I Found A Girl WORSE Than That Vegan Teacher..

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anna oop

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I Found A Girl WORSE Than That Vegan Teacher..

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𝙸-𝚋𝚞𝚔𝚒 𝙼𝚒𝚘-𝚍𝚊
𝙸-𝚋𝚞𝚔𝚒 𝙼𝚒𝚘-𝚍𝚊 Prije 46 minuta
If she is Australian i hope i don't meet her because i'm Australian
0nlydallas Prije 3 sati
How are you gonna get banned from your own country 💀-
CallmeKai Prije 6 sati
The fact shes saying if ur not vegan ur an animal abser, is so unfair bc im literally vegetarian :/
Jaylenn Jay-Abe
Jaylenn Jay-Abe Prije 9 sati
The more aggressive and threatening you are towards people who arent vegan, their more likely to ignore you and not even think about going vegan. If you want people to think about being vegan, you have to have a nice tone and explain to politely on why its a good idea to be vegan. Not hold a pig head and drench blood everywhere screaming. Its such a pity her family has a daughter like that. Maybe the vegan teacher can adopt her and become her new mom
Panda Beatriz
Panda Beatriz Prije 10 sati
The vegan teacher literally made an extremely extremely extremely racist ass video using the n word, and has been homophobic. She told ppl they were going to hell for eating meat and literally made a girl cry thinking she was going to hell. The vegan teacher makes this girl look good
callmeh_dana Prije 13 sati
I am so so lucky I am not in her country
Hafu Mobster
Hafu Mobster Prije 17 sati
It does not matter if the animal was killed and painlessly or had a slow painful death, I just want my spicy chicken sandwich
Rachael Drinkwine
Rachael Drinkwine Prije 17 sati
"eat pu**y, not animals" idk if they know that cats are animals or not...
Ruby Prije 21 sat
Vegan teacher is a saint comparing to her
Alyssa R
Alyssa R Prije 23 sati
People like her have completely detoured me from even wanting to be vegan
JaeJaeItsYoonie Prije 23 sati
and that ladies and gentlemen, is the reason i dont like vegans :))) (excluding the nice ones)
ngvjggj Prije dan
They should be advertising like this Go vegan so some animals won't go extinct it's completely fine if u don't That's how they should advertise being vegan
Kaylea Parnell
Kaylea Parnell Prije dan
The only thing I liked about her was her shirt that said eat pussy not animals.
trustrated Prije dan
They had the audacity to go naked in PUBLIC. IM SO EMBARRASSED FOR HUMANITY.
trustrated Prije dan
WAIT A SEC…IS SHE FROM AUSTRALIA? Or did she come to WA?? Oh gosh I’m scared I’m going to run into this maniac…
trustrated Prije dan
I was too embarrassed to press on this video. I have see one video of her and just…no.
sasha Prije dan
I'm sorry for the vegans, imagine having someone like her and the vegan teacher trying to represent your community
IvanPlays - Roblox
IvanPlays - Roblox Prije dan
Why did you not censored her?
_TRUESOUL_ Prije dan
“People know that there are good benefits for being vegan but you don’t go in public and scream at people you should collect data saying why it’s better to be vegan and then try to convince people maybe you’re actually get people to be vegan“ is what I would say to her
Glz1000 Prije dan
And I thought vegan teacher was bad 😂
josie villasaez
josie villasaez Prije dan
I know I wasn’t the only one who commented on That Vegan Teacher tiktoks “Ya’ll want some food? 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥓🥓🥓🥓🌭🌭🍗🍖🍗🍖🍗🍖🍗🍗🍖🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍖🍗🍖🥩🥩🥓🥩🍖🥩🥩🍔🥩🍗🍖🥓🍖🍗🍗🥩🥓🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥓🥩🥓🥩🌭🌭🍔🍔🌭🌭🌭🌭🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🌭🍔🍔🌭🍔🌭🍔🌭🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥓🥩🍗🍖🥩🥓🍗🍗” Lol 😭😂
Olive Lucero
Olive Lucero Prije dan
5:25 I was freaking eating and a threw up lol
Joey :/
Joey :/ Prije dan
she’s literally like “respect women” but she’s outside literally showing herself nude, it’s just gonna make guys not respect women-
PrettyThang Prije dan
Why tf is she Australian WHYYYYY
coffeelove Prije dan
I know they're trying to make people vegan and save the animals but really all they're doing is harassing people and embarrassing themselves..
Kats World Of Memes
Kats World Of Memes Prije dan
The only thing I'm against is Animal Testing
Marina Vuleta
Marina Vuleta Prije dan
Inagine children who are like 8-4 years old and seeing blood, a pig's head and hearing terrible screams while just trying to eat. Yeah, I would get nightmares...
Kalani’s Angels
Kalani’s Angels Prije dan
I hope they know that if we don’t milk cows the will die…😐And if we don’t eat them they will get over populated:/
ella ‘ㅅ’
ella ‘ㅅ’ Prije dan
i live in WA & my friend went to the city & saw one of her protests 😭
Moonalunae Prije dan
The fact that she said "What's wrong with you??" to the girl who tried to get her out after she disrupted the peace was so fucking annoying. What's wrong with YOU? Bro they're trying to do their job in peace. Just let them be. And the fact that she mess up the KFC or whatever with her fake blood is really messed up. Like bro, if you're not gonna clean it up, don't fucking mess it up. And of course she does the "animal holocaust" thing. I mean, I do also not support the whole like, brutally killing animals thing, but I still eat meat. What can i say? It's delicious! But I still am not an animal abuser! I love all my pets I own and have owned and certainly DO NOT abuse them! Animal abuser are people who: Treat animals poorly Abuse the animal by hitting it or doing anything violent towards it Don't feed the right things or feed them less then they need Do not pay attention to them or pay very little attention And probably much more! What does the vegan teacher do? Not feed her dog(s) the things they need to be fed and poorly treating her! Abusing doesn't mean just being violent towards the animal, it means poorly treating them, not paying attention to them. :(
Niamh da froggy
Niamh da froggy Prije dan
Niamh da froggy
Niamh da froggy Prije dan
cleo ;; ♡^▽^♡
cleo ;; ♡^▽^♡ Prije 2 dana
MY FRIEND AND I MET HER AND MY FRIEND LITERALLY TOOK A PHOTO W HER 😭😭 (context: we were sitting in the city and Tash came from no where w a protest)
Milly McCauley
Milly McCauley Prije 2 dana
See you found out about tash 🙄 girls fkn insane
Georgia Grace
Georgia Grace Prije 2 dana
"Banned from Western Australia" (Shows Video of Sydney)
Stefani Ratu
Stefani Ratu Prije 2 dana
Poor woman she is beautiful outside but rotten inside
Rayleigh Long
Rayleigh Long Prije 2 dana
Not only that we need fur for clothes so some people may be angry at me for this but it if you didn't have silk or cloth to make shirts, pants and etc..
Rayleigh Long
Rayleigh Long Prije 2 dana
I'm going to be honest testing animals are wrong but doing that can bring other things to this world back like old times
Not making no more vids srry
Not making no more vids srry Prije 2 dana
Me eating my CHIPOTLE yes I said CHIPOTLE so good
Beth Green
Beth Green Prije 2 dana
I’m sorry but if I was the butcher I would have chased her with a steak 🥩 eat what you want and leave others to be
Izzy_RBLX Prije 2 dana
girl i worked in customer service too so ik what the butcher means
My YouTube Account
My YouTube Account Prije 2 dana
POV: vegan teacher when she was younger
Waving Ocean
Waving Ocean Prije 3 dana
I found her and she's really crazy
Nana Prije 3 dana
As an African, Our traditional foods include meats and diary products and this is normal for us to eat at such. Vegans are like this should shut up.
Noby Xaiyarath
Noby Xaiyarath Prije 3 dana
when v-gan b--oty put fake blood all over fast food restaurants Janitors: Da hell man 😭😭😭😭 i had to clean Thisss mess that U maked
L C Prije 3 dana
How bout we ban her from earth instead 👹
sadie hansen
sadie hansen Prije 3 dana
they have points about animal cruelty but they really are taking it too far like wtf you don't need to walk around with a fake pig head to make a point- People like this need to just learn to respect that not everyone can or will become vegan.
Krystal LaBandera
Krystal LaBandera Prije 3 dana
Yeah this girl brings it to a whole other level. I don't understand how that wants to make people wanna be vegan lol
Christie Quyii
Christie Quyii Prije 3 dana
People kill other people Animals kill other animals Humans eat animals Animals eat Humans U get what I'm saying here
Lavness Prije 3 dana
as someone who is vegan ( mostly and not by choice, weird meat tastebud deficiently) i hate when vegans try to shove it down your throat.
Clowndys Prije 3 dana
I’m gonna ask my parents for a burger
Sergei S
Sergei S Prije 3 dana
“Eat pussy not animals” I mean, why not both?
krew fam
krew fam Prije 3 dana
animal testing is a bad but like you dont have to poor fake blood evrey wear and i thought karens are worse than her
Sam Warrior She_Her
Sam Warrior She_Her Prije 3 dana
OMFG she really is more bad than lady teacher face, I did not know she was going to be that bad, for her own place to be like Nope get out and stay out, OH MY, Her saying go and learn how to respect woman, Girl you on only fans, the F did you think was going to happen, you walk around without you top on in the hope men and woman would look at you more to try and get what you are trying to say, that why you do it and then your like oh learn how to respect woman more, No lady you need to learn how to respect people.
BlueStarGhost Prije 4 dana
i'm vegetarian, when ever i have the option to try exotic meats or very nice meats, i try it, just to spit crazy vegans
Melody Prije 4 dana
i think they went top my coutry where i live...there is a sticker thats say eating animals and its placed on the stop sign...i'm scared...
Aashutosh Paudel
Aashutosh Paudel Prije 4 dana
if i was a vegan i would say "if u guys want to vegan go ahead it can help with alot of your health problems if u have them" not "F**KING HATE PEOPLE WHO EAT MEAT AND KILL ANIMALS"
Macy Davis
Macy Davis Prije 4 dana
I am sorry just so u know not every Australian people are bad I am Australian.
Sarah Margaret
Sarah Margaret Prije 4 dana
When will she stop????
Aurelia aurelia
Aurelia aurelia Prije 4 dana
✰ HappiiLily ✰
✰ HappiiLily ✰ Prije 4 dana
as an Australian I’m glad I haven’t seen her anywhere and I hope I don’t have to
cloudi san
cloudi san Prije 4 dana
People have their choices to be vegan or not..
Aujnae Banks
Aujnae Banks Prije 4 dana
kazuki Prije 4 dana
wait hang on a second does this mean she lives in Sydney??? no NO NOO I DONT WANT THIS CRAZY GAL IN MY CITY NO THANK YOU
Death To America
Death To America Prije 4 dana
Mmm bacon yummy
Claire Clock
Claire Clock Prije 4 dana
Fact: that's probably vegan teacher's daughter
Akindesola Ibosiola
Akindesola Ibosiola Prije 4 dana
I ate 20 chicken nuggets while watching this
SnailGaymes Prije 4 dana
we stan the butcher at 3:20
• CYB3R GH0ST • Prije 4 dana
This is interesting **Continues eating chicken nuggets**
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese Prije 4 dana
the poor children who saw them in those "outfits"
• CYB3R GH0ST • Prije 4 dana
Lstē Prije 4 dana
Vegan girl: *Screams in front of shop* Owner: *pulls her away* Her: oww what is wrong with you Owner: What is wrong with *YOU* *sips tea and eats biscuits* mhm
Jacqueline Lopez
Jacqueline Lopez Prije 4 dana
Is the vegan teacher and tash Peterson family
Hinata hygua :D
Hinata hygua :D Prije 4 dana
Me a kid who is named katie but spelled keiry and is nice: :(
Eva Martinez
Eva Martinez Prije 4 dana
It is sad to kill baby animals but I love meat
・Bunzai_ Bun・
・Bunzai_ Bun・ Prije 4 dana
Wtf was that shirt
Your mom
Your mom Prije 4 dana
Bro you spelled it wrong and it pissed her off lol
my world
my world Prije 4 dana
I'm vegen but even I wanna try meat 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
simp Prije 4 dana
Same smh 😔
EditedAoi Prije 4 dana
i’m not sorry i eat meat
DoctorW1nter :D
DoctorW1nter :D Prije 4 dana
yeeAAR. the voice crack lmao
KawaiiXlxvley Prije 5 dana
I was eating a Burger while watching this hehe oOpS💗😚 (btw there’s nothing wrong with being Vegan just don’t be a Vegan Karen💗🌱😂)
Allison Waldner
Allison Waldner Prije 5 dana
they're actually mother and daughter
m charli
m charli Prije 5 dana
im so scared
akshita playz
akshita playz Prije 5 dana
me: i am bored i need drama anna: here you go btw love you
pixiiieee Prije 5 dana
I didn’t know that was possible-
Crystal Bold
Crystal Bold Prije 5 dana
5:24:- 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
drexmstetiq Prije 5 dana
you know you need help when u are worse than the vegan teacher
🌸 𝓽ꪮ𝓽𝘳ꪮシ🌸
🌸 𝓽ꪮ𝓽𝘳ꪮシ🌸 Prije 5 dana
Fun fact she went to my sisters burger shop and screamed a lot-
xy. z
xy. z Prije 5 dana
I want a meat teacher
Abigail Wright
Abigail Wright Prije 5 dana
I think she is doing everything right. She’s just spreading awareness and letting all you people know where meat comes from and milk and yeah. If you don’t know where your meat comes from or you can’t handle the thought of someone killing or witnessing someone killing an animal, then why do you eat meat?
Desiree Sepertino
Desiree Sepertino Prije 5 dana
imagine being so obnoxius that your home town doesn't claim you omg
Purple Bean
Purple Bean Prije 5 dana
what makes her think that non vegans are gonna be like " WOW, I am a vegan now" bruh
Jennifer See
Jennifer See Prije 5 dana
i want to fight her
bing pool
bing pool Prije 5 dana
Well I guess some people are educated and some rlly are not rlly close to being educated
Vegan_Alliah_Ph_10 Prije 5 dana
Sis Peterson her mom is miss kadie!
StableWeeks Prije 5 dana
I can’t believe my own country has her v-gan booty in it, Australian people are to wise, strong and smart but her v-gan booty got parked in the wrong place
al Cat
al Cat Prije 5 dana
6:58 that is not WA thats is NSW
Nandini Warrier
Nandini Warrier Prije 5 dana
Lol everyone knows about the vegan teacher, but, THAT GURL IS CRAZY
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