Addison Rae BULLIED By A Popular YouTuber? James Charles GOES OFF On Haters? Bryce Hall UPSET?

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anna oop

Prije 18 dana

Addison Rae BULLIED By A Popular HRpostr? James Charles GOES OFF On Haters? Bryce Hall UPSET?
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Philasandze Dlamini
Philasandze Dlamini Prije 15 sati
Y'all have nothing to do than hate on her🤮
Huda Pharda
Huda Pharda Prije 17 sati
this was uploaded on my birthday 😌✊
Reuben Kumassah
Reuben Kumassah Prije 17 sati
Bryce your rude
Reuben Kumassah
Reuben Kumassah Prije 17 sati
I feel bad for Addison rea
Reuben Kumassah
Reuben Kumassah Prije 17 sati
Oh no way that James is doing that
Leo Niekarz
Leo Niekarz Prije 21 sat
her voice is so interesting i wanna close the tab but i cant...
Mikyhia Morris
Mikyhia Morris Prije dan
Wait what's wrong with being chubby...
Khadijah Nazam
Khadijah Nazam Prije 2 dana
Don’t hate me but I think her song is amazing I just hate drama like let’s just leave them and if u have nothing nice to say don’t say anything life is to short to throw shade and bully people especially people who maybe had a lot of mental health problems let’s just live life and let everyone life theirs much love xx❤️
mariam Xoxo
mariam Xoxo Prije 2 dana
No offense but am I the only one who thinks Addison is not the one singing the song
シMxlky シ
シMxlky シ Prije 2 dana
:addi: I’m obsessed with m-m-m-me as much as you 🤪 *AGRESSIVLY TWERKS*
Selena Celeste
Selena Celeste Prije 2 dana
I swear Catherine is gonna be the only influencer left standing🙌
Selena Celeste
Selena Celeste Prije 2 dana
Addison letting fame get to her head is cringey af 😬
Livv Lushin
Livv Lushin Prije 2 dana
I LOVE Loey!!
Kaylee Prije 2 dana
I’m sorry but Addison got everything she never worked for handed to her on a silver platter what about Nessa and Jaden and even Chase with his new song? They have way more talent than she does.
Tori Shepherd
Tori Shepherd Prije 2 dana
Not you guys dragging loey lane 😭🤚
Madison Prije 3 dana
Oh my.
RE3L_VORTEXZ Prije 4 dana
What the fk
Jana Jana
Jana Jana Prije 4 dana
Me seeing this: 👁👄👁 WTF (ITCH. I miss something called no drama I don't think people know it anymore people are fighting for food and stuff and they are fighting for this!?
Queen C
Queen C Prije 4 dana
Girl your almost at 2 mil🥳
jaylah lee
jaylah lee Prije 5 dana
This HRpost video thing is stupid it’s just a joke
Aubree Glascock
Aubree Glascock Prije 5 dana
Aubree Glascock
Aubree Glascock Prije 5 dana
Just drop Jarvis or whatever that name is?
Sloth Prije 5 dana
Why tf are people getting so mad when celebs go on vacation in a pandemic like we all know where braking the rules and going out to so annoying 🙄
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
Bryce will beat Austin in a minute lol. I can't stand the ace family why are they famous I'm confused I've never watched them
Skyler Warner
Skyler Warner Prije 6 dana
She was made fun of not bullied lmao
CookiePlayz Very Weird :-: not mah fault
CookiePlayz Very Weird :-: not mah fault Prije 7 dana
I watched the FaZE Jarvis video.
Dragon City not so pro
Dragon City not so pro Prije 8 dana
Anny K
Anny K Prije 8 dana
4:07 he snapped Ouff sis 💀
Anny K
Anny K Prije 8 dana
1:58 she probably friendzoned him and is being a little baby and boy about it. Disgusting, guys in clubs be like as I've heard. And y'all call yourselves men, disgusting. You ain't . Do better
Breon Thomas
Breon Thomas Prije 8 dana
yall ppl are so stupid rn Jarvis photoshopped other ppl than Addison Rae. he was not making of her. yall are in the wrong because you are basically calling her fat by yall saying he's making fun of Addison. he did it to OTHERS but her name is there as the freaking center of attention. WTF. Jarvis did nothing wrong
Joseph Cappella
Joseph Cappella Prije 8 dana
Hall is getting his brain nocked in but your voice is annoying
Joseph Cappella
Joseph Cappella Prije 8 dana
Must you embarrasse yourself screaming but
Joseph Cappella
Joseph Cappella Prije 8 dana
Sorry to burst your bubble but Rae Rae did get cubby but I blame hall and COVID-19
islamlover Prije 9 dana
im so confused
olives garden
olives garden Prije 9 dana
haters? theyre literally right and addison deserves hate she’s literally done so many fucked up things - not for someone to fatshame her tho
April Vibes Playz
April Vibes Playz Prije 9 dana
Why is Jarvis still not canceled i mean the phone number now the this!?
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 10 dana
Obsessed will never be a bop
Milk & Melanie
Milk & Melanie Prije 10 dana
But what’s the meaning of the song? Based on the lyrics it sounds like she’s a selfish, self absorbed, brat.
Denise Hose
Denise Hose Prije 10 dana
sis it’s always jame’s-
Mikaella De Bortoli
Mikaella De Bortoli Prije 11 dana
I hope you are having a great day and that you are healthy 😘❤️
•Peryiad• Prije 11 dana
I'm just shocked at how loey is in drama 🤚🏽
royal bliss
royal bliss Prije 11 dana
Please don’t hate on me, I’m going on vacation.
pr wood
pr wood Prije 11 dana
I'm sorry butttt I gotta be honest i think Addisons voice is better then dixie....
Evanna Rafferty
Evanna Rafferty Prije 11 dana
Wa she made a song if you where Addison wude u like to be justs hadid mmmm don’t think so
I should be in class rn but yolo
I should be in class rn but yolo Prije 11 dana
Am I the only one who didn't actually watched the video and were scrolling down the comment section for the ✨🍵tea🍵✨ Fr though, this comment section is a mess 😃
Alia Tarek
Alia Tarek Prije 12 dana
I don't like James Charles but I don't do hate comments and I still watch him some times
bebe edits
bebe edits Prije 12 dana
did you just come after my favorite HRpost-
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
austin STOP
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
okay so flying to film a reality tv show during a pandemic is suddenly okay? y’all prolly are vacationing while ur at it
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
putting a “chubbier” addison rae in a thumbnail is literally using body shaming for clout and that’s not okay
iidino Squadii
iidino Squadii Prije 12 dana
Nglll Addison song is amazing it’s about body positivity too!
Margaret Agyei
Margaret Agyei Prije 9 dana
??? I thought it was about being obsessed????
Panda playzzz
Panda playzzz Prije 12 dana
Tik tok is the devils app XD
Tylia Bushway
Tylia Bushway Prije 12 dana
At least she sounds better than Dixie
Gabriella Giusto
Gabriella Giusto Prije 13 dana
Jarvis is just jealous he doesn’t have a girlfriend like Addison-
Kya Camm
Kya Camm Prije 13 dana
Kya Camm
Kya Camm Prije 13 dana
Biotch Is You Blind
Biotch Is You Blind Prije 13 dana
NGL, the photoshopped picture of Addison Rae was hilarious. I laughed so hard.
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick Prije 13 dana
Austin is so immature at this point he so immature as a man cant believe katherine married that jerk I feel so bad for her and the children 🙄.
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick Prije 13 dana
James is no saint at this point he is so guilty like Lopez brother he need to get cancelled at this point 🙄.
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick Prije 13 dana
Zarest is so ploblematic he need to be cancelled from HRpost for body shame addison iam not a fan of her but bodyshame someone for their body is disgusting.
Messiah Beckett
Messiah Beckett Prije 13 dana
Srry but the song was trash and her voice is very annoying
Mariana Marin
Mariana Marin Prije 13 dana
There mad bc there not her 😘🖐
Dark Destroyer 86
Dark Destroyer 86 Prije 13 dana
Addison and Jarvis are like best friends
Daisy Klinhom
Daisy Klinhom Prije 13 dana
Why do people care if people make songs. Or why people make songs. It’s their life and if you don’t like the song just don’t listen to it.
Marissa Gigliotti
Marissa Gigliotti Prije 13 dana
I listened to Addison rays song and it’s actually good
Carolina Zas
Carolina Zas Prije 13 dana
Wow what bully Addison I am so for her wow what annoying I tight she’s sang so much wow byis and face Dave’s what omg how rude god this boy how rude addison has my future body god wow oh I love sister omg yes wait what nooooooo Omg he just roasted to the hater wow yeah true omg what she ruins it wow omg Cotten candy hair wow ASTIN I AM APPART OF THE ACE FAMILY WOW OMG GOD WOW NOOOOO UPS OMG CHARIN WOW YES yes he dose wow poor family god astin love you so much
Alia Ornelas
Alia Ornelas Prije 13 dana
My Phone
My Phone Prije 13 dana
faze is a 18 year old man (cause he now technically a adult) is just tryng to get hate and attention atleast Bryce Hal supports her
Arianna Jones
Arianna Jones Prije 13 dana
Anna I am begging you to do dream SMP drama that is happening between dream and kaceytron
Noa-Mae Johnson
Noa-Mae Johnson Prije 13 dana
This is like the only thing that keeps me not bored 😂💕 love you Anna xx
spaceflxwwers Prije 13 dana
Addison gets cancelled for anything at this point. Obsessed is a good song, autotune or not. Justin Bieber uses hella autotune but is like the 2nd most famous person in the world and never got this much hate.
Myst Danny
Myst Danny Prije 14 dana
It was a joke relax
rongo rewha3
rongo rewha3 Prije 14 dana
omgg james throw backed the BEST comeback yass queen
rongo rewha3
rongo rewha3 Prije 14 dana
and thats RUDE for addisons body she got bodyshamed UNDERSTAND THAT
rongo rewha3
rongo rewha3 Prije 14 dana
Erin Rileyy
Erin Rileyy Prije 14 dana
Awe poor addi
Trini G.A
Trini G.A Prije 14 dana
Ok, but please tell me I am not the only one that didn't noticed they went on vacation or to that place to shoot
asmr with me
asmr with me Prije 14 dana
just like "Jada pulley" I miss the old tt to and the new drama is JUCIE
Miss Williams
Miss Williams Prije 14 dana
Not loeylane
Jacqueline Cote
Jacqueline Cote Prije 14 dana
Someone save Austin mcburgers wife and kids
Cooking with Elvis
Cooking with Elvis Prije 14 dana
Ppl will be pissed for no reason if it was me I would give a darn
Fairy Pupz
Fairy Pupz Prije 14 dana
I mean the song sucks! But No need to hate on her like meanly
Bruce valdez
Bruce valdez Prije 14 dana
I hate u
weird Fish
weird Fish Prije 14 dana
When it's so confusing you say "ex/boyfriend"
Lena _18
Lena _18 Prije 14 dana
I wish jarvis was in the youtuber vs tiktoker fight, i just wanna see someone beat the crap outta him tbh😂
iiRxuby Prije 14 dana
Berlynn Allen
Berlynn Allen Prije 14 dana
Y’all really believe that everything is true on the internet like sis...
Zahra Anbari
Zahra Anbari Prije 14 dana
jarvis didn’t do anything. he said in his title that it was photoshopped. they said chubby because he meant (guess the tiktoker when chubby) he said photoshopped
Randa’s World
Randa’s World Prije 14 dana
i miss the unproblematic tiktok but istg but i have nothing to do... so this is so entertaining
Karrine Jackson
Karrine Jackson Prije 14 dana
And also about the James thing, if you got the video that Larry’s posted on the 5th and go the the comment u will See he liked every other verified creator EXCEPT James, that’s a little sus
Dababy fn
Dababy fn Prije 14 dana
It ain’t for views it’s was in the video and Addison raes song is dogshit it’s all auto tune
RxViprrx Prije 14 dana
why is your voice so soothing 😂
Laerke Hansen
Laerke Hansen Prije 14 dana
4:07 damn!!!!
Hunnybunny Gaming
Hunnybunny Gaming Prije 14 dana
When you dont follow anyone on Twitter so you go to Twitter si you can join the drama
Elderly KiNg_nOoObb
Elderly KiNg_nOoObb Prije 14 dana
He also got her little brother a gaming pc
Thomas 506
Thomas 506 Prije 15 dana
Oh my God? Austin Mcbroomstick versus piss on his fans man?
Z _B
Z _B Prije 15 dana
Anna did you even watch the whole video
Stephanie K
Stephanie K Prije 15 dana
No hate but it’s entertainment only it’s prob only an act! Also it’s their job they make money! I think Austin and Bryce are friends, it’s an act!
Lleily Ramirez diaz
Lleily Ramirez diaz Prije 15 dana
I miss old tiktok But Seeing Tiktokers In drama is lowkey funny lol
Temsalet Prije 15 dana
"These HRpostrs are a different breed I swear"😂
Hend Anwar
Hend Anwar Prije 15 dana
ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ?
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