...
James Matthew
James Matthew Prije 5 dana
I don't want much for myself. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a good day🖤🖤
James Matthew
James Matthew Prije 5 dana
I honestly don't really care how many people see this but whoever doe's, know tha God loves you and is watching over you
amaryllis isermia
amaryllis isermia Prije 5 dana
i kinda like her but either way no human or child should be treated the way she was treated and im happy she spoke up
ummmnotkeke Prije 5 dana
anna if your going to spill the tea spill all of it
caitlyn bree
caitlyn bree Prije 5 dana
Idk what to think at this point tik tok drama is out of hand now I don't understand how tik tokers manage to create this much drama
Green haired Karen
Green haired Karen Prije 5 dana
U all are sick fucks who thinks fixing a child by abuse like seriously u don’t want them to act out then bc Don’t treat them like animals and I’m a huge support towards Daniel regardless I still believe she didn’t actually mean to say that when she said who want to be black ... gorl I understand completely u are human and humans have feelings at least she wasn’t like David Lopez or Zoe lavern can u imagine how many night and days and hours , thoughts of wanting to die bc ur attacked by ppl on the internet... can u imagine what that does to ur self and the people around u like fuck I’d be having a lot of hate in my heart to towards anybody fr .. just be kind to ppl bc u don’t know their story Daniel I love u .. and speaking on my experience with even being in a facility I went completely nuts just be kind and she might actually be more open abt her life like come on she was sexually assaulted abused all kinds of things and I’ve been thru it all to I’m now counting 3 weeks today that I’ve been out of the facility I’ve heard abt the ranch and Ik some ppl at my facility who worked their and I just have so much love for her bless her heart she’s even still alive bc if I was her My body would be floating in a river and I choose to live bc she’s my rolemodle bc she chooses to stay strong and keep fighting i am not a racist but also ppl have feelings to be kind be human to her
Eric Alvarez
Eric Alvarez Prije 5 dana
Tomorrow is April 5th!!
Aamaria Arishvili
Aamaria Arishvili Prije 5 dana
Finally 6:42 you can see Georgian food 🇬🇪❤
mckenzee grace
mckenzee grace Prije 5 dana
I’m glad she talked about how dr. Phil treated her back then. people would still use her past against her if we didn’t know this. I mean she was problematic but I’m glad she spoke up about this
Betty is The tallest
Betty is The tallest Prije 6 dana
Hunny have i been living under a rock because theres also drama on comments
Emily Brady
Emily Brady Prije 6 dana
so much respect for her for coming forward
Cringe_ Girl
Cringe_ Girl Prije 6 dana
Me wearing headphones and chillin 🤟🏻 Anna oop be like: BUT!!! Me: 😫
missyxangels Prije 6 dana
i’m not the biggest fan of her considering i’m black lmao, but i’m proud of her for speaking out
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
But never disrespect my main dude Dr Phil
Marylynn Wambui
Marylynn Wambui Prije 6 dana
Sometimes ye maybe people do same stuff stupid or something but it always has a story behind it. Feeling so baddd for the them girls , well done for standing up for them and for yourself, changing the world little by little. 🙏🏾😊😔
Meona Dove
Meona Dove Prije 6 dana
I like Danielle just because she fights doesn't mean nothing
#Ella's boring life
#Ella's boring life Prije 6 dana
You are sooo late to the tea sis ಠ_ಠ
Amaris_1024 Prije 6 dana
Am i the only one who doesn't understand the bleeped out words at first
Sophieletsplay Tafesse
Sophieletsplay Tafesse Prije 6 dana
Okay why can’t people who aren’t black not where braids? I’m so confused how is it offensive I’m black and I see nothing wrong with it
Sania qureshi
Sania qureshi Prije 6 dana
I cant BELIVE y’all are realizing now why she disrespected her mom..
Ariana Obando
Ariana Obando Prije 6 dana
Ana´s BUT scares me everytime
yo mom
yo mom Prije 6 dana
Danielles teenage years were definitely traumatic, considering the way she acts, disrespecting her mom was not a good move but she has come so far. people do change, they grow and mature. y’all have to remember she was literally 13. I hope everyone who was sent tho these horrible places get their justice and get at least an apology no one knows what else happened there, and dr phil saying he has nothing to do with it and he didn’t know what was going on. but how could you not know? would you not do a background search before sending literal children there. anyways. i support with what she’s doing right now. i hope it turns out well and people are held accountable for whatever happened.
mac x amc
mac x amc Prije 6 dana
Can you do one about lil tay?
bubusfriend plays
bubusfriend plays Prije 6 dana
cant we just for a second admire how pretty danielle actually is?
Pinkity Drinkity
Pinkity Drinkity Prije 6 dana
When she said "who wants to be black" She probably meant like why would anyone want to be another race
mryam gagi
mryam gagi Prije 6 dana
me doing my b day on march 31st when anna oop posted a vid: "WHEN WILL IT END I WANNA WATCHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE TEAA"
liv Prije 6 dana
i alrdy seen this on her snap lmfao
itz_ ya girl
itz_ ya girl Prije 6 dana
Ummmm hold up hold up HOLD UPPPP, i got my phone took for like 3 weeks and this is the stuff that goes down-
Møøn fløwer
Møøn fløwer Prije 6 dana
When she said that a girl got SA I choked on my noodles. I feel bad for them😀🤚
Jane M
Jane M Prije 6 dana
I feel so bad. Also, I thought she was black.
Its_R Prije 6 dana
It’s April 3rd
Dhiya Prije 7 dana
Winter-Breeze Prije 7 dana
I love when she says BUT so loud
Copy Ninja
Copy Ninja Prije 7 dana
I never not likes her u could already tell she had a not so great childhood its kinda obvious
SHADEN MORAYA Prije 7 dana
Bhad bhabie is getting mature and mature every day and I’m happy for her and I feel so sorry to what happened
Tamia Clayborne
Tamia Clayborne Prije 7 dana
I feel like she got what she deserved bc she's saying who even wants to be black
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