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not bryce hall getting SUED for beating up a man?? a mess..

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anna oop

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Panda bear
Panda bear Prije 3 dana
I hate people that don’t quarantine because my mom has covid and my sister had covid and all they did is stay in their room for 14 days and that’s it but when my mom had covid we needed to go to my grandmas house because she can’t take care of us if she has to stay In her room
Areyougonnafinishthatcroissant?👀 Prije 7 dana
Anna I rooted for you, pleaaase delete this video and make a genuine apology video saying the w slur wasn’t really that accidental isn’t it????
Ryann Cummings
Ryann Cummings Prije 7 dana
Dang he beat the hell. Out of him but u know u should not be sued from a fight. Now if you call somebody call u a name like that maybe you can but… not just sued for a fight
Muhammad Ayyaz Aslam
Muhammad Ayyaz Aslam Prije 8 dana
Tima gaming
Tima gaming Prije 11 dana
Not me used to be telling people to be nice to him And now I see why they said they didn’t like him
panda Chimxchim
panda Chimxchim Prije 13 dana
You SHOULDNT say the slur at all I just think of how my dad told his stories when he came to America and still going to stores and stuff and needing us to translate for him!
Starrytchi Prije 14 dana
PLS I DIDN’T KNOW THAT WAS A SLUR- (Imma censor it) I didn’t know w-tback was a slur o.o THE MORE YOU KNOW IG
Hogwatrz 101
Hogwatrz 101 Prije 15 dana
YOU JUST SAID A SLUR HELP?!?182!?2!283)2!11?
momo.chan_2.0 Prije 19 dana
U should redo the video and cut the slur out
alinahub Prije 20 dana
naurt ms gorl saying a slur.. now what’s really going awn-
Mrs Suoh
Mrs Suoh Prije 15 dana
Why are you typing like that.
SatanXD Prije 22 dana
Bryce is the dummest of them ALLLL
Mëmes and Extra Ö
Mëmes and Extra Ö Prije 23 dana
“Why do I feel like I’m the only one quarantining”- Anna Oop Me- Hello? Colleen Ballinger?
isa Prije 23 dana
you just said wetback with no hesitation. As a hispanic, I find this offensive since you were calling out someone who said it but then proceeded to say the slur. You knew what you were doing. You knew what it meant, but still said it. Apologize.
Kayla Prije 26 dana
As a African American and Mexican person I know how it feels too be called a "nigga" or a "wet back" so Anna Oops can you please apologize you literally said a racial slur soo confidently. bye luv.
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi Prije 27 dana
They waited to sue him........🤔
Madelin J
Madelin J Prije 27 dana
Natasha Meeks
Natasha Meeks Prije 28 dana
Nessa P
Nessa P Prije 29 dana
The fact that she reads a slur while tryna cancel somebody lmao
Trini G.A
Trini G.A Prije mjesec
Lol I really don't know what I think of Addison right now but she only use plastics masks once and you are comparing with nikita
alyssa Prije mjesec
girl not this being your second time offending the mexican community first u calling that one girl "That mexican girl" and now saying w**back like its nothing how dare youu ive been called a wetback its very offensive i love ur videos buh bro PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF and the audacity you said it like its nothing like its apart of your everyday vocabulary like wth again please educate yourself!!!!!!!!! Also you acknowledging the fact that its a slur then go and say it like its nothing is disgusting for the third time today EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!!!
vampspears Prije mjesec
I didn't even know it was a slur i-
Alexia Oax
Alexia Oax Prije mjesec
Ok but like Anna girl do you just said wetback😀 also did anyone else also notice that mads Lewis had her mask upside down 6:13
Luvinq lucii cupcake
Luvinq lucii cupcake Prije mjesec
Who else agrees we need a new social media app with NO drama? There’s WAAAAAAY to much drama on tiktok-
jazzy haha
jazzy haha Prije mjesec
A WET WHAT ??!? literally wtf you could have at least censored it ://
Yuh Fairj
Yuh Fairj Prije mjesec
Y’all don’t cancel me but I’m going to Minnesota for a wedding for my uncle
Aileen Honorato
Aileen Honorato Prije mjesec
U just said wetback miss....
madachoo roach
madachoo roach Prije mjesec
Umm gurl I travel and so does my family and we still listen to the rules
xAsh Prije mjesec
How TF you innocent for smoking in a owned building and then physically assult someone who gets on you about it ☠️☠️ immature much
hanchaz Prije mjesec
see josh dont need no boo coz hes gonna be a business man and working on a lot of shit, hes moving on with his mf life like an adult
Lalalaravil wp
Lalalaravil wp Prije mjesec
Are you not gonna apologize? Or are you going to do the exact thing these influencers do when you call them out?
my1tha luv
my1tha luv Prije mjesec
honey you're the most white person ever. dont u dare say that slur. you must say it a lot, cause u said that without hesitation.
Depressed AF
Depressed AF Prije mjesec
Bryce hall literally compared BTS to white celebs in his reaction video the other day and saying they are like 7 asian Chris brown. THIS ENTITLED RACIST TEENAGER BOY BETTER SIT HIS WHITE ASS DOWN OR IMMA COME FOR HIM
Lucian Sauls
Lucian Sauls Prije mjesec
so she can censor bad words but still says slurs-
Bizarre Bunny
Bizarre Bunny Prije mjesec
Miss gurl had NO hesitation literally saying a slur with her whole chest whilst cancelling Bryce for saying it 💀
Brianna Hooker
Brianna Hooker Prije mjesec
Funny how we switched up on Anna real quick
The Reem
The Reem Prije mjesec
What does that slur mean at 2:15
Jenna luv.x
Jenna luv.x Prije mjesec
Mads is a fucking pick me girl literally like can you just leave it alone
Denalia Vlogz
Denalia Vlogz Prije mjesec
Loki been waiting for they do she would have to make a vid about her self 💀😭🤚no hate though it’s just ironic
sica Prije mjesec
Evee V
Evee V Prije mjesec
For someone that dedicates time researching material and then posting for thousand of people to see. It is very hard to believe you were clueless about that word. You had your moment, you should have deleted this video or uploaded and edit version but preceded to post. Sorry won’t cut it. Canceled the house! @anna oop
pixiedcst Prije mjesec
Nxbula Prije mjesec
She did, check the community tab.
alex. Prije mjesec
Confirmation | She apologized about the slur she said in her Community Tab and explained about it. As she wasn't trying to say it and didn't knew she said it.
Sam Prije mjesec
I mean at least if they are going to travel at least wear a real fucking mask and keep a distance from everyone
Quinn J
Quinn J Prije mjesec
katzilla 🌺
katzilla 🌺 Prije mjesec
Anna, hunny.
katzilla 🌺
katzilla 🌺 Prije mjesec
I wont forgive u but like atleast yiu owned up to ur actions
Teri Scribblez
Teri Scribblez Prije mjesec
Miss girl has been becoming increasingly problematic and now she says a racist slur...icing on the cake ig😑.
Heyitsolivecado Prije mjesec
Anna please how are just gonna say the slur?
3xplicit. jaz
3xplicit. jaz Prije mjesec
the fact she still has the video up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok ms racist
Alyssa Mitchell
Alyssa Mitchell Prije mjesec
Okay guys I mean she didn’t know what it meant so-
akuno Prije mjesec
take this video down bro
Ahhahaha hey
Ahhahaha hey Prije mjesec
2:12 Uh
alyssa martinez
alyssa martinez Prije mjesec
censors a cuss word but says a slur 🤨
Nxbula Prije mjesec
This some clownery
opinion Prije mjesec
Gurl about to make vid about herself 👁️👄👁️
Isabella Ortiz
Isabella Ortiz Prije mjesec
Did you just said a slur-
xenophrix Prije mjesec
stan loona
stan loona Prije mjesec
guys wtf she can still be racist by saying it even if she doesnt mean it plus wheres the apology
Akachan 1.2
Akachan 1.2 Prije mjesec
In the community tab. I don't accept it because I'm not hispanic.
sofia Prije mjesec
if ur not mexican im gonna be really disappointed..
Ilyhobis Prije mjesec
She’s not she’s definitely white.
It’sPia Prije mjesec
As a Mexican I feel so mad rn😭
Madds Muse
Madds Muse Prije mjesec
Why is it a slur? I haven’t heard that word ever before so I don’t know what it means. Can you please educate me?
ThatkidLay Prije mjesec
When I click on this video it was Charlie and Dixie ad
hxrlcw Prije mjesec
girl why’d you say he said a racial slur than said if yourself 💀
darceile !
darceile ! Prije mjesec
"is no one gonna talk ab that she said a slur?💀" bebe, evry1 is talking bout that fym?
Dani Prije mjesec
gotta unsubscribe
Suraya Griffin
Suraya Griffin Prije mjesec
Can someone educate me on that word? I’m hispanic myself and I’ve never heard that word-
dabi’s shiny bald head
dabi’s shiny bald head Prije mjesec
Anna you just said that slur 😭
Milea Ellis
Milea Ellis Prije mjesec
I love you so much pls notice me 🥰
Nxbula Prije mjesec
Wrong video to say that lmfao
taesprxng edits
taesprxng edits Prije mjesec
The fact that you said a WHOLE SLUR without any hesitation, just stfu anna youre hella annoying too
weeb Prije mjesec
2:13 girlie said a slur without hesitation
Lilu Flower
Lilu Flower Prije mjesec
Yh Mads petty af
jaylah lee
jaylah lee Prije mjesec
Girl you just said the slur 😐
The Fawk
The Fawk Prije mjesec
u're pretty late, she has taken action already
Anya Prije mjesec
im not mexican so can somebody please explain why that's a slur
Lil nas x stan
Lil nas x stan Prije mjesec
Ok my opinion,if Addison wasn’t aloud to because of covid the airport wouldn’t of let her go. She went for American eagle or something
your local roblox player
your local roblox player Prije mjesec
katie Prib
katie Prib Prije mjesec
ok so i’m glad i came to this vid (after the apology)... i had NO IDEA about the slur or what the “”meaning”” of it is.
Kohaku••琥珀 Prije mjesec
Bestie…you said the slur…sorry but gotta unsubscribe🥱
goreify Prije mjesec
am i trippping or anna just said the slur...
Fm Help
Fm Help Prije mjesec
Not you saying “wet back”
hxney_cryxtal Prije mjesec
miss girl gonna have to make a video abt herself
aspectica Prije mjesec
aaaaaand there it is folks, hypocrisy. how are you going to call out people for saying racial slurs and then proceed to say a racial slur? as far as i know you haven’t even apologized and it’s been a week. fix yourself.
Nxbula Prije mjesec
@aspectica Community tab, 6 days ago.
aspectica Prije mjesec
@The Fawk where did she post it? can u send me a link??
The Fawk
The Fawk Prije mjesec
baby u're late, she already did
arugnma Prije mjesec
Damn girl I watched your videos so I can get the tea on charli’s drama but girl you get so disappointed when tiktokers say a slur but you said a slur with no hesitation 😐 lost respect on you. Apology video.
arugnma Prije mjesec
You knew what you were doing, how could you say a slur so confidently?
kangluvs Prije mjesec
Mexican girlie
Mexican girlie Prije mjesec
Why did you say wetback are you even mexcan??? I'm Mexican so don't worry I can say it
Vintxques Prije mjesec
damn i didnt even know that that was a slur I'm just learning this 😭- well at least now ik so I wont accidentally say it 🙃
trackingblurs Prije mjesec
why did u say wetback luv...
Angi Athlete
Angi Athlete Prije mjesec
See my thing is she didn’t call anyone a wetback she was reading an article so I kinda wanna know what the issue is?
Nikky Torres
Nikky Torres Prije 22 dana
she knew it was a slur even if you don't say a slur to anyone just don't say it. Plus she was coming at someone for saying it but......she says it after don't try to come for someone if your just going to say the word
emily h
emily h Prije mjesec
i’ve never liked anna but saying a slur- cmon now.
Leslie W
Leslie W Prije mjesec
Ur gonna make a vid about yourself now💀
Gremlin Prije mjesec
You literally knew it was a slur yet you still said it🧍🏽‍♀️
Isabella Torres
Isabella Torres Prije mjesec
Me being Mexican:👁👄👁
abs edits
abs edits Prije mjesec
u fr said a slur no hesitation or ANYTHING.
PrettyRock Prije mjesec
Anna will bleep out words like racist but she does not do the same for a slur????
Kim Jisoo
Kim Jisoo Prije mjesec
NOT YOU SAYING WETBACK (i’m mexican dw)
No go away
No go away Prije mjesec
The fact you didn’t hesitate to say the a slur, you could’ve not had said it and moved on to the next word but you had to say it. I’m not Mexican but it’s still awful and disgusting that you said it.
ariisera Prije mjesec
Girlie can’t you take the video down or atleast bleep out the word next time🥴
Jximie Prije mjesec
Wait what does the slur mean? Bc i never heard of it-
Lifewith Nay
Lifewith Nay Prije mjesec
There is no problems with Addison traveling as long as the has her mask on she trying to live her best life how about you try that to
angelvc Prije mjesec
2:15 is the time stamp
Carly Moran
Carly Moran Prije mjesec
bestie, your cancelling someone who said a slur but you also said it-
PrettyRock Prije mjesec
hello Prije mjesec
ooo girl don’t you preach about racism and cancel tiktokers for being racist yet you just said a slur? practice what you preach 🧍🏻‍♀️
Ms Girl
Ms Girl Prije mjesec