The TikTok Pr*dator EVERYONE Needs To Stay Away From.. *Exposed*

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anna oop

Prije 24 dana

The TikTok Pr*dator EVERYONE Needs To Stay Away From.. *Exposed*


Garbeaux Æ
Garbeaux Æ Prije 6 sati
26? More like 46! I seriously thought he was middle aged.
sora Prije 10 sati
i used to watch jorobe's videos and i thought he was a cool person for exposing the vegan teacher, im shocked he did this
Kellie Parker
Kellie Parker Prije 10 sati
i Love how anna always respects peoples pronouns no matter what
R4ySanrio Prije 11 sati
i used to love him :((
[based audio]
[based audio] Prije 11 sati
Get him off our platform..
Clementine Brandis
Clementine Brandis Prije 12 sati
Not going lie this old
Lauren Standifer
Lauren Standifer Prije 14 sati
help he lives in my city, which isn't a big city tbf. the fact that this man could've done something to the people i may know just makes me feel so angry. he even used to work at a language immersion camp with teenagers, and is a youth group leader at a local church of mine. this legitimately makes me so angry.
parker graves
parker graves Prije 14 sati
sooo i dont know if this is true anna oop is a drama channal after all
vampjuju Prije 15 sati
he was always annoying
maddie Prije 16 sati
Ew this guy calls himself a man of god too
softytaemin Prije 17 sati
Jesus Christ this is terrifying
Theta julietta m
Theta julietta m Prije 17 sati
Doesn’t help he is giving me the lovely bones energy. Yuck. You’d have to drag me by my thumbs to go into a zoom call with a bunch of children, as a 26 yo woman. Ugh it’s so awkward 😬 adults on big platforms should be protecting minors and it’s just not the world we live in...Why can’t you just be appropriate? Idk I’m ace so maybe I’ll never understand the sexual obsession with these predators and it just infuriates me because it is so obvious! The moment some grown ass man wants to party privately with you, gets you alcohol and love bombs you (basically singling you out) that’s manipulation !!! and that’s them trying to get you to a second location. Sooo unsafe. Predators study kids: their trends, their vernacular, hobbies, humour etc. They want to blend in and seem youthful and cool. They want easy access and an ‘in’ with kids. They’ll treat really shady behaviours as normal and will pretend to be a guru and older guide in your life. If an adult tries to isolate you, flatter you, bribe you with gifts and a nice place to go to...just nah. Of course, you wish you can tell kids ‘not every adult is some crazy weirdo pervert’ but they really do need to be cautious with who they speak to online, even other minors, because you never know if they have some kind of hidden agenda.
Claire cutie
Claire cutie Prije 18 sati
Never trust a male feminist
Ari .-.
Ari .-. Prije 19 sati
ellie Prije 22 sati
he has a thing about giving KIDS alcohol. weirdooo!
ellie Prije 22 sati
Jhavyen Thomas
Jhavyen Thomas Prije dan
😂😂😂I'm happy that I don't talk to strangers. Most I say is hi, then ignore you forever. I only talk to strangers I game with. Or mutual friends of my friend group. 😂😂 If you're really old and acting weird, I'll block you.
Yasya Zelensky
Yasya Zelensky Prije dan
Damn I supported him
Heavenleigh Malier-Edwards
Heavenleigh Malier-Edwards Prije dan
Me being 12 turning 13 next month: oh sh*t Anna says he deleted both Tik tok accounts and off the internet Me: he'll yeah
No U Move
No U Move Prije dan
Wait… a liberal who tries telling everyone else how awful they are is really an awful person themselves? Color me shocked…. NOT!!
Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown Prije 16 sati
You do know that your political beliefs don't determine if you're an awful person or not.
Nate Spinel
Nate Spinel Prije dan
Is it actually proven tho?
sarcxsm Prije dan
I thought he was a nice guy respecting women or whatever. Even when him and the vegan teacher started going back and forth with eachother
Rapha Perriman
Rapha Perriman Prije dan
This is so disappointing I used to follow him and loved all the content he was posting it was so heartwarming but this..
Autonomous Sinner
Autonomous Sinner Prije dan
Phoenix Zoldyck
Phoenix Zoldyck Prije dan
My ex best friends being groomed by a 30yo and when I confronted him and told him not to talk to him I got dropped😬 please help me save my friend... (he's 15)
Ras Prije dan
Always got a strange feeling about him.
vinqly Prije dan
it sucks when someone with such a high amount of viewers ruins their lives by destroying their careers with their helplessness.
Pandabear2007 Prije dan
It’s scary to think that anyone could be a predator. I used to watch pretty much all of his videos. I even responded to one of his videos by making my own & he commented, “thank u for sharing! Ppl definitely need to be better”. Him being a Predator never even came to my mind! After watching Dylan‘s video, I deleted my video so that I did not promote jarobe. Situations like this really opens a persons eyes
xx_anime_is _betterxx
xx_anime_is _betterxx Prije dan
i HATE how people dislike this tbh
varshini N
varshini N Prije dan
Calistto Prije dan
this girl talking bout this guy being a hypocrite, while she is being the biggest hypocrite I've ever seen🤡😀🔫
D0LLI3-GVTZ Prije dan
samari anyiah
samari anyiah Prije dan
Thought this was Mr beast lmfaoo .
Moonalunae Prije dan
I actually loved him and his videos! I can't believe hes like this! I thought he was so genuine and nice :( wow is everyone horrible now? And the fact is... These type of people shouldn't be just cancelled...they should be arrested!
Jen Prije 2 dana
I was so shocked when I found out, he always called out people for this type of behavior in his videos…meanwhile he was literally doing it himself behind closed doors. I‘m disgusted, he shouldn‘t be cancelled, he should be in jail.
Up.set.love_r Prije 2 dana
He looks like he could act in a horror movie or kidnap kids
※Sapphire※ Prije 2 dana
Damn the vegan teacher was right
• milkii ! •
• milkii ! • Prije 2 dana
I liked him cuz he hates I officially hate him.
Thomas Heaps
Thomas Heaps Prije 2 dana
dylans hair tho-
avery Hasol
avery Hasol Prije 2 dana
She said she was 12
Natashia White
Natashia White Prije 2 dana
He has a backup a account and He is still making videos and it's really desturbing knowing this
ava Prije 2 dana
Jon is in his late 20’s?” 💀 I thought he was like 40 - 50 😹
FT Prije 2 dana
He’s really educated us, but betrayed us and did something traumatizing.
NerdyxTiger Prije 2 dana
Why it low-key look like, Mr. beasts brother lol
Kylla McComb
Kylla McComb Prije 2 dana
Ok but if a famous influencer that y’all were a fan of like bts and said let’s hang out y’all wouldn’t want to oh okay.
Snickers Prije 2 dana
It’s creepy because I use to follow him
Sunny :)
Sunny :) Prije 3 dana
Do better
didyouknowthatiloveyousomuchthatimadeareallylongnamebutmaybejustmaybeiloveyoutoomuchthatidiedtheend! Prije 3 dana
its pretty clear that coco is a guy not a girl my guy
AlexIsSwag Prije 3 dana
Can’t believe I used to look up to him honestly its sad that people that do this don’t face anything
s4txan Prije 3 dana
i used to watch his tiktoks and thought he was a legitimate kind person, can’t trust anyone on tiktok anymore.
Mooty_ Prije 3 dana
Me who almost has alot of friends online: well oops
My Diary
My Diary Prije 3 dana
bru is there not any person who is not a creep on tik tok?
ryujin breaking necks
ryujin breaking necks Prije 3 dana
i can't believe i liked him
Nutella Prije 3 dana
This is horrifying I used to love Johns TikToks
Ka to
Ka to Prije 3 dana
This is why I don’t even have tiktok, It’s literally the biggest paedophile platform
Makiayh Spruel
Makiayh Spruel Prije 3 dana
Lordi Awa
Lordi Awa Prije 3 dana
A pastor... yeah, I am not suprised.
diorlivv Prije 3 dana
i actually thought he was respectful wow-
Mikachan Prije 3 dana
Shit, I've watched him quite a bit, especially his The vegan teacher Series. I had no idea... I thought he made some good content and thought he was a nice guy
Lacie Lopez
Lacie Lopez Prije 3 dana
I barely watched this video and had no idea Jarobe was like this omg..
DwayneStorm Prije 3 dana
"But we still getting a hot tub" 🤦🏿‍♂️ welp. That's a red flag (well I guess one of many red flags)
Lia Lila
Lia Lila Prije 4 dana
He has a hidend acc
Emma Animations
Emma Animations Prije 4 dana
it annoys me when famous people (influencers usually) leave the internet and act like that fixes it or they are getting thier punishment. like no, if you were sorry you would make sure u go to jail, u deserve to go to jail. its illeagal.
nezuko Prije 4 dana
People used to love jorobe and I never ever got the hype-
cookiduhh Prije 4 dana
bruh i’m kinda shook ngl, i forgot abt this guy for like a year but i thought he was great. i guess u can never rlly know a person
Ray Prije 4 dana
I used to follow him and love his videos :(
Ameliah Charity
Ameliah Charity Prije 4 dana
Holy shit i actully liked him, wooaaa
I like flowers
I like flowers Prije 4 dana
When I first saw the picture of him in the thumbnail, I thought he was like 39 years of age. What the actual hell is wrong with some people?
ziva m
ziva m Prije 4 dana
i used to genuinely look up to him
realitlijah Prije 4 dana
i think the sad thing about me seeing this now is that i used to follow him and he used to follow me back as well (nothing happened with me, i also have 26k on tiktok, a smaller ish creator. he followed me when i had 14 k i think.) and when i found all this out it really made me question everything that i knew and so my lesson has been OFFICIALLY learned after this. truly saddening and honestly disgusting. additionally i was mutuals with koko at the time as well and its sad knowing that this happened to people i was close with
Mochi :3
Mochi :3 Prije 4 dana
and to think I thought he was a good person.
Leona Hourigan
Leona Hourigan Prije 4 dana
me casually thinking he was in his mid fortys/fifty her:he was 26 Me JAWDROPPED 💀
Leona Hourigan
Leona Hourigan Prije 4 dana
HRpost rlly be testing me with these double unskipable adds 😡
Makeyoumad_gacha_studio Prije 4 dana
I really thinks it’s great that they share there story’s, bc then more people start saying there story’s!
1...2 CHACHACHA!!!
1...2 CHACHACHA!!! Prije 4 dana
May the Day
May the Day Prije 4 dana
I've been off of tic tok since October 2nd of 2020 and I see this.. one of my favorite youtubers ended up being a bad person wow
saiki simp
saiki simp Prije 4 dana
And he used to try to stop people like that 😐😐
Sssnipary Prije 4 dana
The thing I can't stand is pedos like I hate pesos cause what I don't understand is that why would they be attracted to kids who can be their little brother or sister that's disgusting he deserves prison time
Chloe Ball
Chloe Ball Prije 4 dana
I thought he was a good person I’m shocked!
Olivia England
Olivia England Prije 4 dana
“This guy has done some bad stuff to underage people” Me , a 7th grader who just got tiktok : 👁👄👁 cRaP
gracie hill
gracie hill Prije 4 dana
I'm honestly so sad. I loved this tiktoker, such a disappointment
Bowl ó pasta
Bowl ó pasta Prije 4 dana
The fact I’m 12 and followed him 🤮🤮🤮
Tired Boi Tomioka
Tired Boi Tomioka Prije 5 dana
I was a fan of Jorobe but then I deleted TikTok last December and I thought he would keep making positive content like he did when I had TikTok but boy, was I wrong. I was shocked when I saw this video I can't believe he would do something like this. I've completely lost respect for him.
Elisha Steinhauser
Elisha Steinhauser Prije 5 dana
mannnnnnnn i did not see taht comming i followd him .. .
Megan Craft
Megan Craft Prije 5 dana
It's really upsetting to hear this news. I used to really enjoy his content on TikTok, especially the ones where he says "do better". It's crazy to think that people are actually like this in the world. People like him make me sick. Someone I actually trusted and supported is now a predator. It really surprised me seeing this video, I wouldn't of expected it from him, he genuinely seemed like a good person. He should be in jail for the disgusting and creepy things that he has done. I think it was the "do better" videos that fooled me into thinking he was a genuine guy. Do better Jorobe.
angie Prije 5 dana
how is this not ARRESTED?
your overwatered plant
your overwatered plant Prije 5 dana
Yall stop replying to tha person named lyn I know they're annoying and you can't help but want to reply to their stupid comments but don't give them attention
𝑇𝑂𝑋𝐼𝐶𝐹𝐴𝐼𝑅𝑌 Prije 5 dana
I trusted him.he was always on my fyp .
Skyler Prije 5 dana
Can we just appreciate that Anna cares about pronouns?? My respect went up a lot.
Robin Kremer
Robin Kremer Prije 5 dana
I used to follow him, because I though he was a good person, but that he just disappointed me
ponchoisdead! Prije 5 dana
i genuinely loved this guy. it’s so sad i found out what he really is now.
Tilli 1212
Tilli 1212 Prije 5 dana
I have seen a church page in another video about this situation and he literally works with kids!
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻 Prije 5 dana
*Damn, I thought he was actually good. I would support and feel bad for him, guess his true colors showed.*
C grieves
C grieves Prije 5 dana
Honestly John is an idiot , why would anyone do this
Arson Brie
Arson Brie Prije 5 dana
omg not jorobe this news actually hurts me because i used to watch him all the time
GirL tHis is A White Wall
GirL tHis is A White Wall Prije 5 dana
I know you should always believe the victims but some of this sounds made up tbh..
Super Mario Michael
Super Mario Michael Prije 5 dana
Never trust anyone on te internet.
LxvelyAva Prije 5 dana
I thought he was okay...
~Tsukki's Smirk~
~Tsukki's Smirk~ Prije 5 dana
I used to look up to him. When I first heard about this I was beyond livid. He is such a Hypocrite.
Pastleqt Cos
Pastleqt Cos Prije 5 dana
I literally thought he was a good guy, or at least not likely to be a pedo 😐
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