Addison Rae SHADED By Her LOOKALIKE?!, Cynthia Parker REACTS to Quinton Griggs, Danielle Cohn LYING

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Addison Rae SHADED By Her LOOKALIKE?!, Cynthia Parker REACTS to Quinton Griggs, Danielle Cohn LYING
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Harry Potter fan dxmxmsksk Dmsmmdms
Harry Potter fan dxmxmsksk Dmsmmdms Prije sat
You guys need to chill about people breaking up it’s not our place
Brooks White
Brooks White Prije dan
Is it just me or does Addis look alike now look like Madison beer
Ssniperx 0
Ssniperx 0 Prije dan
Ok so only Addison is allowed to dye her hair bc every time someone she’s there hair they gr trips they copied somone
Sarah Angel
Sarah Angel Prije 2 dana
Im shock
Emily Gonzalez
Emily Gonzalez Prije 2 dana
its not the lookalikes fault that her dad and mom did the do da LMFAOOO
Gracie Travis
Gracie Travis Prije 2 dana
Gracie Travis
Gracie Travis Prije 2 dana
Danielle always lies lmao
McKenna Clarke
McKenna Clarke Prije 3 dana
Just saying Julia look nothing like addi only resembles I see is her eyes
Faith Games
Faith Games Prije 3 dana
since we talking bout lookalikes cynthia KINDA looks like Madison Beer. just saying
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi Prije 3 dana
Olivia Woods
Olivia Woods Prije 4 dana
giulia started tiktok b4 addison, so technically addison is the "walmart version" but the toxic sunraes arent ready for that convo
mohhkv yo uvycycvyub
mohhkv yo uvycycvyub Prije 4 dana
I think its her eyes and facial expressions that make her look like addison a tiny bit
Cristina pourch
Cristina pourch Prije 6 dana
I seen a chaily person on my tiktok
Nicole B
Nicole B Prije 6 dana
guys.. ik cynthia and whatever tf her bf was named may have looked like a cute couple or wtv, but you never know what was going on behind the camera. we should be happy for her bc it was probably the right choice. it is not our place to judge
wait what
wait what Prije 35 minuta
Quinton and Cynthia are still together, but ur right we don’t know enough to judge their relationship
Khelia Inhabire
Khelia Inhabire Prije 7 dana
Danielle is not even in high school. GURL PLEASE MY LIFE IS A LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Joan Lasttwo
Joan Lasttwo Prije 7 dana
His girlfriend is the Walmart version of addi and plus them apologize are fake as hell he just Bryce's comment and thought " ok I'mma act sorry for liking the comment about addi" like the fawkkk 😤😤😤
Leean Villanueva
Leean Villanueva Prije 8 dana
I love her Ana solves videos idk why
Treyonna Bowers
Treyonna Bowers Prije 8 dana
I want to go back in 2019
Free Edits
Free Edits Prije 8 dana
Elle didn’t do anything wrong,she’s a tiktoker yall try to cancel everyone?💀😐
Free Edits
Free Edits Prije 8 dana
Four weeks late-oh well
starlight gorgie
starlight gorgie Prije 9 dana
i thought you where talking about chantal😭
Shana Anderson
Shana Anderson Prije 9 dana
Nooooooo they are the cutest cuppule
Lisa Doorlenhol
Lisa Doorlenhol Prije 10 dana
About the first part she doesn’t even look a little bit like Addison like bruh
Romi Mehta
Romi Mehta Prije 10 dana
This Cynthia girl looks more like Madison than Julia looking like Addison but nobody's talking about it.
super Inquisitor master
super Inquisitor master Prije 10 dana
It's her own fault bc she copying Addison if she didn't why did she duet Addison
bel z
bel z Prije 10 dana
wait- why’s it always a julia-
Ellie Bxba
Ellie Bxba Prije 11 dana
Danielle HUNNI- I just can’t-
maria labedz
maria labedz Prije 11 dana
Isn't cynthia like 16 how did she get a tattoo
I identity Gamer
I identity Gamer Prije 12 dana
Seven Vasquez
Seven Vasquez Prije 12 dana
They are just a cringey couple mk?
Rose Langley
Rose Langley Prije 12 dana
OK this girl has been what 14 or 13 for how many years now 5 to 6 years at this point I’m getting tired
kennedy’s life
kennedy’s life Prije 14 dana
they didn’t break up stop spreading rumors.
Avayah Leonard
Avayah Leonard Prije 14 dana
So I looked ot up and it says shes 16 soooo um
delyar Prije 15 dana
The first seconed they post a photo or a tik tok they get cancelled lol
Addison Fauzey
Addison Fauzey Prije 16 dana
She is 14 if u scroll down 2 years on her yt she’s a KID
Kaiden Miller
Kaiden Miller Prije 16 dana
Danielle has been 14 for 2 years now? doesn’t make sense
Tamika Owen
Tamika Owen Prije 16 dana
im happy that they broke up bc that means i can mabey have quintion
Ryan uwamhenye
Ryan uwamhenye Prije 16 dana
Addison hunnyyyyyy can u not interrupt me lemme do my intro real quick Danielle hunnyyyyyy how many times will, you lie to your fans about your age Me calculating all the lies about her age she's given
yoonie Prije 16 dana
dani b 14 or 16 for 3 years at this point
Keyanna Collins
Keyanna Collins Prije 18 dana
Jessica Deleon
Jessica Deleon Prije 18 dana
I love the tea ☕️
Winner Prudence
Winner Prudence Prije 19 dana
addison hunyyyyyyy
jimins.chubby.cheeks Prije 19 dana
The fact that she doesn't even look like Addison, yall need to stop
Keanna Prije 19 dana
She prtter then addison rae me:lie never that
AIYANA KURZ Prije 19 dana
the "lookalike" dosent look like addison only one??
kianna cook
kianna cook Prije 19 dana
do a face reaveal plssssss!!!!!!
Fiadh MAguire
Fiadh MAguire Prije 19 dana
Oop it’s me in her vid hahah-✋🏻😭
Jayda Rodriguez
Jayda Rodriguez Prije 19 dana
ok so what if she is tryna be like addison maybe she look up to her there is no problem with that and also lets just be real she does not resemble addison........
honey Lally
honey Lally Prije 20 dana
So now addi owns brown hair?
sc ct
sc ct Prije 20 dana
I personally think that you can see that danielle is 14 and not 18. Like for example her face looks really "childish"
Angel Mputu
Angel Mputu Prije 21 dan
If she is lying why are you guys still following her like what’s the point.LAMOO
Regina's Art
Regina's Art Prije 21 dan
I have a new strategy to get rich. Give me $10 every time Anna has Dani in her vids.
Holly Bennett
Holly Bennett Prije 21 dan
Hold on- the girl who looks like Addison has been known as her look a like for almost a year how did Anna not know💀😂😂
akaiyah agbobly
akaiyah agbobly Prije 21 dan
I think everyone has a look alike if you look hard enough, and its not like she looks dead on Addison Rae so stop throwing shade.
Rachel Benchaya
Rachel Benchaya Prije 21 dan
She doesn’t even look like Addison lol
vintage potterr
vintage potterr Prije 21 dan
so we hating in people for the way they were born? They didn’t choose to be BORN like that WTF!!?
Jesina Dida
Jesina Dida Prije 21 dan
lmao danielle never said she’s 18 she is 16
Carol Redmond
Carol Redmond Prije 21 dan
No they are both equally pretty
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl Prije 21 dan
I just don’t think the look a likes should be hated or dragged like live ur life if they wanna waist there’s copying someone they can it’s there business not urs
• josey •
• josey • Prije 22 dana
“julia (or guelio how ever you spell her name)’s bf lmao😭🤚 do y’all not remember jesse underhill
Tana Mojo
Tana Mojo Prije 22 dana
Danielle Cohn be having me lose brain cells
nightxskies Prije 22 dana
If Addison wasn’t on TikTok she wouldn’t reicive hate but no hate there is just to much drama
Willow Ruman
Willow Ruman Prije 22 dana
how can danielle cohn be 14 for like 2 years people need to chill its not there buisness. Also i am not a fan of danielle but people need to stop like seriously.
giulia skiski
giulia skiski Prije 23 dana
Oh That’s why people always write my name as Guilia... Guess that’s more common lmao
crxzyjisoo Prije 23 dana
deisy torres
deisy torres Prije 23 dana
shes pretty butttttt she looks nothing like Addison rea
12kdevz Prije 24 dana
She looks nothing like Addison but she is literally the copy of darianka
Kaliyah Craig
Kaliyah Craig Prije 24 dana
i felt the same. i never thought the looked alike.
Dibola Ritova
Dibola Ritova Prije 24 dana
Okay Danielle Cohn has been 13 for almost 3 years now. YALL ARE JUST STUPID. SMH
Kaliyah Craig
Kaliyah Craig Prije 24 dana
actually she's 14 turning 15 soon.
no Prije 24 dana
addison: lookalike? where I dont see one? she only looks like her when trying😂 cynthia and quinton: i don't know them. i don't follow the relationship dani: she just wants clout at this point. we forgot about her🙄
lyla alford
lyla alford Prije 25 dana
yea but.... she said get rid of him soo...? why say it if u didn't know if they broke up...
Jasmine Sparks
Jasmine Sparks Prije 25 dana
Soo Danny is 14 again??
Abigail Laubach
Abigail Laubach Prije 26 dana
This is why I deleted TikTok :)
Shabad Virk
Shabad Virk Prije 26 dana
These girls are trying and copying someone else....things people do for clout
xxredchettosxx xx
xxredchettosxx xx Prije 26 dana
i mean its porbably the 100th time danillea is lying about her age so im not suprised but i am pretty pissed
Bella Marie
Bella Marie Prije 26 dana
its funny, addisons look alikes name is julia and the girl photo shopping charlis face on her body her name is julia to.
Amy Delgado
Amy Delgado Prije 26 dana
Anna Ryan
Anna Ryan Prije 26 dana
Why are we shocked? Dani has been lying since the ice age.
Piper Terry
Piper Terry Prije 26 dana
not me searching up her age...
Piper Terry
Piper Terry Prije 26 dana
soo i guess now you cant die your hair without being hated on for copying someone-ok
ThatsSoFandom Prije 27 dana
the Addison lookalike doesn't even look like Addison. They both just have square faces.
thia okeke
thia okeke Prije 27 dana
Wow you sound like you should be an animation actor
Zoey Hawley
Zoey Hawley Prije 27 dana
addison doesnt OWN A SSSTYLLLEE
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 27 dana
Bro- half the stuff y’all say on ellie are cap. Anyways - Addison has a look alike? 💀
Teo Charmantzis
Teo Charmantzis Prije 27 dana
we are tired of the drama with DANIELLE'S age, leave her alone
Sarah Prije 28 dana
what is the brown hair dye copyrighted and owned by addison rae i mean guilia isnt addison she can do what she wants wtf lol
Lily Plays
Lily Plays Prije 28 dana
Tbh Guilia dosent really look like Addison rae
Lily Plays
Lily Plays Prije 28 dana
Addison Rae has another look alike
belayet hossain []
belayet hossain [] Prije 28 dana
That is trying to look like Addison.
Desiree Massy
Desiree Massy Prije 28 dana
I dont get why everyone was upset with ellie for DANCING she makes dancing vids u cant tell her to stop or change her look 🙄
leah Prije 28 dana
did not expect cynthia and quinton to break up BRO NOOOO
Lily Hunt
Lily Hunt Prije 28 dana
It’s how they look... I mean they can’t really change that haha and using it for clout I’d just honestly smart tbh
Kaosara Agboluaje
Kaosara Agboluaje Prije 28 dana
Daniel have Fans?
Lydis4Life Prije 28 dana
“lookalikes” dont choose to be born looking like someone else like come on🙄
Axuii Lol
Axuii Lol Prije 28 dana
I’m sorry but Julia and her bf are so toxic
A3ssa Prije 28 dana
Laura a
Laura a Prije 29 dana
honestly, she doesnt look like addison when she has make up on. BUT LIKE CHILL OUT! IS IT HER FAULT THEY LOOK ALIKE?! oh what next your gonna tell her to get A FRICKIN PLASTIC SURGERY BECAUSE ADDISON CAN BE THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD???? CHILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Sampada Gondhalekar
Sampada Gondhalekar Prije 29 dana
timestamps addison rae shaded by lookalike - 0:44 cynthia and quinton breakup rumours - 4:33 danielle cohn lying to her fans - 6:44
Zunaira Lodhikawala
Zunaira Lodhikawala Prije 29 dana
I love how she says 'honeyy' 😂🤣
Liz Prije 29 dana
I don’t see the Addison in her tho But they both gorgeous
JustanAlien OnYouTube
JustanAlien OnYouTube Prije 29 dana
She looks like Maddison beer
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