Bryce Hall CALLED OUT By Addison's Fans? Nessa Barrett BREAKS UP With Josh? Vinnie Hacker Is A LIAR?

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anna oop

Prije 11 dana

Bryce Hall CALLED OUT By Addison's Fans? Nessa Barrett BREAKS UP with Josh? Vinnie Hacker is a LIAR?
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Bob Prije 20 sati
At 4:50 anna put nessa barrett attacked but she was talking about vinnie hacker lol
Lily Pop555sss
Lily Pop555sss Prije 22 sati
Sara Sulejmani
Sara Sulejmani Prije dan
Lexi plays Minecraft and more!
Lexi plays Minecraft and more! Prije 3 dana
I think nessa and josh are dating
Lexi plays Minecraft and more!
Lexi plays Minecraft and more! Prije 3 dana
What Bryce did was very rude Addison didn’t feel ok I’m so sorry for her
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez Prije 3 dana
Vinnie and nailea devora don’t combine because vinnie is problematic
Mjp Prije 3 dana
"some ppl are more invested in this drama than their hw" *Me watching drama vids instead of doing my hw😳*
Easterbooth X
Easterbooth X Prije 3 dana
I really don’t care if I’m late but . “ you guys shouldn’t announce that your together on 14th of February” or whatever but! They can do what they want hun- like let them live . They can do what the want nessa is a amazing human I’m in her fandom and she’s so nice so stfu let them live -
Alysa. Prije 4 dana
They always want things to be serious and cant take it
Hobis Sprite
Hobis Sprite Prije 4 dana
Melissa Rodríguez
Melissa Rodríguez Prije 4 dana
I’m aren’t hating but you’re content is drama like bruh you need to get another content Its getting out of hand your I don’t see your videos But I’m sick of you seeing you in my HRpost Like bruh 😎 can you stop being the most dramatic person ever and saying things that aren’t Wright
退屈:P Prije 4 dana
White crusty chiwawa 😂😂😂😂
Aaliyah Thorpe
Aaliyah Thorpe Prije 4 dana
Anna oop “Many of our favourite tiktokers like Bryce hall” Me:👀 Who and who
Honey asmr
Honey asmr Prije 5 dana
Honey asmr
Honey asmr Prije 5 dana
Maali Thompson
Maali Thompson Prije 5 dana
Whenever I hear Trisha Paytas, all I hear in my mind is, "A 30-year-old white women who should probably be married or have a fiance but instead is invested in the lives of young teenagers."
Maddie Prije 5 dana
Vinnie isn’t the only one in the whole world with red led-lights but okay
dance Lutz
dance Lutz Prije 5 dana
Finally u did the prank of Bryce I felt u were gonna do this. I already knew this was a prank
Anya Prije 5 dana
i dont mind vinnie dating anyone, im not a fan anyways idc. But let's be honest, nai is lowkey better tho..
teodora novakov
teodora novakov Prije 5 dana
What upp whit addison is she ok there are rumers that she tryed to kill her self or car hit her please figurd that on pls
jungkookssi Prije 5 dana
*its the* trisha literally living her life for attention and gets in everyones buisness when it literally has nothing to do with her. no wonder people call her problematic. she literally will not shut up, she acts like she works for hollywood fix. literally someone breathes and she says something about it. she is a 32 year old woman ON TIKTOK in 25 year old’s business. we dont deserve her, and she doesnt deserve us. *for me..*
عَاشِقّہـ بُۆلِيَۆۆدْ
عَاشِقّہـ بُۆلِيَۆۆدْ Prije 5 dana
i mean its just a prank -
Heidi Chamorro
Heidi Chamorro Prije 6 dana
Wait why when she talk about vinne hacker she put Nessa Barrett
just a gru simp
just a gru simp Prije 6 dana
mari _bear
mari _bear Prije 6 dana
i dont like tiktokers
Sarah Hadiya
Sarah Hadiya Prije 6 dana
ig addison was uncomfy cuz she knew that her bf will get alot of hate, maybe.
Karina Zhelyazkova
Karina Zhelyazkova Prije 6 dana
anna i am tired of this clickbait
Cailyn Griffith
Cailyn Griffith Prije 6 dana
Desiree’s life
Desiree’s life Prije 6 dana
Poor Addison.
Angelica Ezumeh
Angelica Ezumeh Prije 6 dana
"that white crusty chihuahua" that is the rudest coment i have EVER seen😭✋
Tadie Crew
Tadie Crew Prije 6 dana
I love when you say huuuunneeyy
Mariah Lopez
Mariah Lopez Prije 6 dana
Dude people need to chill. It was a prank. People prank their followers ALL the time.
Sheily Bolvito Cojon
Sheily Bolvito Cojon Prije 6 dana
I JuSt FiNd YoU aNnOYing 😌😭LOL
Tichaona Coster
Tichaona Coster Prije 6 dana
Tiktok was so much better without Charlie Dixie Bryce Addison James chase and Noah
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith Prije 7 dana
couples do cheating pranks on youtube all the fucking time, i don’t see what’s so different with Bryce? Apart from the fact he flipping asked Addison. The pranked failed anyways since you could see they were wearing mics. Like bro shut up and find a hobby
dreambirds!! lol
dreambirds!! lol Prije 7 dana
Omg tiktok has gotten 😃😃😄to😠😡🤬🤫😰🤯😱😫🤮
Jamelia Kiabala
Jamelia Kiabala Prije 7 dana
Is is just me or do I always hear Anna Oop say 2:43 Nessa hUnYyyyyy
jays roblox page
jays roblox page Prije 7 dana
Trisha always has something to say..
Yumeko Prije 7 dana
Pisces Fire
Pisces Fire Prije 7 dana
What's Samantha's full name? Just curious
fabrizio lora
fabrizio lora Prije 7 dana
Why does Trisha always involve herself in stuff that has NOTHING to do with her -_-
Elisabeth Beckett
Elisabeth Beckett Prije 7 dana
Bryce should not have done that cheating is not a game even though She was a informed on it as soon as he saw she was not comfortable with it (which obviously he could see) he should have not done that to her don’t do childish things on the internet especially in a relationship
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 7 dana
Vinnie relationship isn’t my buisness- but if he is dating a trumpie that’s just my cue to unfollow
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 7 dana
I mean- why y’all getting mad at pranks 💀 those are lil easy pranks - Aint nun to be mad about
Kanako Murasaki
Kanako Murasaki Prije 7 dana
Why are people so invested in these peoples relationships that much ?
Harold Styles
Harold Styles Prije 7 dana
Vinnie is 18 he can do what he wants!
Alex Asmr
Alex Asmr Prije 7 dana
the point of bryces video was to show not to believe what the internet says
Srishti Rai
Srishti Rai Prije 7 dana
He was trying to tell "people" that everything you see on social media is not accurate! .. He is perfect for Addison and Addison is perfect for her. They both love each other. ❤. And we can see that ! Their bond is just💯❤
Aerviaaa Prije 7 dana
Bryce is basically a WHOLE DAMN CIRCUS, this has gone tooo far but let him be ill be back tmmrw..
Haley Plays
Haley Plays Prije 7 dana
bryces pranks are rlly hurting ppl
Christina Renee
Christina Renee Prije 8 dana
You think Josh and Nessa are bad, try Salah and Theo. (No hate, just wanted to point it out)
Hitisha Waghela
Hitisha Waghela Prije 8 dana
Jessa just doing clown shit to gain more attention nd fame from 13 year old 😶
Lets have Some fun!!
Lets have Some fun!! Prije 8 dana
I hope Bryce and Addison don’t get back together bc it’s getting toxic
Bianca De Freay
Bianca De Freay Prije 8 dana
rev Prije 8 dana
Aryana Liggin
Aryana Liggin Prije 8 dana
addi might quit TikTok
Jocelyn Lopez
Jocelyn Lopez Prije 8 dana
yall are so sensitive ong💀
I need a bad bleep
I need a bad bleep Prije 8 dana
doesn’t matter if the girl is/was a trumpie, they should respect vinnie
Smile Prije 8 dana
Wait since when was jessa fully confirmed
I am a Simp
I am a Simp Prije 8 dana
Tbh why does everyone need to know who is dating who. Like I understand if you were super close to them but if yku aren't then why even care
Chloe Dinwiddie
Chloe Dinwiddie Prije 8 dana
There are literally starving kids and people who have no clean water and homeless people.
ruhee Prije 8 dana
Why is trisha in everything lmao💀
Amy Bustos Garcia
Amy Bustos Garcia Prije 8 dana
Synika Caldwell
Synika Caldwell Prije 8 dana
Not the white crusty Chihuahua
Jjhjj Djdjdjdkdkdkdk
Jjhjj Djdjdjdkdkdkdk Prije 8 dana
Trisha says they’ll be irrelevant in a year as if shes relevant 💀
Emanie Harris
Emanie Harris Prije 8 dana
i didn’t have a problem with samantha, until she said that she was prettier than nai. that’s when hatred came along.
brooklyn brook
brooklyn brook Prije 8 dana
was it really suprising when Vinnie lied yeah no.
baby Quinn
baby Quinn Prije 8 dana
I know that certain things are seriously wrong and shouldn't be done but y'all are sensative to a point I can't stress enough.
Amella Gjoni
Amella Gjoni Prije 8 dana
Nessas always the one that causes so much drama 🤦🏼‍♀️
Nadia Sanchez
Nadia Sanchez Prije 8 dana
Nessa barrett attacked but the topic was Vinnie hacker ✋🏻😭
Yara aboushaar
Yara aboushaar Prije 8 dana
leave bryce alone. 😭
Laci Guilbeau
Laci Guilbeau Prije 8 dana
Anna oop:TikTok drama Anna solves:Murder
BENAZIR MEMON Prije 8 dana
what’s up with influencers pranking us- lol
Pxstel•Piggy Prije 8 dana
**vinnie getting a girlfriend** His “fans”: We bout ruin his career
Camryn Pizzola
Camryn Pizzola Prije 8 dana
When Bryce pranked us you have to keep in mind it was for FUN NOT FOR CLOUT! If Addison was not okay with it she would not allow Bryce and Lauren to do that, All lovers were okay with this prank! LET IT GO
Alexa Holmes
Alexa Holmes Prije 8 dana
Trisha is a old lady attacking kids to keep the fame she once had
Dae arnold Arnold
Dae arnold Arnold Prije 8 dana
Addison Rae trying to look happy
Reality With Riggins
Reality With Riggins Prije 8 dana
Omfg their are so many freaking HRpostrs who do pranks like these...ace family for example, people from amp world, Ben azlert and many freaking more now y’all just fishing to cancel someone like that’s your daily job to cancel people and ruin teenagers and everyone else in the conetent/ social media community cut it out already....’s getting old 🤦‍♀️🥱
Yuki Buki
Yuki Buki Prije 8 dana
(Bryce topic) People just do the most lowkey, its a prank. Even if Addison wasn't okay with it let them talk about it, its their relationship.
Bella Madeya
Bella Madeya Prije 8 dana
Bryce hall was doing it to trick the media bc there annoying and if u watched his HRpost video would know but he should not have done it
David Rosas
David Rosas Prije 8 dana
The world is so full of fucking snowflakes when will someone do a prank with out getting canceled 🙄😒
flamingo flamingo
flamingo flamingo Prije 8 dana
Jaden hossler and Nessa are cute together ngl
Olivia Foster
Olivia Foster Prije 8 dana
She has huge eyes ngl
Nate Prije 8 dana
Everyone it was just a prank get over it
AvocadoXD Gaming
AvocadoXD Gaming Prije 8 dana
My opinion but like I’m a Biden supporter but what’s wrong with people being a trump supporter?
AvocadoXD Gaming
AvocadoXD Gaming Prije 8 dana
Explain someome
anaiya norris
anaiya norris Prije 8 dana
who said i was a fan of bryce
M Aaa
M Aaa Prije 8 dana
It’s a Bryce thing to do.if you don’t like how they are as influencers then STOP SUPPORTING THEM
Brooke Michelle
Brooke Michelle Prije 9 dana
the tea is ✨overflowing ✨
Adriana A
Adriana A Prije 9 dana
Not me no knowing how to find the video💀😭🤣
Angel Purvisjones
Angel Purvisjones Prije 9 dana
i think that people should not putt hate on bryce just because he pulled a prand on addison
Melvin Beiyde
Melvin Beiyde Prije 9 dana
A prank is a prank ppl need to chill 😂😂😂
Shadow Moon
Shadow Moon Prije 9 dana
Have people not seen cheating pranks on youtube? That's what Bryce did :/
Heather Dillinsky
Heather Dillinsky Prije 9 dana
I definitely think nessa and josh are together. I just think their afraid to announce it because people create fake drama and rumors. People say their fans but end up always ruining people’s relationships smh
Heather Dillinsky
Heather Dillinsky Prije 9 dana
I think the “prank” Bryce pulled was so unnecessary. He has a beautiful caring girlfriend and she also has a boyfriend. Like their both supposedly I’m happy relationships so there should be not cheating prank. Cheating is NOT funny
Sujiv Dhanessar
Sujiv Dhanessar Prije 9 dana
Any Math stans on chat :-)
HappyHolidayz Prije 9 dana
What happened to her discord
Maisy Howard
Maisy Howard Prije 9 dana
that is soooooo stupid do you know how many people prank their fans and dont't get called out for it. Did people really think addison would be happy for this idea? people love to start fires
Tilda Tafvelin
Tilda Tafvelin Prije 9 dana
Wait josh and nessa were dating?
celine jb
celine jb Prije 7 dana
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson Prije 9 dana
Please cover NACH house that’s a situation that needs to be covered
Olivia plays79 ‘.
Olivia plays79 ‘. Prije 9 dana
Can you do the new drama about why people are putting there pfp on tiktok to Lana del?
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