Noah Beck CHEATS On Dixie D’Amelio With THIS Girl?!

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anna oop

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Noah Beck CHEATS On Dixie D’Amelio With THIS Girl?!


Fouler Kibbles
Fouler Kibbles Prije dan
Kinda sad they broke up, they were do cute together✋🏼 and they still have the hype house?? Wheres the hype??
Sam Swinton
Sam Swinton Prije 2 dana
You do know people can make videos and keep them in drafts, and they can also repaint their nails to a diff colour. God you all don't have reach for stories
Яна Горанова
Яна Горанова Prije 3 dana
harmony metivier
harmony metivier Prije 8 dana
she got here nalis redone never know?
Oliver Mulama
Oliver Mulama Prije 8 dana
bruhhh anna oop is literally getting anoying hasnt she ever heard of lighting diferences
BELLE Prije 11 dana
anna cmon now i thought we were don't lying
Abigale Agresta
Abigale Agresta Prije 13 dana
Y’all it could’ve been a draft of when Dixie had white nails chill-
Alexa Hernandez
Alexa Hernandez Prije 14 dana
I’m sorry but it might have been the fact that it was a draft from a while ago I posted videos on my tiktok filmed months back because I liked them let’s not immediately assume anything yk.
thicc legend
thicc legend Prije 17 dana
Anna says rumor's I said : " ALL THE RUMORS ARE TRUE YUH"
Ailani trevino
Ailani trevino Prije 19 dana
Bro he didn’t cheat tf there just keeping it private
Noah neck
Noah neck Prije 20 dana
Noah neck 😟🥺
bro you just make drama it was a drafe
Gl0ws…_m3lanie.Martinez Prije 21 dan
Anelija Manov
Anelija Manov Prije 22 dana
Bruh at this point ur starting the drama
kim cho-hee
kim cho-hee Prije 23 dana
Anna girl you getting annoying for views love
Mahnoor Rehman
Mahnoor Rehman Prije 24 dana
It could be a draft ?? Anna needs to calm down
Life of Libby And ali
Life of Libby And ali Prije 24 dana
hey Prije 25 dana
Y’all don’t understanddddddd when Dixie changed her nail colors to BROWN Noah was just teasingggggg she used to have WHITE nails gosh.
demonsfmp Prije 25 dana
Your starting rumors
demonsfmp Prije 25 dana
Gurl your the one that starts the drama
demonsfmp Prije 25 dana
Gurl your freaking lying
{Edgy_Aki} Prije 27 dana
Dixie: *puts on a ring* Anna: write that down write that down!
mystic cal
mystic cal Prije 27 dana
Why is anna making false rumors
Queen Ruun
Queen Ruun Prije 27 dana
Noah neck 😂😂
Jessalyn Prije 27 dana
Ur getting annoying now tbh
Natzz Roleplay
Natzz Roleplay Prije 27 dana
the fact she said she got brown nails before that she showed a vid of her with white nails-
makj 2810
makj 2810 Prije 28 dana
3:10 she has white/silver nail here tho so..........
elise hrh
elise hrh Prije 28 dana
i typed in melanie martinez and see this lmao
Lyric Brown
Lyric Brown Prije 29 dana
anna your makeing drama
K & C Quick Cooking
K & C Quick Cooking Prije mjesec
I- she could've just changed the colour of her nails and also maybe Dixie wrote that shady tweet as a joke between her and noah and she probs deleted it before it got out of hand
Asha Williams
Asha Williams Prije mjesec
He didn't cheat they said they are keeping there relationship offline for a little while
𝔹𝕣𝕚 Prije mjesec
Poor Dixie 🖤💔 it’s just like my crush rejecting me I’m scared I don’t want her to reject me I’m scared of rejection
Jovi Cate
Jovi Cate Prije mjesec
Just shut up JUST SHUT UP!!!!!
𝔹𝕣𝕚 Prije mjesec
sunnyoii flower
sunnyoii flower Prije mjesec
Imagine making random shit up
Chloe Davis
Chloe Davis Prije mjesec
Yall if you believe her about Noah cheating y’all are dumb
XXariXX Prije mjesec
dixie probs changed her nail colour!!
Isatu Kallon
Isatu Kallon Prije mjesec
If he was cheating Why would he post the video because he knew Dixie was gonna see it
Kaya Ka Walang Jowa
Kaya Ka Walang Jowa Prije mjesec
Anna you judge too much 😭
Coco playzz
Coco playzz Prije mjesec
I deleted Tiktok because of the stuff is happending and I watch Anna to see what type of tea I missed and I love Anna vids but she is sturring up this stuff to make it sound real and she makes it dramatic and makes the problem more worse and it’s there problem if this is real but stay out of there relationship please and as Noah said he wanted to keep there relationship offline
McKenzie Fieck
McKenzie Fieck Prije mjesec
anna it’s fine you don’t need to start drama abt something that’s it’s there love life
McKenzie Fieck
McKenzie Fieck Prije mjesec
your just making more drama it’s there love life not yours
sapphic Prije mjesec
anna what if you…. respected boundaries?
Kara Mooncloud
Kara Mooncloud Prije mjesec
I chocked on my food when i heard NOAH NECK
Mairy clemen
Mairy clemen Prije mjesec
And Noah should tell the internet about the break up cause if he gets with someone else everyone will be throwing shade at him for cheating 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
Reema Alkhnani
Reema Alkhnani Prije mjesec
Maybe Dixie change her nails
Athena Gelabert
Athena Gelabert Prije mjesec
I was reading the comments for this one.🤣 As soon as I saw this I unsubscribed quick fast. I really can’t. I love watching her videos but this one got too far. It’s there relationship let it be. 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
AVERY DAVIN Prije mjesec
hi! just wanted to let you know your saying Nailea's name wrong! Her name is pronounced Ni-lay-a!
♠︎Bubblexmint♠︎ Prije mjesec
♠︎Bubblexmint♠︎ Prije mjesec
Did you know that dixie had white nails And then she change them wow 👁👄👁 so cool
AdorbsxSam Prije mjesec
That video was a month ago and that’s Dixie no hate
Leonora Kelly
Leonora Kelly Prije mjesec
Sorry i am so late but dixie could just have posted a draft on insta
Brooklyn Downey
Brooklyn Downey Prije mjesec
i looked at noah's tik tok and he posted with dixie in his bed 5 days ago
Samantha Zaragoza
Samantha Zaragoza Prije mjesec
Honestly don’t even watch her videos know more Anna just makes up drama with ought any prove her videos are so one sided 🙄
•iiamcharlix• Prije mjesec
If u spot something wrong in Noah tiktok video that doesn't mean u can go record your shit what u saw, y'all are just to crazy
•iiamcharlix• Prije mjesec
Anna need to chill her annoying mouth, Dixie and Noah didn't break up she is just doing things for click bait. She need to get more informations before she even make her videos. And what trip me off is that she said that was not Dixie Hand playing with Noah hair, that was Dixie hand Noah just make the video in a dark spot with a lol bit of light that's why her nails look white UGH LIKE IF AM RIGHT 😐
NWGaming Prije mjesec
Ok they have been wierd but i can’t believe Noah would cheat on dixie I love watching thi girl cause gossip is the gossip pierod
Ashly LazcanoYT
Ashly LazcanoYT Prije mjesec
Dixie had white nails there’s something called nail polish
Lizzie Malfoy
Lizzie Malfoy Prije mjesec
I swear I’m getting so tired of Anna spreading misinformation. ITS ANNOYING
Tyler Barron
Tyler Barron Prije mjesec
Hubert? Are you sure that's not vinnie?
Danica M
Danica M Prije mjesec
There still together
makayla herrera
makayla herrera Prije mjesec
sooo ig that’s explains the her song f**kboy
Olivia Hoppe
Olivia Hoppe Prije mjesec
Ok these are getting stupied it’s not real
realcraihy Prije mjesec
May god break the internet 🤫🤫😂😂
Stanley Kochergin
Stanley Kochergin Prije mjesec
It’s so sad Noah and griffin cheated on her y can’t anyone find someone like Anthony(avanis bf)
Mexican Juarez
Mexican Juarez Prije mjesec
It looked like Noah started making a “random” video like you said Anna Banana. Anyways, Noah looked like he putted Nails on himself thinking it was another girl because sometimes people like doing jokes when they are bored. Specially. Sometimes they can do it for clout you don’t know
Abigail Dickson
Abigail Dickson Prije mjesec
ANNA, if they are trying to keep it private, why are you making more mess. honnestly anna needs to spill some tea on herself-
Marjorie Jean Baptiste
Marjorie Jean Baptiste Prije mjesec
i cant wait for her to write a song about him talking a bout there break up hahahhaha lol. @
random Prije mjesec
At this point your starting the drama
Ela Prije mjesec
noah didnt cheat, dixie posted a live not so long ago and you could see she had white nails. i used to like your videos anna. but ur just getting annoying.
Arlene Silva
Arlene Silva Prije mjesec
Ella Bundu
Ella Bundu Prije mjesec
The girl was Dixie your just causing drama
flowermultis Prije mjesec
i’m sorry for the people who think he actually cheated
Blue Prije mjesec
Ok but no offence but Anna oop is annoying me so much like That’s literally dixie because look at her pants she wears baggy clothes in bed and a sweater and she must have changed her nails to.
amity Prije mjesec
the pics on insta of dixie and noah kissing: 👁👄👁
funsized Prije mjesec
She legit can’t even change her nail color?! Like nobody thought of that?!
🐸cealyn🐸 Prije mjesec
I just got an ad about “the D’amalio show” on Hulu- Idk not rlly important
Are you really seriously have you ever heard of a draft and I don’t think Noah would be that dump to post a TikTok if it was another girl which it wasn’t if you are a true Doah fan you would know that it is Dixie and Dixie tweeted that to all of the people that were says that it was not her, don’t believe all the rumors you here😌😒😐
Brittany Wilson
Brittany Wilson Prije mjesec
she had to change her nails
Sindi Gjiza
Sindi Gjiza Prije mjesec
The fame is getting at Anna like before she told real stuff now she only lies and lies.
enola mae potter
enola mae potter Prije mjesec
anna stop cancelling people, you might get cancelled yourself
Mayumiangelics Prije mjesec
Sometimes they always change their nails
Robert Moon
Robert Moon Prije mjesec
I love you ana oop
~silita~ Prije mjesec
Noah beck didn't cheat she lieing Anna lieing
Nina Luzar
Nina Luzar Prije mjesec
It'sNicholaJohnson Prije mjesec
So when are you going to make a video saying you where wrong
Itz yo gurl Xxpuppy Go Williams
Itz yo gurl Xxpuppy Go Williams Prije mjesec
Wowwwww I never seen Anna get that much hate🥺 still love u Anna
•itzsam• Prije mjesec
They didn't break up he just dueted a vid of doah
♡Mari♡ Prije mjesec
@dixie demelio
hey Prije mjesec
p.s they’re still together I saw dixies live this morning and they were still very touchy and still looks very in love :)
Ava Stylinson 💛👶
Ava Stylinson 💛👶 Prije mjesec
I used to really like anna but for the past few months she's seemed off. It's like it all changed and it's all about the views and not even the slightest bit about the viewers. Anna is pretty much just stirring up drama that doesn't exist just for the views.
dixie edits
dixie edits Prije mjesec
It is Dixie she has sarcastic humour and you think he would of posted it and the man is INLOVE with DIXIE
DeeAndra Palacios
DeeAndra Palacios Prije mjesec
Just saying my opinion but at this point Anna is just making drama worse and creating it. I recently unsubscribed to her channels just my opinion.
Larrystylinsonbitches Prije mjesec
Omfg this is just creating drama
Shannon McCrudden
Shannon McCrudden Prije mjesec
Realise people can get their nails done 💀
Sadxcheet0 Prije mjesec
once again, another video and its literally not tRuE
n_yuta Prije mjesec
all anna does is create drama between people it's so fucking annoying. how the fuck do you make up lies about people and put it out on the internet so confidently? it's actually disgusting.
Brianna Calix Fuentes
Brianna Calix Fuentes Prije mjesec
Maybe she just changed her nails
Bobbijo Sweat
Bobbijo Sweat Prije mjesec
Ok Anna is just starting drama and it is Dixie in the vid it’s just the led lights make the nails changes colors like when you have a james charles palate and if you change your Led lights to red it all looks like brown and black
Rosesareblack Prije mjesec
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