me reacting to danielle cohn lying about her age for the 1874th time..

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anna oop

Prije 28 dana

me reacting to danielle cohn lying about her age for the 1972th time..
#annaoop #daniellecohn

alex da werido
alex da werido Prije 5 sati
bruh her bday is on the 7th and thats my dads bday ewwww sorry dad
Jana Oweiwi
Jana Oweiwi Prije 13 sati
what the title should be Anna Opp roasting Danielle Chon for 6:38 straight :)
Hima G
Hima G Prije dan
This gurl is as old as I am and she is in a relationship with an adult.. eww.. why.. they could not find anyone their age..
Ruby McKee
Ruby McKee Prije 2 dana
just subbed! I love you vids and i also watch you other yt anna solves. keep up the good work!
Charli Adopt me fan
Charli Adopt me fan Prije 2 dana
Everyone is talking about how disgusting it is how she is just a minor and dating a adult But nobody is gonna talk about how Billie eilish dated a 22 year old guy at 16??? *(btw I’m not a supporter of Danielle so don’t even STARTTTT it in the comments)*
Zaina Barghouthi
Zaina Barghouthi Prije 2 dana
She reminds me of me in 5th grade when I would tell my friends that I am 11 and not 10 to seem cool💀
xXTheAngelic_DemonXx Prije 2 dana
Send em’ to jail!
Frop _
Frop _ Prije 3 dana
I can see it,she's doing it for clout now.
Aleeza Coryatt
Aleeza Coryatt Prije 3 dana
She Only 14 . In 2012 she was 6 years 8years later she is 14 .
Mimi Prije 3 dana
Bye she even got google confused 💀
ikyKe ikyKe
ikyKe ikyKe Prije 4 dana
she 17 smh
Liann Morris
Liann Morris Prije 4 dana
I believe her cause her dad can lie about the birth certificate because the paper looks fake and edited like can y’all look right!
hsjsnsjjs snj sjdndjsn
hsjsnsjjs snj sjdndjsn Prije 4 dana
why are you being so nasty to her? theres really no need at all is there.
Brianna :3
Brianna :3 Prije 5 dana
She-she’s like 13 or 15?! Oh Lordy this world is just-- I’m not even surprised anymore
Gilll Baja
Gilll Baja Prije 5 dana
It’s only a three year difference OK some people do you like a 10 year difference
Jade and Emiliano Vlogs
Jade and Emiliano Vlogs Prije 6 dana
How does she have a tat If she’s 13 🤔
Joshua Gonzalez
Joshua Gonzalez Prije 6 dana
3:10 not even the unproblamatic ones?
Stephanie Susanto
Stephanie Susanto Prije 6 dana
but if she was born on march 7, 2006 she would be 15 now
jayani.k Prije 6 dana
shes 17, i think
Emma H
Emma H Prije 6 dana
The thing I find weird is Mike tua admitted she was 13 but then got back with her....
AnimeStar Prije 7 dana
She looks 14
Marcela XD
Marcela XD Prije 7 dana
Gurl,the character change was devastating... And hunny,you look like the red haired class clown,your previous oc made sense of being the blonde tea spiller. If it was just for kids day,then gurl hunny change it back cause....we all love originals!
Willow poppie
Willow poppie Prije 7 dana
Her lies and relationship are cringey af
Milli Felix
Milli Felix Prije 7 dana
im commenting on this vid when im one min into it from the look of danielle's features she doesnt look like she is in the pre teens devision.. im just guessing i think that she is at least 17 or16. if she says that she under those guesses i will be VERY surprised
Indigo Alabama
Indigo Alabama Prije 7 dana
Sorry but people have been saying shes 13 for like 3 years- i personally Think shes 16 now..
Adinah Logan
Adinah Logan Prije 7 dana
Y y’all care so much?
Alisha Monae
Alisha Monae Prije 7 dana
1:38 yEaH iM a DIvA LIkE MArilYn mOnroE
I Stan Too Many Groups And Artists Help
I Stan Too Many Groups And Artists Help Prije 7 dana
as a 13 year old, we don't own her.
it's_kiki Prije 8 dana
Charlie is 15%chase is 18 but y'all ain't dragging them ?
Lupe Villa
Lupe Villa Prije 8 dana
Also the I feel like the the hype house wants more clout because they already have a have every app to post on together now they want to be on netflix but they won't get more clout
ThatgurllMARIANA !
ThatgurllMARIANA ! Prije 8 dana
but there age differencre is 3 years thats not that bad is it or am i bad at math
Joseph Immerso
Joseph Immerso Prije 8 dana
Crafty Donuts - Vlogging
Crafty Donuts - Vlogging Prije 8 dana
I can't believe she has been lying about her age since she was 10 she's such a liar
black lives matter
black lives matter Prije 8 dana
"so she's also excited to find out her real age" 😂😂😂😂
_redexer_ Prije 8 dana
First of all don't these teenagers have school college and stuff
Cupid Queen
Cupid Queen Prije 9 dana
Danielle your popular stop lying to seek more attention cos the only attention you may get it police and trust me you wouldn't like it.
Megacheese Burger
Megacheese Burger Prije 9 dana
I know what I'm abt to say is wrong but love is love I guess?
Meganplays Fan
Meganplays Fan Prije 10 dana
Danielle:when she’s 40 Y’all I’m kidding I’m 20!!!!!
Shower Thoughts
Shower Thoughts Prije 10 dana
I’m 17 and don’t understand why people want to be older and act older then they actually are, growing up too fast isn’t fun :/
Cream Vaniilla
Cream Vaniilla Prije 15 sati
@Jade mentor that's better than being a child imo
Jade mentor
Jade mentor Prije 7 dana
I agree with you because when we become adults,we have to find a job, pay bills and more
Mai Mori
Mai Mori Prije 10 dana
Age as in dating age. Plus we all know no one likes her 😐 be it a child or not, her lying game is tooo far gone.
Mai Mori
Mai Mori Prije 10 dana
I hate her. But age is never the problem, idk why it's illegal but surely it's not a huge problem. As long as your parents approve and you have limits to until y'all are independent and living on your own or with whoever you were dating
Eep Prije 10 dana
at least this time shes acc 15 ( shes born in 2006 so shes 15 now)
Gabriella Duarte
Gabriella Duarte Prije 11 dana
Bruh she didn’t fake her pregnancy
Just hana
Just hana Prije 11 dana
She was born in 2006 like younger than me? Whatttt I look like 10 years old man she look like a 2004 maybe idrk
Leah Rose
Leah Rose Prije 11 dana
We need to make a timeline from the start of her career to now for her age cuz she was 16 for like 3 years-
izzi santos
izzi santos Prije 11 dana
anna oop be like "BUT!“
SiriSirious • ᴗ •
SiriSirious • ᴗ • Prije 11 dana
omg shes finnaly 15!! 😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽
malik downs makins :/
malik downs makins :/ Prije 12 dana
1:39 i had my volume up, thanks for scaring the shit outta me :/
Shalandra Riley
Shalandra Riley Prije 12 dana
axummi Prije 12 dana
mikey has admitted that danielle was a child as well after they broke up saying he knows the truth abt her or whatever, he should be held accountable. even if he didn't, there's so much proof like danielle's dad confirmed it
Batman 2001
Batman 2001 Prije 12 dana
If they got together before he turned 18 then its fine, bc they have the Romeo and Juliette law. So its not Illegal
Alexandria Dieter
Alexandria Dieter Prije 12 dana
thats not her moms youtube yogi bear campground is in wisconsin... where im from... and i go there all the time, shes from florida...
Giulia Sacchi
Giulia Sacchi Prije 12 dana
Like, she’s been 13 for many years in my head
Castaway ALDC
Castaway ALDC Prije 13 dana
Ok I'm just asking because I looked this up and the rules are different in california so wouldn't it be illegal for a 15 year old and a 18 year old to date if they slept with each other I looked it up and I'm pretty sure it said 1. It's not illegal if the parents are ok with it 2. It's not illegal the only way it could become illegal is if they slept with each other (these are the dating rules for CALIFORNIA AND CALIFORNIA ONLY I'm not supporting their relationship It doesn't rlly bother me but I'm just asking if it's illegal for a 15 year old and a 18 year old to date because they said in california it's not unless they do things they shouldn't so I'm just trying to clarify just in case google is wrong)
Pineapple Prije 13 dana
when danielle be 40... jk yall i am 18 !!
Kenique Johnson
Kenique Johnson Prije 13 dana
She’s 14
Someboiwhoplaysroblox !
Someboiwhoplaysroblox ! Prije 13 dana
miss gurl has been 16 for 5 years…
Trinity Weinaug
Trinity Weinaug Prije 13 dana
we’re def gonna get an age reveal when she is 18 and her mom can’t control her anymore
Nobody cares Love
Nobody cares Love Prije 13 dana
I don’t hate Dani but I do hate her mom because of her mom she needs to lie and she needs to be dating an adult which Mikey should be in jail because it’s obvious they’ve been doing it like gross 🤮
Anna Manley
Anna Manley Prije 14 dana
1:40 scared me bc I had my volume up all the way 😂
Asemahle Gumede
Asemahle Gumede Prije 14 dana
I came back to this video, just to see Anna's old profile pic/animation
Chrisschelle Gidden
Chrisschelle Gidden Prije 14 dana
Siri says “17”🤪
Courtneymarie Jean
Courtneymarie Jean Prije 14 dana
Please talk about ayaaaaa
just a gru simp
just a gru simp Prije 14 dana
no, i didnt just scramble to find the remote to turn on netflix to find anna's show.....- *turns off tv*
Baby Goat
Baby Goat Prije 14 dana
hanchaz Prije 15 dana
Someone really needs to get done about this girls age like why is no one doing anything, shes 15 14 for god sake and shes lying about it like no huni who cares about your age but now everyone will🤣
K8 Magic
K8 Magic Prije 15 dana
Dani when she can drink, “I LIED YALL! IM ACTUALLY 21!”
ItsEmsley Prije 15 dana
Ok mt sister and her are the same age and I couldn't belive she dressed like that
Spooky Season
Spooky Season Prije 15 dana
danielle cohn saounds 7 im-
PunkBeluga aka Chessbette
PunkBeluga aka Chessbette Prije 15 dana
Oh my god...she's 14 JUST now, hol' up...
ELLIOT ELLIOT Prije 15 dana
Like y'all leave her alone. She's as confused as us😭😭😭✋She knows not when she was born💔she just wants us to talk about her. Honestly, I've never seen someone lie as much as this just to keep their age a secret😭😭😭it's like she has recurring amnesia✋even when she turns 68 she'll say she's still 13💀ain't no use trying to tell her her real age.😂😂😂
Paavana Gaming
Paavana Gaming Prije 15 dana
1:37 😂😂so funny
Fatima Prije 15 dana
There’s so much proof that Danielle is like 15 and has been lying for years if anyone still believes her, they are a fool.
iistargaze Prije 16 dana
She loses brain cells every minute. ✨😭✨
Airehte Prije 16 dana
1 of the reasons why i like danielle bregoli than this danielle
Daphnes_Lovely_Channel Prije 16 dana
She’s 13 or 14 her birthday is march 7 2006 and google said 15 lmao 😂 don’t believe what google say 😐🤯😒
Arion_x. Prije 16 dana
Little do we know she's actually 56 years old 💀
Karina Romero
Karina Romero Prije 16 dana
I thought she was 18 didn't she post a photoshoot with the numbers 1 8 like girl
matchakayun Prije 16 dana
didnt mikey literally CONFIRM that danielle is 14 and that their relationship is wrong? HELLO??
r a i v e n g e r
r a i v e n g e r Prije 16 dana
she just needs to admit it, she needs to admit that she's 14 and we'll forgive her, she went too far by lying about her age she is scared from the consequences if she reveals her age now because it's too late, she just needs to stop denying and we will forgive her
Gwen Hennecke
Gwen Hennecke Prije 16 dana
I think the age gap between them is the smallest problem with her... I know a LOT of girls who have older boyfriends (cause mostly they are mature than boys their age). So if both are okay with ist and the parents aswell to be honest I don't see that much of a problem here:) the only issue with that topic is that she's a bad rolemodel and should've kept that private
Butera vibes
Butera vibes Prije 16 dana
But why does she lie about her age ?
alaina Boatright
alaina Boatright Prije 17 dana
If she born in 2006 she will be 15 this year bc I was born in 2005 and I'ma be 16
Suleqa Mohamed
Suleqa Mohamed Prije 17 dana
Who else searched and saw that her dad told the truth about her age which is 13
Alissa Prije 17 dana
Nobody her when shes 80: Hey Y'all, JK I’m 12, ( somebody in the back ground, wait but that was a long time ago,) Her: OH WAIT JKJK IM 31
FJ’s UNIVERSE Prije 17 dana
I mean we all know she’s 15!!! No matter what she says right ? I thought everybody knew already
Bloxberry Prije 17 dana
Is this really what people have to do for clout?? And they both should be locked up, after all she is dating him too! they are both in this relationship!! how is she still aloud on social media and on HRpost?? ALL SHRE IS IS TROUBLE!
Auxthrxlla Prije 17 dana
Okay so I asked siri how old is Danielle Cohn (because I thought siri would say the same thing as google) but surprisingly siri said Danielle's real age
Gemini Bae
Gemini Bae Prije 17 dana
She's 15 years old 🥴🥴🥴
ii_ Olivia
ii_ Olivia Prije 17 dana
Well in a video of larrays with his grandma and she said she was 15 it has been a year so she’s either 16 or 17 but why does she not look like a 13 year old..
fairy Prije 17 dana
When she has kids, she'll lie to them and be like. I had u at 30 when she had them at 34
Blooming Blossom Ivharue
Blooming Blossom Ivharue Prije 17 dana
She literally sounds like a 13 year old
Aanya Gaur
Aanya Gaur Prije 17 dana
It says 2006 “on the certificate *March 7 2006*”so basically this year she is turned 16 so that also means that in 2 years time she will get her ID and become an adult So in 2 more years we could ask her to showcase her ID and stuff if just to check even the certificate is fake or not 🤦🏻‍♀️
Aanya Gaur
Aanya Gaur Prije 15 dana
@fareda allaa oh wait yeah 🤦🏻‍♀️ imma edit my comment
fareda allaa
fareda allaa Prije 15 dana
If she's born if 2006 then she's 15.
Lacey Labonowski
Lacey Labonowski Prije 18 dana
Bro y’all been saying she’s 13 for 4 years now like is she gonna stay 13 for every god damn 😂
Ally Prije 18 dana
The fact that Mikey went live before exposing Danielle yet continues to date still while he knows HER REAL AGE LIKE WTF, ISTG THIS GUY MAKES NO SENSE LIKE TF MIKEY.. SMH and Danielle, you've been saying ur 17 while you know goddamn well ur not like JUST ADMIT HOW OLD YOU REALLY ARE FFS
Alannah Weber
Alannah Weber Prije 18 dana
Dude it’s legit not that hard to find her age
miss ashley
miss ashley Prije 18 dana
She's only 13 she really lying about her age
Heidi Campbell
Heidi Campbell Prije 18 dana
let's remember that this is jen's fault and not dani's
Srishti Sharma
Srishti Sharma Prije 18 dana
Someone please tell me,if she has been lying that she is old, or she lying that she is younger of age... please help!
Life With Bree
Life With Bree Prije 18 dana
Y'all I literally had to go to the hospital after listening to her song 😭my ears are damaged😭
Gabrijela Todorov
Gabrijela Todorov Prije 18 dana
Her boyfriend is 19 not 18 anymore
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