Rest In Peace Tristyn Bailey

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anna oop

Prije 18 dana

Rest In Peace Tristyn Bailey


Britanny marie
Britanny marie Prije 3 sati
lmao people die like this everyday it's normal
your local internet 🌚
your local internet 🌚 Prije 7 sati
now the name Aiden will always and forever me known as "Aiden the murder"
your local internet 🌚
your local internet 🌚 Prije 7 sati
she had a whole life ahead of her. This is messed up! A 13 yr old as a murder😳. I hope Aiden suffers in jail just like how she suffered that day. I have no grace for Aiden cause be deserves nothing! Him joking abt it? Oh no that is not okay. That girl deserves the world unlike him. He had to murder her? Only her and just her? I hope he sits and rots in the cell until he's gone. Him posting a picture on snap.. makes me what to go up to his face a slap him. He better be charged as a adult and I hope he is disrespected in jail and has no niceness brought upon him. 😤 This kid does not ever need to be brought out of jail and on the streets. It's so depressing seeing this. And I have no grace for Aiden. And now the name will be Aiden the murder. And he seems so proud of it. If I was his parents I'd be so disappointed and would be embarrassed to call him my son. 🙃 fly hight bby! 🕊
Kianna Prije 8 sati
wow.. i didn’t even know she went to the cheer competitions in orlando. hundreds of girls in cheer teams came to my work for weeks because of those things!! the fact that i may have seen her in her last few weeks is crazy. my heart breaks for her family. but i wish them peace and healing during these hard times ❤️
Nicki Alcala
Nicki Alcala Prije 9 sati
WAIT I THOUGHT IT WAS AIDEN GUCCI but it's AIDEN fucci in Spanish it's discussing and he is so nice name parents 😔Rest in peace😔🦋🕊 Have fun were u are right now sorry for ur lost
Nicki Alcala
Nicki Alcala Prije 9 sati
Sorry I ment he is disgusting
WᴀssUᴘ Prije 9 sati
Smoking won’t affect my child! The child:
Keima Lattimore
Keima Lattimore Prije 22 sati
Me singing Never Gonna give you Up and vibing: 😀😁 Whenever I came across this vid: 😐😥😭
that girl
that girl Prije dan
Rip 🙏
Kelly Rivera
Kelly Rivera Prije dan
this society is MESSED UP. Who the hell would even QUESTION IF HE SHOULD BE CHARGED AS AN ADULT? He cut a girls life short, and ruined Tristyn's family's life, so let his be ruined! I SWEAR, if he doesn't get locked up for life- poor baby girl :( fly high. Let god be with you. 🕊️❤️
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije dan
Can’t the police also arrest sienna??
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije dan
She’s in heaven with god safe :)
Summer Shields
Summer Shields Prije dan
this is so sad. But why did i think you said Aiden Coochie 😭
•ella.bella• Prije dan
I live in her town and we where really close
Triple Threat
Triple Threat Prije 2 dana
I hope her family is ok she deserved a long beautiful life Rest In Peace Tristyn Bailey
Triple Threat
Triple Threat Prije 2 dana
Charge him as an adult
Ela Varela Gonzales
Ela Varela Gonzales Prije 2 dana
Why do people back him up he is a murder I hope he goes to jail for 200+ years
Dana Perez
Dana Perez Prije 2 dana
Rip fly high Queen🥺👑🕊
Dog Prije 2 dana
His actions are indescribable. Not only did he murder her, he stabbed her 114, who does that?????????? Funny thing is he didn’t even feel bad, he just was sad he was being trialed as an adult.
hi hi
hi hi Prije 3 dana
..... A teen is old enough to know right from wrong. We know when something is bad and good. She was stabbed 114 times, HOW IS THAT AN ACCIDENT?! (ONLY 1 STAB is enough to be an accident, like someone tripped or bumped into someone..... anything more is purposeful). Any 10 year old, knows not to stab people. Most 5-year-olds know not to hurt others and were taught as such.... He was 14, a 14 year old DAMN WELL KNOWS BETTER. My 2 year old cousin knows better. Hell, he knows better than to play with knives because he could accidentally hurt himself and others, AND HE'S 2. And IT WAS PREMEDITATED. He told someone he was going to kill. It's sad because some people might only be defending him because they might consider him "attractive". It's disgusting. Like how tiktok made murders and criminals like Ted Bundy, that one clown killer"Nevada Tan" and that other girl that made the "indifferent I don't care face", I can't remember who she is but you guys might know, popular. ANd used the things they did as trends. I swear, IF I SEE ONE MORE CRIMINAL BECOME "HOT AND POPULAR" ON SOCIAL MEDIA I'M GOING TO PERSONALLY GO AND STRANGLE SOMEONE. Then I'll be one of those "Hot and Popular" criminals trending on tiktok.... -_-
Vanessa Roberts
Vanessa Roberts Prije 3 dana
This is like anna solved but mixed with anna oop
Dayzcia Prije 4 dana
"save aiden" my butt. He killed a person's life and yall are out here defending him? Come on....we don't want another Richard Ramirez situation, please and thank you.
grace barber
grace barber Prije 4 dana
this just makes me realize how cruel the world is boy I hate the world ...
Jmya Turrentine
Jmya Turrentine Prije 4 dana
What happen
Aoki Woodson
Aoki Woodson Prije 5 dana
R.i.p Bailey 🥺🕊
elo Prije 5 dana
No to 13 i my 12 in 6th😣😣😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😔☠😾😾
Piper Swanson
Piper Swanson Prije 5 dana
OK so guess what, my best friend was on the infinity cheerleading team with Tristan and she went through a really hard time when Tristan passed away, now she has healed a bit but when I saw this video my heart dropped because I hadn’t thought of it in a while! A lot of you guys probably don’t believe me but my friend is actually in the photo of Tristan and her cheer game so yeah
Piper Swanson
Piper Swanson Prije 5 dana
A little bit more tea to the situation, my friend sent me a screenshot of her Snapchat that showed Aiden Fuji in the back of a police car in the caption was has anyone seen Tristan lately… I mean
Kristina Meade
Kristina Meade Prije 5 dana
I know this girl she is actually my neighbors bsf if that makes sense. this traumatized my neighbor and she is like family to us. her name is jia. she loved Tristyn so so so much. They would cheer together and have so many sleepovers. Tristyn was the nicest person to jia.
Rogue Prije 5 dana
I remember reading about this when it had just happened. Truly disgusting. People were signing petitions to get him trialed as an adult.The petitions that 𝙄 had signed have reached a sufficient amount of signatures,yet still no news on how he will be trialed. R.I.P Tristyn
Oliwia Krasucka
Oliwia Krasucka Prije 5 dana
charging aiden as an adult shouldnt be even questioned. he sjould spend the rest of his life in prison
Lay lays World
Lay lays World Prije 5 dana
my friend nows who this is they were friends
Mar Cho
Mar Cho Prije 5 dana
I speakless
bellA  yah
bellA yah Prije 5 dana
robertjc323 Prije 6 dana
You said 14
XxparisXx Prije 6 dana
I don't know her but rest in peace 🙏
Froggy plays
Froggy plays Prije 6 dana
😔may she rest in peace in a place she belongs she belongs in heaven a place where no one can hurt her and where god can keep her safe from harm😔💖💖
Bella Prije 6 dana
I don't say free Aiden but I'm a psychopath so I'd say when he took the snap I love it bahaha I need help but I like myself sooo:)
granny smith
granny smith Prije 8 sati
You definitely need help but not because you're a Phychopath but because you think that it's cute to be one. I'm guessing you're self diagnosed because most phychopaths don't ever find out they have an issue. Judging by your profile your a child and it's usually discovered later on in life if at all. Secondly most don't comment about it or talk about it. Thirdly because being a phychopath means not really feeling. Happiness is a feeling. When most phychopaths laugh it's usually to get a reaction or blend in. Since I'm guessing you're not a phychopath you probably want to seem cool. I get it, tons of kids go through a stage where being called crazy and ruthless and things like that is huge complement but it isn't. Be aware this is just educated assumptions based off my knowledge on phychopaths/sociopaths and the behavior of modern children in first world countries.
Lynx_NotFound {she~her}
Lynx_NotFound {she~her} Prije 5 dana
@Bella okay 12 Yr old
Bella Prije 5 dana
@Lynx_NotFound {she~her} you'll see i promise haha
Lynx_NotFound {she~her}
Lynx_NotFound {she~her} Prije 5 dana
@Bella "one day I'll be one" that's not how it works honeyyy
Bella Prije 5 dana
@Lynx_NotFound {she~her} okok i found it funny what u said but the 12 yr old part bahahaha but yes there are real psychos and one day ill be one so remember me sweetheart:)
》Saniha sheri《
》Saniha sheri《 Prije 6 dana
I don ť get it why did he post a pic from a police car like wtt whyy
Allison Phillips
Allison Phillips Prije 6 dana
The people who are praising Aiden and saying “free Aiden” are disgusting and terrible. The fact that Aiden had the audacity to post on his Snapchat in the back of a cop car and say “has anyone seen Tristan?” Should stay in prison for life.
CottonCandy_NerdyBoi Prije 6 dana
I"m so mad that my eye is literally bugging out.
Hana Mohamed
Hana Mohamed Prije 6 dana
Ok I'm scared 😨
MadiOMG Prije 7 dana
No joke! I am not lieing about this. I swear!!! But aiden added my brother on snap and said he needed friends while he’s in jail. And my brother freaked out! I am not lieing I swear to god!!!
Tuskai !
Tuskai ! Prije 7 dana
The fact he has so young and he could’ve of had an best life but what he did was messed up he took an beautiful girl’s life.
Two Cool Sisters
Two Cool Sisters Prije 7 dana
this is not fair! she deserved to live! 🥺😭
milkiemochi Prije 7 dana
My birthday is on may 10😥
Zenith Prije 7 dana
13yo, shes still so young 😭😥😢
Wolverine Prije 8 dana
She didn't deserve this:( At least she was given her wings R.I.P Tristyn Bailey
(#^.^#) Prije 8 dana
may her beautiful soul rest in peace ❤❤
Lyanne Soh
Lyanne Soh Prije 8 dana
aiden doesnt honestly deserve a lot of mercy- i mean CLOUT BISH- sorry yall-
lxccaa 13
lxccaa 13 Prije 8 dana
yes he got charged as an adult!! poor babygirl this was so horrible. he deserves it.
Rebecca Penz
Rebecca Penz Prije 9 dana
R.I.P Tristyn Bailey she is in a better place now. may that angel have a good place in heaven
Starr Sanchez
Starr Sanchez Prije 9 dana
The kindest soul on earth got killed no one deserve to die espeshily the young 13 year old girl.
Nairobi Yorks
Nairobi Yorks Prije 9 dana
R.I.P. Tristyn
kara mckay
kara mckay Prije 9 dana
“Do the adult crime, do the adult time”
Baby girl Nyia
Baby girl Nyia Prije 9 dana
Rest in piece Tristan Bailey💔❤️‍🩹
Ariana Gonzalez
Ariana Gonzalez Prije 9 dana
did anyone watch the news saying that he will be tried as an adult and was aparently sentenced to life in prission because of what he did
Sadie Peace
Sadie Peace Prije 9 dana
I don’t know who she is but Rest In Peace plz!!!! NO HATE
Dylan Boavida
Dylan Boavida Prije 10 dana
Rest in Peace spread your wings Beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🕊️🕊️🕊️ you didn't deserve this the boy responsible for this will go to hell when be dies god won't allow him in his place
Kayla Francis
Kayla Francis Prije 10 dana
I got an amber alert abt it
Guitar Rehan
Guitar Rehan Prije 10 dana
I really feel it for Tristyn parents there were on VACATION, and this Aiden guy messed it up for All of them smh
Tech Selfani
Tech Selfani Prije 10 dana
Put this video on an a solves
KATIE Prije 10 dana
R.I.P we Miss you so much baby girl.❤️❤️❤️❤️
KyDemon Prije 10 dana
PurpleDevil_Army Prije 10 dana
The audacity of that boy. How offensive to that poor girls family. He ended her life, and people are saying "free Aiden". I can't anymore.
Destiney Tillett
Destiney Tillett Prije 10 dana
Where do I sign that petition?!
Maddy Marola
Maddy Marola Prije 10 dana
when she showed the snap he posted it gave me the chills, R.I.P Tristyn
Say Alexander
Say Alexander Prije 10 dana
I heard her story on another app, and it just broke my heart. Now, it's plastered everywhere. Which is honestly a good thing, and I hope her name lives until there's nobody left on earth.
KEOSHA BARNES Prije 10 dana
Rest in peace, gone but not forgotten🙏🏽
Kynley Marie
Kynley Marie Prije 11 dana
it’s so sad to see this. people are just evil. she had a long life to live and she was beautiful. i will pray for her friends and family. no one deserves this and it breaks my heart. 🥺❤️
Erin Prije 11 dana
r. i. p 💖 she was so young
dinosaur norris
dinosaur norris Prije 11 dana
Aseel Ayman
Aseel Ayman Prije 11 dana
I feel so bad for her she doesn’t deserve any of this
Aseel Ayman
Aseel Ayman Prije 11 dana
Rest in peace my sweet angle
Maeya•# Prije 11 dana
Rest in peace tristyn❤️
BAL_5.01 BELKHAYAT Nour El Houda
BAL_5.01 BELKHAYAT Nour El Houda Prije 11 dana
Where’s the petition
kate Prije 11 dana
she had the prettiest eyes
vegan boy
vegan boy Prije 11 dana
smoking in that tristyn pack 🚬👧
Baylee Mae Collier
Baylee Mae Collier Prije 12 dana
I have a Question: What if someone broke into your house at 3 am and said lets go to the mall i would refuse to go so Did A*den F*cci force her to go So 1st degree murder because if she refused he would k*ll her so wouldn't he be charged adult time just because he FORCED her to go. So he deserves life in prison because of this. why is not one talking about this.
Lynx_NotFound {she~her}
Lynx_NotFound {she~her} Prije 5 dana
I love the fact that u censored that disgusting humans name. He deserves to be in jail.
mars imerlishvili
mars imerlishvili Prije 12 dana
Fun fact: butterfly’s can’t see there own wings and some people are like a butterfly they don’t see there amazing beauty but you are beautiful who ever reads this❤️
Voilet Prije 12 dana
RIP ur sole was taken to a better place u may die to soon but ur spirit is always here
Kawther Makki
Kawther Makki Prije 12 dana
Adoreful Mendes
Adoreful Mendes Prije 12 dana
rest in peace Tristyn. you didn’t deserve this, nobody does. I’m so happy that Aiden has been finally charged as an adult with first degree murder.
Hanna Bui
Hanna Bui Prije 12 dana
why is there even a phrase for "freeaiden" it's DISGUSTING for people take the time out of there day to comment it. She was ST*B OVER 100 TIMES. Don't know what she did get deserve this. And she probably did nothing to. 😔 Its just sad to see and hear people in the world that is supporting Ai*en and wanting to get him free.
Alissa Tidd
Alissa Tidd Prije 12 dana
rip tristyn bailey
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole Prije 12 dana
i hope he’s in there FOR LIFE!
Maria Noriega
Maria Noriega Prije 12 dana
This is so scary. The fact that she is the same age as me and the fact that he had the audacity to post that picture makes me legitimately want to throw up. Rip Tristyn 🙏 she's gone but not forgotten.
Saphira Stanis
Saphira Stanis Prije 12 dana
Rest In Peace. Also I live in Saint Johns county florida
Mya taylor
Mya taylor Prije 12 dana
For people who say free aiden, please choke on glass.
Lynx_NotFound {she~her}
Lynx_NotFound {she~her} Prije 5 dana
And sand and knives and every sharp object to exist
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
this is by far the worst kind of clout chasing there ever was
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
i literally hate may 10th now. not only this but this is also the day corey la barrie died. ugh ppl make me sick
Jeg Destroys
Jeg Destroys Prije 12 dana
Fly high girl
Siera's Aesthetic
Siera's Aesthetic Prije 12 dana
She didn’t deserve it r.I.p
Sydney Muai
Sydney Muai Prije 12 dana
Kristina Mekhael
Kristina Mekhael Prije 12 dana
how come some cases need 24 hours to be reported missing but not this one? I’m not saying that it should’ve been, but there are a lot of cases that involve missing people but can’t go missing officially until after 24 hours of their disappearance??
ivy rose
ivy rose Prije 12 dana
She didn’t deserve this, Rest In Peace Tristyn ❤️
Kiera McDermid
Kiera McDermid Prije 12 dana
Lynx_NotFound {she~her}
Lynx_NotFound {she~her} Prije 5 dana
royale angel
royale angel Prije 12 dana
i can’t believe this happened so close to me
elliana carnes
elliana carnes Prije 12 dana
Oh my gosh my friend was there at summit this is so sad.
quit™ Prije 12 dana
"Congrats to everyone who found this comment here is you'r award: 🏆
michellemochas Prije 12 dana
if you say "free aiden he was a child" do you know who else was a poor child ? triystn.
Olivia Malham
Olivia Malham Prije 12 dana
My friend used to live in the same community and she said she knew tristyn.
zoe lavernes coochie smells like fish
zoe lavernes coochie smells like fish Prije 12 dana
I can’t imagine how she was at the moment it happened. I know that all of this is sad but she’s with God now, she’s safe❤️ I send all my love to her family and friends. I hope Aiden drops the soap.
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