Dixie ATTACKED For Performing At The GRAMMYS? Bryce CALLS OUT Austin Mcbroom? Danielle VS Zoe?

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Prije 29 dana

Dixie ATTACKED For Performing At The GRAMMYS? Bryce CALLS OUT Austin Mcbroom? Danielle VS Zoe?
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Crafting Cousins
Crafting Cousins Prije 2 sati
Dang zoey and Dawson should get educated, a whole 13 year old knows but they don’t that’s kinda embarrassing.....
Suga _ Bear
Suga _ Bear Prije 2 sati
IK I’m late but still Dixie d Amelio in Grammys- WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
ITZ ME TIA xx Prije 4 sati
Madi must have got into NO scandals at ALL
Leah Prije 5 sati
The Austin VS Bryce fight is staged af
Moonsvids Prije 14 sati
Poor Dixie :(
Maria Quintanilla
Maria Quintanilla Prije 16 sati
Why do u blame Bryce for the break up
Elda shtanaj
Elda shtanaj Prije 16 sati
For once i agree with danail
Lillie May Michal
Lillie May Michal Prije 19 sati
Dixie needs peace
Idek_ anymxre
Idek_ anymxre Prije 23 sati
Yall really need to leave dixie alone all she wants is to pursue her passion is that so hard to understand
eli fai
eli fai Prije 23 sati
first off , they shouldn’t get hate for having a different opinion. That is his opinion and you shouldn’t bash it . It’s the religion that makes him do that and people should respect it. Christianity believes that abortion is wrong and he is not bashing a woman’s right because in Christianity, woman do not have that right. All in all, people should just be able to state their opinion without get bashed. I’m not saying abortion is wrong I’m just saying respect people.
Maddison Molina
Maddison Molina Prije dan
I don’t know why people are so upset about Dixie preforming. Like leave her alone. I am not a fan of Dixie just like I am not a fan of Taylor but I don’t say crap about her to make her feel bad.
dallona Prije dan
Pop Corn
Pop Corn Prije dan
I like dixie's songs🙂
Memes Ongames
Memes Ongames Prije dan
Let her live her life
Roberta Perez de las Heras Verdin
Roberta Perez de las Heras Verdin Prije dan
I luv her “bUt”
Yerenica Kambe
Yerenica Kambe Prije dan
3:41 Jay Nedaj👁👄👁
Hela Sartor
Hela Sartor Prije dan
If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything
Hela Sartor
Hela Sartor Prije dan
How about those people feel if Dixie said that to them
Sarah AlMusawi
Sarah AlMusawi Prije dan
Did ana just say A**...... smh
Song Covers
Song Covers Prije dan
Megan stallion Beyoncé Taylor swift ChArLiE dAmIeLiO like what gurl she would have said something LMAOOOOO
Buttercupx Prije dan
Bryce was not problematic with addison since they broke up he done so much dumb shit.
Eunice D
Eunice D Prije 2 dana
SZA is not there and she has better music than her
Ava Stillwell
Ava Stillwell Prije 2 dana
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith Prije 2 dana
Not me stanning dani
madison lawrence
madison lawrence Prije 3 dana
OMG if bryce and Josh throw a event an hundred s of people come don't you think it's the people that comes fault
Lovely Layla
Lovely Layla Prije 3 dana
Bruh...AUSTIN HAS KIDS he’s a weirdo wasn’t he accused of rape too...mans is desperate 😭🏃🏽‍♀️ I don’t like either but dang
Lovely Layla
Lovely Layla Prije 3 dana
GRAMMYS....ok that’s much BUT ppl act like they weren’t the ones who made her famous in the first place smh
Idylle Fleurette
Idylle Fleurette Prije 3 dana
I'm Christian bcs I grew up in a Christian household. Abortion is a women's right not something a man should speak up abt lmao. That's what my mom said when I asked her.
Holly Hazell
Holly Hazell Prije 3 dana
austin has kids and wants to fight someone? that’s ridiculous.
smol_ bean
smol_ bean Prije 3 dana
5:37 this comment is way underrated
Victora J
Victora J Prije 3 dana
why dose it make me hyped when anna says "HOWEVER" lol by the why love u anna
Ellery Gilbert
Ellery Gilbert Prije 3 dana
OKKKKKKKK TELL ME THIS ARE YOU MORE YOUR MOMS BABY THEN YOUR DADS???NO YOUR HALF MOMS AND HALF DADS if the girl doesnt want the baby and the male does then women has the baby and gives it to the male. Just because someone has a different opinion as you doesnt make you right ITS AN OPINION
MULTIFD Prije 3 dana
I mean isn’t it right on what he said doe? it’s just sad to abort a baby. It’s better to let other parents adopt it. I mean I know it’ll be rough once ur belly become close to giving birth. Also, it’s social media, people always give their opinions. Boys give their opinions on women’s & don’t get fully attacked because they’re “NOT FAMOUS” or doesn’t have the blue check mark. There are lots of other boys around the world who gives opinions about girls but it’s just that they’re not famous so they don’t get called out so why would he get called out aside from what you mentioned how he’s racist or whatever. Atleast he mentioned something good about how it’s better to let others adopt it.. but the disadvantage is it’ll be rough to carry a baby until it grows & until the girl gives birth. Or I mistaken on what the situation was..?
MULTIFD Prije 3 dana
how did “childish” & “irresponsible” tiktokers became famous again? I forgot 😃 it doesn’t make sense actually.
sjkgldrf jsrhbsj
sjkgldrf jsrhbsj Prije 3 dana
I think a guy is allowed to have an opinion on abortion or women’s rights and they should be allowed to share it. Howeverrrrr I feel like they shouldn’t have the ability to affect women’s rights
Tylan Guevara
Tylan Guevara Prije 3 dana
Ok so Austin is peer pressuring Bryce also Bryce said nothing about his fam didn’t even mention there name Austin just needs to give up his career at this point he has all the money and that all he’s interested in anyways
Phoebe May
Phoebe May Prije 3 dana
I’m sorry but it was the kid’s choice to go to the event-
Hadia's Life
Hadia's Life Prije 3 dana
Wth I just saw that I hadn’t subscribed 😂 No way srry ANNA imma do it rn!💕
Kristina Gvozdenac
Kristina Gvozdenac Prije 4 dana
When she yelled BUT my ear really felt that
cinthia h
cinthia h Prije 4 dana
Back on his bullshit again😂😂😂😂
The Golden Buddies
The Golden Buddies Prije 4 dana
it isn't an anna oop video if Bryce doesn't get mentioned at least once😭😭
angel RGH-
angel RGH- Prije 5 dana
Austin and Bryce are gonna box on June 5th as well as other youtubers and Tik tokers going against each other
xo xi
xo xi Prije 5 dana
So zoe’s boyfriend wanna say “im christian” but turn around and fornicate before marriage 😩
Aiden Victor
Aiden Victor Prije 5 dana
This has got to stop dixie had enough lmaoo
Aiden Victor
Aiden Victor Prije 5 dana
Dixie again some people can be so mean dumb an overall disgusting
Jabivilion Prije 5 dana
Theres to much drama when is it going to be a day where there gonna be drama free day🥱🥱
Kyle Nepomuceno
Kyle Nepomuceno Prije 5 dana
damn what happen to girls support girls :), why can't yall support dixie
ariana bean
ariana bean Prije 5 dana
Christians don’t find abortion wrong I asked a priest ***
L G Prije 5 dana
It’s crazy how people who agree with abortion have already been born.
I'm a lonely bisexual bitch
I'm a lonely bisexual bitch Prije 6 dana
Yh I mean abortion is wrong because your killing a human being . So I don't see why she's getting cancelled though . Yea it does ruin your body I mean you could die from it . But at the end of the day it is your decision to do it or not. So I can't argue with someone decision.
Leonardo fuentes
Leonardo fuentes Prije 6 dana
Bruv wth sooo men cant talk abt abortions this is soooo dumb and they cry or get mad when we say our opinion those womens need to grow up
michaela Prije 6 dana
I believe abortion is bad. yes you can do whatever with your body, but youd rather take a childs life than give it up for adoption? God gives people purpose, including babies who have been aborted. yall couldnt have gave it up for adoption?it is always completely free to place your baby for adoption, and you may also be allowed to receive living expenses to help you financially while you're pregnant, who doesnt want that? abortion costs 500-1000+! youd rather SPEND MONEY to KILL a baby than spend NOTHING and to let the child live a PEACEFUL life?! like that shit makes no sense to me. AND to ADD many couples cant have babies, and they want to get a child. it would help them out a lot and they could have their dream, a kid! im a Christian too, but I dont think Zoes bf is honestly but lets let him think he is
Lili Prije 6 dana
my granda tested postive two days ago i am so mad at bryce my grandpa was already strugling already befor covid i hate that they have fun while i here am scared that my grandpa may die i hope jesus gives bryce hall a real brain to think that his fans may strurgle with covid and he has fun there so imbarressed
Ayzriexa Prije 6 dana
*"HUNNNNIIIIIIIIII"* You *can* have a party with *100 people* now, go to hell 😩🙄
rosieae Prije 6 dana
but like lmao the damelios is the most unproblematic tiktoker yall-
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Prije 7 dana
Mackenzie kim
Mackenzie kim Prije 7 dana
Can everyone following these tiktokers unfollow them they are literally useless , I hate the fact that they get payed three times more than front line workers,literally disgusting
charlotte Foster
charlotte Foster Prije 7 dana
OK so let's talk so is she making songs doesn't mean to hate and it good songs and dude I foggot his name but watch your kids 🤬
Layla Snow
Layla Snow Prije 7 dana
It’s there opinion if there pro life good for them no need to come at them for a FRICKING OPINION gosh
Baby Jazz
Baby Jazz Prije 7 dana
What did Dawson do?😂😂 he says his opinion and doesn’t even disrespect you
Kenna Ahart
Kenna Ahart Prije 7 dana
Straight tiktok:😡👧🤜👧 Alt:👁👄👁
DaPotato Prije 8 dana
I just pounded my 3rd cup of tea-
Gisselle Barrios Hernandez
Gisselle Barrios Hernandez Prije 8 dana
“Stop attacking Dixie aren’t you tired” Im in the quackity fandom if you know you know
Joseph Cappella
Joseph Cappella Prije 8 dana
Hall I’m 45 and your a little piss pants why because you hurt addy Rae which you will regret 5 years from now she’s 20 imagine her at 20 bro o u little shits
Joseph Cappella
Joseph Cappella Prije 8 dana
Can u stop screaming BUT
this is radio rebel live at slam fm
this is radio rebel live at slam fm Prije 8 dana
abortion is murder❤️✨
Team Captain
Team Captain Prije 9 dana
Can zoe just not get into beef for once like bruh can she just stop being a problematic bish
Annoying.Kiyomi Prije 9 dana
Wait can somebody tell me why yall hate grammys so much? (Idk even who are they cuz Im not from Uk Or USA)
Icy Hot
Icy Hot Prije 9 dana
Austin shouldn't even be talking like he didn't cheat on his wife multiple times 😂😭
Not_Destiiny Prije 9 dana
I don’t support abortion
mickayla454 Prije 10 dana
There mean to dixi
cherry pop
cherry pop Prije 10 dana
i feel bad for Danielle, people always saying what she should do with her body or always getting hate and dixie.
Lauren Lemon
Lauren Lemon Prije 10 dana
my do people care about ruining famous peoples lives... like i dont get it.
Onica Pheladi
Onica Pheladi Prije 11 dana
Y'all need to chill about Dixie because all you all want for Dixie is to be and stay a tiktoker instead of achieving her dream 😶 God bless ❤
Monica Lopez
Monica Lopez Prije 11 dana
Can someone please tell me his Instagram 3:43 i been looking for it😭
Kenma Nya?
Kenma Nya? Prije 11 dana
So you guys actually believe that a 15-year-old that produced two songs and is a TickTock or it’s going to be able to perform at the Grammys Hmmmmm Stay woke 😒😒😒
Erin Prije 11 dana
can i just say, it isn't apart of Christian beliefs to not support abortions.
killaxdior bri
killaxdior bri Prije 11 dana
That boy that boy that boy sussssss
Amiah Jackson
Amiah Jackson Prije 11 dana
Uhmmm I watch every video about these tiktokers its just rlly interesting.
Molly Palfini
Molly Palfini Prije 12 dana
How the heck is some person admiring Danielle Cohn when she’s literally murdering an unborn baby
addisjay Prije 12 dana
Not zoe being stupid again 😂
꧁Mina Ashido꧂
꧁Mina Ashido꧂ Prije 12 dana
i can’t believe u support abortion how come bacteria is life on mars but a heartbeat isn’t life on earth!? if u don’t want the baby give it to someone not kill it! DONT DO ABORTION ITS WRONG!! ITS BASICALLY MURDER
Starr Makeup!!
Starr Makeup!! Prije 13 dana
Dixie music Is not horrible it just has to much auto tune she has amazing voice
lottie Prije 13 dana
idc dani literally did not stutter
Donna Console
Donna Console Prije 13 dana
Stop leave them alone
Donna Console
Donna Console Prije 13 dana
Ok I just want to say let youtubers, and tiktokers Live life like stop the hate
spaceflxwwers Prije 14 dana
If we are on the Grammys topic, lets just talk about how many Kpop and other toxic stans are try to cancel a literal tv show because their idol didn't win. Just wait until they realise they host votings for the winners. Grammys could probably win their own award, pathetic.
Ruby Louise
Ruby Louise Prije 14 dana
I’m sorry but don’t come at someone wanting to be a famous singer it’s most peoples dreams even mine so don’t come at people for that Plz
OddieNodles Prije 14 dana
Louie parda Gucci hey nanna do you know her her name is tequila
Masterogue Prije 14 dana
"im your daddy" me thinking about something else:
Lindsay Cortes
Lindsay Cortes Prije 14 dana
so Dawson is a Christian now isn't he like racsict.homophibi*,and much more no hate to any one just sayin
Lindsay Cortes
Lindsay Cortes Prije 11 dana
@Ally McClelland oh ya I forgot my bad well my parents are Christians and me I guess and I support LGBTQ
Ally McClelland
Ally McClelland Prije 12 dana
Well Christians dont support being trans or anything in the LGBTQ community because it goes against the bible (Leviticus 20:13)
Savannah Prije 14 dana
My thoughts on Dani are crazy.. i don't know if I like her or not..
Savannah Prije 14 dana
OK but like austin got owned in that convo..
heli copter
heli copter Prije 14 dana
who would anyone adopt zoe’s child LMAOOO
Andrew Chase
Andrew Chase Prije 15 dana
for once Dani did smt right
robloxalldayeveryday YAYA
robloxalldayeveryday YAYA Prije 15 dana
I hate bryce
pretty b
pretty b Prije 15 dana
What is wrong with being pro life u all get on my nerver
Gimme likes Pls
Gimme likes Pls Prije 15 dana
I disagree of abortion cause ur killing a child but that's my opinion
Kammila Betanzo Munoz
Kammila Betanzo Munoz Prije 15 dana
So Zoe’s baby daddy is Christian but had sex before marriage your not even supposed to kiss 😟
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