nessa barrett and jaden hossler... shame on you!

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anna oop

Prije 23 dana

nessa barrett and jaden hossler... shame on you!
#annaoop #nessabarrett #jadenhossler

stylishmyahxo Prije 3 sati
I swear Nessa could literally end so many of these tik tokers careers but she chooses to be nice. I really support her in this situation..
Emma CorcoranHart
Emma CorcoranHart Prije dan
i get that jaden and nessa shouldnt date, but why is it this big of a deal? jaden and mads, and nessa and josh both broke up like a year ago. i just dont get why its such a huge problem. i would appreaciate if someone explains.
okay but nessa pisses me off like how could you sit there hook up with your ex best friends ex-boyfriend then deny everything and pop out with him a week later. she has to realize that what she did was very immature they shouldve just told the truth like the 18/20 year olds they are.
Aleishua Day
Aleishua Day Prije 2 dana
Can we just talk about the fact that we all protect mads....but like Jaden and her never worked!🤦‍♀️🙄
naseera Prije 2 dana
WHEN I TELL U I CHOKED ON MY OWN SPIT WHEN MICHAEL WAS LIKE "brb gonna go throw it back on the quran" STAN HIM
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 2 dana
Michael popped off idc
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 2 dana
“That we are here to change the world” UM💀 gtf Disney
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 2 dana
I don’t even feel bad for josh cause of the way he defended them and bashed Mads. I feel bad for mads🐒
Marilyn Chaidez
Marilyn Chaidez Prije 3 dana
Shantel Rogers
Shantel Rogers Prije 3 dana
I thinks that it 3
Skylah Hunter
Skylah Hunter Prije 3 dana
I have not watched you in like a month or two I have to get on track lol.
Omg I am sorry for mads
faith borocz
faith borocz Prije 4 dana
anyone who hasn't seen this coming since they announced la di die your dumb
세라 Prije 4 dana
why does nessa exist?
hibbg Prije 5 dana
whoever this michael guy is, he is a true legend
Liza vfx
Liza vfx Prije 2 dana
•Mae• Prije 5 dana
I think nessa and jaden are Dumb Asf
_.laura._. reg._
_.laura._. reg._ Prije 5 dana
Ofcourse i feel bad for josh but they cant controll with who they are falling in love with. We also cant decide who we love and who dont!!! So let them be happy
Adriana Miramón
Adriana Miramón Prije 5 dana
I don't even know them but I'm here for the tea. Lol.
Samantha Almanzar
Samantha Almanzar Prije 6 dana
Yoooo Michael gotta calm the f down
shiksha mohan
shiksha mohan Prije 6 dana
when tik tok is so problematic you can literally make a job out of it also lol love your vids
alex meyers
alex meyers Prije 6 dana
No way hahaha
Jillian Hood
Jillian Hood Prije 6 dana
am i the only one happy for jaden and nessa like they are kinda perfect for eachother i just wish it wasn't hard on josh
Valentina López
Valentina López Prije 6 dana
all who didn't believe mads 🤡🤡
Ghoulz z
Ghoulz z Prije 7 dana
Haha lol I comment on the wrong video lol This comment below is for a another video lol my bad
Ghoulz z
Ghoulz z Prije 7 dana
I just saw cardi b and I clicked faster than lightning ⚡️
Nxthxn Prije 7 dana
Okay I’m sorry but your screams scares me😅
Samantha Estrada
Samantha Estrada Prije 7 dana
Me confused af not knowing what’s going on because of how much drama there is: Everyone else literally spilling tea: Me still not knowing wtf is going on: 👾
reagan hale
reagan hale Prije 7 dana
i say josh and mads get together now
Korie Miller
Korie Miller Prije 8 dana
bruh my best friend done this to me before i honestly didn’t care the only reason this is a big deal is bc they are influencers.
Amina Awadalla
Amina Awadalla Prije 8 dana
I feel bad for Mads. She doesn't deserve this.
Ahlaam Kamedien
Ahlaam Kamedien Prije 9 dana
I feel so Bad for Josh, He was so Loyal to Nessa. He truly cares about Nessa, and now she is with some dooshbag. I DO NOT SHIP NESSA AND JADEN
Helpmereach100kwithnovideos Ty
Helpmereach100kwithnovideos Ty Prije 9 dana
People should be allowed to date whom they deem fit without having it cause a ruckus online...there are MANY cases of things like this happening to persons with WAY less influence and it has NEVER been this big of a deal
Roselyn Brown
Roselyn Brown Prije 9 dana
Ok jaden and nessa are cute and they are having a great time together but they broke Mads and Josh's hearts I mean come on just because they having a great time doesn't mean their ex-s are Mads was right but we were all too blind to see it sooner😪😪😪
Esther Prije 9 dana dumb ahahaha yall commenters prolly in high school? Deal with ya own kiddie shit 💀leave them alone lmao we can all live w/o knowing this information
Venesiya Woldeamanuel
Venesiya Woldeamanuel Prije 10 dana
Am sorry but y’all ticktocker’s are hella dramatic, like really dramatic
kayle Prije 10 dana
i’m sorry but “since many stuff has been posted online” 😂
Glmr Kilz
Glmr Kilz Prije 10 dana
Idk who the hell Mad is or Jayden or josh 😐 I literally follow Nessa Bc she’s pretty I’m no where in the loop. Where’s the backstory what’s even happening
needy grande
needy grande Prije 10 dana
Krzify_Toxica Prije 10 dana
Uhm I feel bad for josh and madd Idrc if y’all don’t I never liked Nessa I was just happy for josh but now he’s hurtin
NA JAEMIN Prije 10 dana
i actually ship jaden and nessa y'all can hate me everyone has opinions
Emily Agnew
Emily Agnew Prije 10 dana
I would but if they broke up with the people they were dating and waited a while to date it would be fine but they cheated so im not respecting them
Angel1234 Angel
Angel1234 Angel Prije 11 dana
This has to stop after I say this is right that nessie chead dont just hate nessie do you romer that josh chead like what stup stop it now like dont post it on th interview so cherno get vise stop it I no chead is bad but dont chose says and peolpe dont get it in and chose sy I hate bye perd and no one pefrce every one make maks
Noxii Lynn
Noxii Lynn Prije 11 dana
The thing they could've done was atleast talk to Josh and Mads about how they were feeling you don't hide feelings like that I get you don't control who you fall for but the most decent thing would've been to talk privately with them and asked for permission they broke 2 hearts and 4 relationships 2 friends 2 relationships. Like that was really selfish to not take Mads and Josh feelings into consideration Idc how cute people think they are they could've waited longer than a week.
ameerah lol
ameerah lol Prije 11 dana
i feel like madds blocked jaden because nessa is his new girl and madds clearly still has feelings for jaden so she blocks him to respect their relationship and back away before she catches anymore ? i think lol
seventeen is the best
seventeen is the best Prije 11 dana
🤣🤣🤣🤣 and I got attacked by Nessa stans for saying something ain't right about her🤨
Rosa Müller
Rosa Müller Prije 11 dana
Y’all are hating on a girl that you never met in your life, and feel sorry for someone that you also neverrr met, and you probably don’t even know the half of what has been going on between them privately so WTF stay out of their private life and let them live!! Y’all’s hate can literally DESTROY a person. I don’t understand why anyone think they should have an opinion on this when they literally DONT KNOW SHIT!!!!
May Milos
May Milos Prije 11 dana
How often do guys called you jealous and crazy just to go on and date or cheat with the person you had suspicious of? To often! poor girl doesn't deserve hate over this but many apologies
Mia Cesnaite
Mia Cesnaite Prije 11 dana
I mean can Loren Gray just be the top creator like who made these people influencers like they don’t influence me to do somthing or anyone else
Dajhani Robinson
Dajhani Robinson Prije 11 dana
if he broke the bro code that means noah broke it too youll dont know what its like in the to be inn the influencers shoes let the people live ****ing life
Dajhani Robinson
Dajhani Robinson Prije 11 dana
let jaden live his life why youll shading noah he did the same thing
Dajhani Robinson
Dajhani Robinson Prije 11 dana
so why when noah did it youll did not cause drama and he didnt break the bro code so now is jaden youll saying he brake the bro code
multi tiny
multi tiny Prije 12 dana
everyone says they're breaking the girl/bro code but in general, people can't control who they have feelings for. sometimes they just can't help it.
Jsund Isubedb
Jsund Isubedb Prije 12 dana
I feel bad for josh and madi
Staci Schreiber
Staci Schreiber Prije 12 dana
When she said when a lot of people including me have been attacking ness a bc of all the drama she caused” Like no jaden and ness a started the drama when they decided to sneak text around and mads is human she is allowed to have feelings so TEAM MADS!
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli Prije 12 dana
Why is there drama between Nessa And Josh when they have been broken up for a long time 😀
kieran 72
kieran 72 Prije 12 dana
Um is it not their relationships leave them alone it doese not matter how fast they move on
darceynottaken Prije 12 dana
This is why I left that community, THEY BROKE UP MOVE ON!
alysha ajaney
alysha ajaney Prije 12 dana
Ok but what is up with James is he quitting or what?
Arissa Hussain
Arissa Hussain Prije 12 dana
ugh yall shouldnt of uncancelled nessa in the first place. nessa just thinks shes doing sum all the time when really shes clowning on herself. everyone has to feel the need to bring the Quran and Islam in to the most irrelevant things that at this point its just disrespectful to Muslims
Nana Akua
Nana Akua Prije 12 dana
Hassina N
Hassina N Prije 13 dana
leave them alone they are so happy. nessa has been going through so much k so leave her
daniella gonzalez
daniella gonzalez Prije 13 dana
i've always hated Nessa tbh
Jennifer Ortiz
Jennifer Ortiz Prije 13 dana
Nessa plays *VICTIM NO MATTER WHAT* she could've killed a person and she would play victim
Mia Pachkoria
Mia Pachkoria Prije 13 dana
I’m waiting for mads and joshs payback
【Cloudy Skies】
【Cloudy Skies】 Prije 14 dana
These non muslims don't understand how offensive it is..Like I know Michel is trying to help his friend, but don't bring our book back onto the drama. I don't think it would be nice if we insulted the Bible. I wouldn't do that. Jesus is one of Allahs (SWT) prophets we don't worship him tho. But all I'm really say that don't insult other religious groups. Thank you for reading 💕
Gianna G
Gianna G Prije 14 dana
No words can express how bad I feel for josh, losing a loved one he deeply cared about AND losing a best friend :( I miss the musically days where all this drama and scrutiny were nonexistent
Britney Gervais
Britney Gervais Prije 14 dana
What a mess 😂
Aye Boi
Aye Boi Prije 14 dana
Everyone was like yes nessa yes unproblematic 😍😍 look who's the clown now 🤡
millie Prije 14 dana
the fact that the adds are longer than the actual video
Julia Prije 14 dana
not here to start drama but can y'all not just leave Nessa and Jaden alone like if they wanna date let them cause its not yours or our place to judge
Eva Zuhdy
Eva Zuhdy Prije 14 dana
tbh i dont get why ppl are so mad at when Tiktokkers break up. You dont know how theyre really like. They dont owe each other anything just because they dated?
XqCaqTlinz :D
XqCaqTlinz :D Prije 14 dana
She just turned emo and y'all forgave her real quick
Fatima Sohail
Fatima Sohail Prije 14 dana
Ok the fact they brought up the quran...
mwa mwa
mwa mwa Prije 14 dana
mads better get josh as revenge 🎃
mwa mwa
mwa mwa Prije 14 dana
i an freakin mad they just betrayed their own mads and josh and nessa wth!? u just broke up with josh for 3 weeks wth is wrong with u .🤚 and ppl calling mads crazy and toxic wth is wrong with yall .👧
Seven Nguuen
Seven Nguuen Prije 15 dana
kamlillie Prije 15 dana
I have Jaden out bro he's a good person yeah f*** he did one bad thing I already knew that like a year ago
Dayna García
Dayna García Prije 15 dana
Im sorry but like let them live their best life like if they happy let them be
Brianna Prije 15 dana
nessa is so messy 😭😭😭
Sunflowerꕥ Prije 15 dana
Y’all let me talk my shii real quick Remember when chase first kissed nessa and Josh was kinda upset about it but jaden went off but did a little to much. I feel like nessa and jaden been dating secretly for a long time before the drama like who tf get matching tattoos and been only dating for like a week. And who tf dates their best friend ex girlfriend like that’s breaking bro code but then wanna complain about how he blocked you 😑🤦🏽‍♀️ even tho josh still follows you tbh nessa and jaden is messy and I feel bad for josh
Monica S.
Monica S. Prije 15 dana
Ok you and everyone are getting in peoples Business and then trying to get them cancelled is unbelievable I support Nessa and Jaden. Thank you for your understanding
Taylor Cook
Taylor Cook Prije 15 dana
Bro if Jaden and nessa are happy together let them be and no body knows what really happened it’s between nessa and Jaden and
Sophia Vilches
Sophia Vilches Prije 15 dana
Let’s be honest Jaden & Mads broke up So did Josh & Nessa so it was stupid of all of us to think both of those relationships would last. If u break up once and y’all get back together ur relationship ain’t gonna last another year or less.
Kaylee Lindsay
Kaylee Lindsay Prije 15 dana
If it were me someone would have died😂😭
Rin Kurusaki
Rin Kurusaki Prije 15 dana
I hope the cancel culture get cancelled ! . Or so (but before that please cancel ellen degenere ) . 😉
Chen Mae
Chen Mae Prije 15 dana
Angelic Prije 15 dana
Did both Nessa and Josh and Mads and Jaden break up? If so I dont really see a problem. It doesn't matter anyway.
Maddie Aesthetic
Maddie Aesthetic Prije 15 dana
He says he is living a happy life while his bsf i crying being depressed
Issabella Williams
Issabella Williams Prije 16 dana
I don’t understand anything...
Marielisr20 9
Marielisr20 9 Prije 16 dana
2:52 facts BUT IM DYING😭 why would u say that😭
John sun
John sun Prije 16 dana
By the way I am The man that's in the picture daughter and I think that if they are happy together then let them be happy but they should have said that they have feelings for each other respectfully instead of being rude and keeping it a secret
• Emma •
• Emma • Prije 16 dana
I think they look cute but on the other hand josh and mads are depressed and thats not okay!
Sea Shard
Sea Shard Prije 16 dana
"Nobody is loyal" yeah especially not you Griffin
valeria torres
valeria torres Prije 16 dana
micheal is messy. thats it.
valeria torres
valeria torres Prije 16 dana
obviously you don’t date your friends ex’s but if your relationship with a person was toxic and they can do better and will be happier then you should be happy for them ofc
Tiana Bell
Tiana Bell Prije 16 dana
I felt sorry for mad and josh it really heartbreaking 💔
Cameron McGravey
Cameron McGravey Prije 16 dana
rich white teens having dumb drama over social media.. classic.
shay _
shay _ Prije 16 dana
PLS the drama is absolute b.s. like seriously take this off social media weirdos are yall that desperate to create drama online💀
aylotally Prije 16 dana
josh gave her another chance after the chase situation and she still did him dirty... her true colors are showing
Arehone Marubini
Arehone Marubini Prije 16 dana
So you say the girl that I called buddy catches it on that’s period yeah yes you know where colour body she plays in the chicken girls and she is called buddy and I don’t like the name so I’m going to club body for us
Linn H
Linn H Prije 16 dana
Wait whats the problem w them dating im so confused
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