That Vegan Teacher Has Gone TOO FAR.. *DISTURBING*

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anna oop

Prije 24 dana

That Vegan Teacher Has Gone TOO FAR.. *DISTURBING*
#annaoop #thatveganteacher

Monsef Laanani
Monsef Laanani Prije 17 minuta
veganphobia is right, veganphobiaAAAAAAA is RaItH
Kenay Saavedra
Kenay Saavedra Prije 28 minuta
Not me eating chicken while mrs Katie is calling out people eating animals
daphn -
daphn - Prije sat
she really thinks she's doing something lmao 💀💀💀
Matilda Donkor
Matilda Donkor Prije 2 sati
"I didnt say coming out as homosexual was selfish" Well i didn't say coming out as vegan is selfish Hogging almost all the food from animals who don't eat meat Not trowing shade towards any vegans just setting an example
Kristel Esguerra
Kristel Esguerra Prije 4 sati
when did this vegan teacher exists-
I love Le memes
I love Le memes Prije 9 sati
Well don't animals eat ... *animals* Like can animals go vegan LOL this is a joke
Sourav Bhowmik
Sourav Bhowmik Prije 9 sati
meat is good whether you eat it or beat it
MellohiMia_ Prije 14 sati
i was just ignoring the vegan teacher until i saw what she posted abt tommy
Golden Kwookies
Golden Kwookies Prije 16 sati
Hopefully Anna sees 😅this but that vegan teacher has a tik tok where she's super nice She's basically living another life 👀
Isabella Johnson
Isabella Johnson Prije 18 sati
As part of the mcyt community we all hated her once she came for our people and did this to Tommy we knew we had to do everything we could and we are just that powerful 😌
Queen hongjoong
Queen hongjoong Prije 18 sati
I blocked the vegan teacher from my account
frenk Bradley
frenk Bradley Prije 19 sati
You know everyone can do whatever they want they don't have to be vegan if they don't want to people are giving me people like doing whatever they want it's their choice what they do with their life
Daisuke Aoyama
Daisuke Aoyama Prije 21 sat
Is it just me, or do her songs sound weirdly catchy in a bad way? Like, whenever I listen to her songs, it almost sounds like I'm trying to be brainwashed-
stormy jisoo
stormy jisoo Prije 23 sati
The fact that Tommy had to turn off his duets and stiches because of that old woman
Justin Lomax
Justin Lomax Prije dan
Vegetarian is death 💀
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Prije dan
who came from "I never said it was selfish, I said that coming out is a selfish thing to do"
bunbunadri Prije dan
not gonna lie she is not a virus..... shes so genuine and amazing!!
E miLY
E miLY Prije dan
and thats why u dont mess w mc stans👹
Aisha Prije dan
she's such a freaking liar. me with my black self i didn't even cry when he died (i was mostly judt filled with anger) but she's honestly just an unhinged clout chaser, she needs to go to a mental hospital pbp. her words can harm and influence others
Vivian Flower
Vivian Flower Prije dan
Where do I sign to stand up for this horrid old woman’s dog?
I mean...... I do care, love, and adore animals and I don't want them to be killed or die BUT we still have to eat. Maybe the new name for that vegan teacher should be "THAT KAREN" Instead.
Hbomber 9
Hbomber 9 Prije 2 dana
So what happed to her dog I feel bad for it she is forcing it to eat grass that is absolutely disgusting
Lucie Vidgen
Lucie Vidgen Prije 2 dana
I started watching this video and had a meat Ad 💕😂
Eva Marie
Eva Marie Prije 2 dana
Levis Missing height
Levis Missing height Prije 2 dana
"Your fruits and your vegetables" i have lost the ability to can, and for personal reasons i shall be passing away.
Bookworm Prije 2 dana
I like vegans I just don't like miss katie cause she's homophobic, sick in the head and she's a dream hater
Ban that Vegan teacher
Ban that Vegan teacher Prije 2 dana
Yo my friend was a part of that group that banned the vegan teacher on TikTok
Jenelyn Perater
Jenelyn Perater Prije 2 dana
The way how you talk is so disturbing and disgusting.
Viabat Prije 2 dana
"Vegan Donut" 😭💀✋
Leaix Prije 2 dana
"Animals deserve their freedom" forces her dog to be vegan
vBlossom_Playz Prije 2 dana
Wait wait wait wait- Did the vegan teacher literally tell tommy innit to strip for her? Okay uhm children I don’t think I can watch anymore ✋😶
Kalani Stennis
Kalani Stennis Prije 2 dana
Yeah god ate fruits but he ate meat to
MJ 12
MJ 12 Prije 2 dana
Roblox editor queen
Roblox editor queen Prije 2 dana
Dude just because she is vegan doesn’t mean her dog, all people and menus have to be vegan
m r s c l a r k
m r s c l a r k Prije 3 dana
When Anna said “Katie being a CLOWN” that was on period
Joseph Lyons
Joseph Lyons Prije 3 dana
I don't think any one should be banned....even if you don't agree.... she has the right to be heard even if she crazy 🤪
CL0EY Prije 3 dana
5:01 i was wearing headphones. My ears are not doing well right now.
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur Prije 3 dana
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur Prije 3 dana
Vegan teacher aint controlling lived
Leah_ gacha
Leah_ gacha Prije 3 dana
Wild Mila
Wild Mila Prije 3 dana
Hunny, she ain't an old woman, she's a whole damn fossil 😌✋
Change her name to miss skellly teacher
sophia muratsuchi
sophia muratsuchi Prije 3 dana
I like and support her message, but like the way she spreads is not right-
Mikyhia Morris
Mikyhia Morris Prije 3 dana
I feel bad for her animals my animal heart can't take it.
Zarcora Prije 3 dana
Say the human collective does not claim her as one of us. Srly there are alot of good vegans plus it shoundnt even be a identiy word its a diet. A identiy word would be like a girl scout or something.
Celia Mick
Celia Mick Prije 3 dana
When you try to do James Charles makeup tutorial in the dark with your moms makeup but she opens the closet door (Luv ur vids btw Anna oop) 0:25
h̥ͦ e̥ͦ l̥ͦ l̥ͦ o̥ͦ p̥ͦ e̥ͦ r̥ͦ s̥ͦ o̥ͦ n̥ͦ
h̥ͦ e̥ͦ l̥ͦ l̥ͦ o̥ͦ p̥ͦ e̥ͦ r̥ͦ s̥ͦ o̥ͦ n̥ͦ Prije 3 dana
I hate her she is mean to my unkle he is Vegan he is not home
Just a person on the internet
Just a person on the internet Prije 3 dana
And guess what she I back
Koree_ reads
Koree_ reads Prije 3 dana
Us Tommyinnit fans are not playing around miss gurl🧍🏼‍♀️
Matt The Yeet kid
Matt The Yeet kid Prije 3 dana
Everyone watching this video, we have to go after that vegan teacher so she stops forcing us to be vegan. THAT VEGAN TEACHER DOESNT HAVE TO DO THIS! WE CAN CHOOSE WHAT WE WANT TO EAT!
TXINTXD Prije 3 dana
Me already on edge about her being racist and homophobic and then watching the "joke" towards tommy WHEN I SAY I THREW MY PHONE
wirt Prije 3 dana
nobody: anna: *BUT*
Linaatje Roblox
Linaatje Roblox Prije 4 dana
Valentine Olmedo
Valentine Olmedo Prije 4 dana
vegana me voy a comer una gran carne de baca y de pollo y de serdo todos los dias >:)
Selena Leazier
Selena Leazier Prije 4 dana
Please stop screaming “BUT-‘’. It scares to outta me lol
Delphine Ngam
Delphine Ngam Prije 4 dana
Delphine Ngam
Delphine Ngam Prije 4 dana
umm but than i watcht the video to the end and i changed my mind
RoyaleKath Prije 4 dana
As a non binary lesbian please take that woman away from my eyes you all can have free bleach
chen yu
chen yu Prije 4 dana
i'm vegan,but this is teacher is going to far😫
Norma Valencia
Norma Valencia Prije 4 dana
The vegan teacher ugly af and racist af
poke pond sounds
poke pond sounds Prije 4 dana
dude, i guess she ended up seeing this and reacted to it... she ended up rewording "coming out is very selfish now days" to the same thing just saying it differently- THIS WOMAN IS INSANEEEEEEE
Flowerful_Gurl Prije 4 dana
like, shes wearing animals skin bro-
Azucena Luz
Azucena Luz Prije 4 dana
She is ✨ Disgusting✨
Royalty Approved
Royalty Approved Prije 4 dana
Did ThatVeganTeacher really forgot that the Bible said that god helped men catch fish and help them multiply the amount of fish? Fish is meat the last time I checked
Angel Chanton
Angel Chanton Prije 4 dana
Oh sh_t is that why I haven’t heard much about her? DAM, YALL ARE SO STRONG WTH 😂👌 yayyy as you can tell I’m not active.... ever-
LoveiiRxses Prije 4 dana
This woman litterly said the N-word on LIVE and all she cares about is the video getting banned??? she doesnt care how OFFENDED some ppl are gonna get. nope. all she cares about is her precious video clout That says alot.... ;-;
Satan is a liar No negative thoughts
Satan is a liar No negative thoughts Prije 4 dana
She comes after people she don’t even know /: like somebody take the vegan teacher off HRpost /:
ADDYSON SALAS Prije 4 dana
i F* when ppl cant put comment why are they off :(
ADDYSON SALAS Prije 4 dana
1:59 who cares I'm not vegan ur racist IDC ur vegan that people mind ur business ur sexism and werid
Username_Taken Prije 4 dana
i hate her sm
Sewer Rat
Sewer Rat Prije 4 dana
Can I have a shoutout luv???
feliice lilli
feliice lilli Prije 4 dana
"Time to change your religeon like you change your underwear!" Me a Christan: ......*throws phone out the window*......n o..
Movies 101 Pictures
Movies 101 Pictures Prije 4 dana
Yeah about that the vegan teacher has a HRpost account
Strawberry Milk Kid
Strawberry Milk Kid Prije 4 dana
If she heard about AAPI(Asian American Paicific islander) rights movement,she'd say "Why the hell are you defending these stupid effing kpop stars you're so dumb"
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas Prije 4 dana
So many things wrong with this Karen- she made her dog vegan which I believe is unsafe not for sure. She said the N word very bad that’s racist. She was being mean to 🏳️‍🌈 pride community she went to far and btw I am not trying to be mean to her or offended her I just wanna let people know.
꧁꧂Regan Lily꧁꧂
꧁꧂Regan Lily꧁꧂ Prije 4 dana
“Vegan Doughnut” -Gordon Ramsey
Ella Pentland
Ella Pentland Prije 4 dana
Her:eating animals is wrong McDonald's please hear this song .bla bla bla bla Me;so what about ...taco bell!! And EVERY OTHER RESTAURANTS?;?!?!?!
Mina Zivic
Mina Zivic Prije 4 dana
She is supposed to teach students to behave nice, even though she is not that nice. (That biss)
Vsco Ari
Vsco Ari Prije 4 dana
That vegan teacher is like: racist is wrong Sooooo u say the N word high represents being racist and u compare being vegan with being racist?! Like WHAT ARE U SAYING
•Louise French•
•Louise French• Prije 4 dana
Why does she have to be like this like- bruh
FeaturedMeh Prije 4 dana
we love anna oop don't lie
Kazune Prije 4 dana
Why u screaming
Meta Barciute
Meta Barciute Prije 4 dana
she reminds me of lovely peaches
Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose Prije 4 dana
I’m pescatarian and I know that people like meat, so... if someone wants to eat meat then ok, it’s not my life, I choose not to eat it because I don’t want to. The fact that she made her dog go vegan is’s a dog, not a human, it has different dietary needs, how can you go online and spread awareness about animal cruelty and then basically starve your dog... this is so fucking disturbing.
Dominic Martin
Dominic Martin Prije 5 dana
She's not just the clown, she has the whole circus within her.
Aubrey Prije 5 dana
No shade but....CAN THAT GURL JUST SSHSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.I am sorry but yes animals are amazing and yes I would love to save them.BUT going vegan does not mean be a crazy phsyco and go off on other PEOPLE.And what wrong with lgbtq+????I mean I'm not lgbtq+ but still!Nowadays stinks yall.
I'm so Tiny!
I'm so Tiny! Prije 5 dana
That Vegan Racist 🍃 That Meatphobic Teacher 🍃 That Super Dumb Teacher 🍃 That Cringey Old Lady 🍃
Andrea plays
Andrea plays Prije 5 dana
she always goes to far for me btw she says always "students" to us-
Janessa Moira
Janessa Moira Prije 5 dana
Whats vegenphobia?
Bayeriawe Ninya
Bayeriawe Ninya Prije 5 dana
The way she sings like nothing happened is so annoying and irritating
tuyiorla Prije 5 dana
This video was harsh to watch, not because the vegan teacher, but because I literally couldn't stop jumping from being scared everytime anna shouted "BUT!!" Like c'mon, my speakers almost broke.
Kk Mm
Kk Mm Prije 5 dana
The girl version of dj cook
Fugglyfishy Prije 5 dana
Bro omg your like screaming in my ear
Aɳιɱҽ Sιɱρ
Aɳιɱҽ Sιɱρ Prije 5 dana
Someone get rid of this lady
Catie Cheek
Catie Cheek Prije 5 dana
I absolutely adore animals. So much! But I can’t be vegan for medical reasons! I was born with a disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. It’s a collagen disorder. Meaning it effects bones, muscles, tissue, organs and all things in the body that use collagen. Which is everything! Because of that I’ve broken a bone over 150 times in 20 years plus had 16 surgeries. I get an IV treatment multiple times a year over 2 days. Basically it’s medication that goes in to help produce good collagen and slow down my disorder. The medication will NOT work if I don’t have the right vitamin D and a bunch of other vitamins and fats. It literally won’t absorb into the bones. Meaning it’s useless. I have to get blood work done then if it isn’t high enough the day I start the treatment I will get a 100 mg vitamin D pill. My doctors literally tell me to eat a steak or chicken because it will help. So many people can’t be vegan for reasons out of their control. But does that mean they are any less compassionate. No way!
Ward Rabea
Ward Rabea Prije 5 dana
Oh my God they’re just animals Not humans
Bloxy kxm
Bloxy kxm Prije 5 dana
as a christian i DONT claim her
Anime.dreamSMP.sucker Prije 5 dana
I’ve always hated her but the fact she had the audacity to make a joke about Tommy (aka one of my idols aka a minor aka 16 year old) got me hating this woman even more
Kesha Elmon
Kesha Elmon Prije 5 dana
I'm a black, bisexual woman and I am PISSED. That Vegan Teacher Cannot I repeat CANNOT compare eating animals to SLAVERY, SEXISM, and HOMOPHOBIA. IT'S UNACCEPTABLE.
Laqqis Prije 5 dana
i meaaaan a lot of animals kill people u knooow its fair 🥀
•C L O U D S•
•C L O U D S• Prije 5 dana
You just snapped...... but thanks for the tea sis ヾ(^-^)ノ
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