Addison Rae CALLS OUT Bryce for CHEATING on her twice? Sienna Gomez APOLOGIZES? Mads Lewis OVER?

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anna oop

Prije 16 dana

Addison Rae CALLS OUT Bryce for CHEATING on her twice? Sienna Gomez APOLOGIZES? Mads Lewis OVER?


anna oop
anna oop Prije 15 dana
did any of you notice the throwback to my old intro song? hehe felt a bit nostalgic
Emilia Playz
Emilia Playz Prije 5 dana
Anas Rice
Anas Rice Prije 12 dana
We loved it bestay
Freckleface Hannah
Freckleface Hannah Prije 13 dana
@Simone G yes, watch her newest video. Sienna explained everything
Freckleface Hannah
Freckleface Hannah Prije 13 dana
@ALIJAH HARRIS watch her latest video, I was right.
De’Nasha Corley
De’Nasha Corley Prije 13 dana
I totally did lol
Camesha Campble
Camesha Campble Prije 10 minuta
She deserve better
Camesha Campble
Camesha Campble Prije 11 minuta
Why is always the nice girls get cheated on like wtf he not good for u
almonte Familia
almonte Familia Prije dan
Wow she brought up victorious in her video lol 3:50 Victoria justice face of me in the morning
Marcus Waterbury
Marcus Waterbury Prije 2 dana
bryce has had a good time on social media but he can get off now
Michelle Tosu
Michelle Tosu Prije 2 dana
will Addi ever stoppppppppp!!!!!
Blue Prije 2 dana
fatamtam aa
fatamtam aa Prije 3 dana
fr you can't just tell a person to move on, it was a long and ironic relation ship, other people take years to move on, maybe the way that makes her feel happy is by talking about it, that not obsession its just upset-ment gosh y'all are so over like wtf is "move on" u don't know how much he broke her
lee Prije 4 dana
“get over it” um no. i’ve been her shoes and what nessa and jaden did was so messed up. leaving ur s/o for some random kid u made a song with?? u are so cold hearted if you do something like that. it just shows that everything they said in their past relationships was all lies. she doesn’t have to get over it, she’s hurt. i’m still hurt even tho my incident happened like a year ago.
Almayyasah Alkhulif
Almayyasah Alkhulif Prije 5 dana
BRUH- BRYCE AND ADDISON ARE PERFECT TOGETHER BOTH LOVE DRAMA AND START DRAMA.😭😭, this is why i love anna, she gives me all the tea i need😩❤️.
- Prije 5 dana
Tbh I feel like Addison is just doing this for more and more attention. This is ridiculous
Leen Leen
Leen Leen Prije 5 dana
What movie was 8:30 called again cus i would like to rewatch it i mean 8:38
Luis matute
Luis matute Prije 5 dana
Asiah Brown
Asiah Brown Prije 6 dana
I’m sorry what’s SA 🥲
HyoHyo Prije 7 dana
Super random but what's the name of the song in the background here 7:54?
Aysa Prije 7 dana
Sorry to y’all who disagree but Mads can take how ever long she wants to get over her ex cheating on her. It’s not like stubbing a toe and then the pain being over in a couple of minutes. No, that shit hurts. If she deals with it by talking about it? Let.Her.
love A
love A Prije 9 dana
No hate dut if your boyfriend cheated on you whit your best friend you would not just let that go would you
Amira Nabila
Amira Nabila Prije 9 dana
Can mads just shut up! Nobody give a fuck. Even if shes hurt, she does not have a right to shade anyone. Just move on.
m e l o n !
m e l o n ! Prije 9 dana
honestly i don't even care about addison rae and bryce hall cheating drama anymore... like keep it between you guys, if y'all keep calling each other out this will never stop, it's getting annoying at this point honestly.
Daila Covarrubias
Daila Covarrubias Prije 9 dana
0:21 BYE 💀💀💀😭😭😭✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼
Kokichi's Crusty Toes
Kokichi's Crusty Toes Prije 9 dana
Mads: "no hate, no drama" Also Mads: *Proceeds to spill tea ☕* Me: WTF- YOU SAID NO HATE!!
Crying in my room because why not
Crying in my room because why not Prije 9 dana
Imma be honest in my opinion I think Addison just wants more clout and followers for money again just my opinion :)
Skye Colvin-Flowers
Skye Colvin-Flowers Prije 9 dana
Can the Addison and Bryce thing end? Like it’s so old. He cheated, they broke up, just end there
Roblox__storys Prije 9 dana
It’s sad because she’s 20 acting like my three year old cousin
Jade Dodd
Jade Dodd Prije 9 dana
Josie is problematic
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky Prije 10 dana
I how Anna put “my pee is blue” like what? 😂
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee Prije 10 dana
i don’t rlly like mads but her feelings are valid. in this situation it’s pretty reasonable to still be upset. u cant just invalidate her feelings like that
dariana leyva rascon
dariana leyva rascon Prije 10 dana
i feel bad for mads people are attacking her for trying to get the truth online because otherwise rumors will start to go around
panxcakes Prije 10 dana
anna do you edit on capcut?
fabrizio lora
fabrizio lora Prije 10 dana
Seriously...EVERYTHING is about Addison and Bryce lately. And it’s been that way for a good 2 months. Can’t they just say “it’s over” and end it. Why do social media influencers ALWAYS feel the dam need to make everybody aware of their shit!!!! JUST STAY QUIET!! avoid drama like omg it’s not that hard.
∞༺R༻✧ Prije 11 dana
Um Anna? You’re really annoying. You can’t move on that fast. Everyone is different and everyone needs different time to heal. You never know what happened to her or why she’s like that. Shame on you...
Sydney E
Sydney E Prije 11 dana
Absolutely sick of you editing sad faces/just editing faces in general of the victims you talk about in your videos. You literally edited tristyn, the girl who was murdered a few weeks ago with makeup on and different eyes. Disgusting.
Mxxn_Struck Prije 11 dana
It’s the old intro sound for me :> As a person who has been watching her videos for long it feels goooood
Ayah _moonシ
Ayah _moonシ Prije 11 dana
No one The girl whispering: mY pEe Is BlUe
anessa tyler
anessa tyler Prije 12 dana
anna i think you are bipolar you were just saying go off sis when when mads was expozing them now you are saying stop talking bout them what makes you think you can say whatever you want white lady
Shailee Chapman
Shailee Chapman Prije 12 dana
yeah.... it’s almost as if humans don’t have a button to shut off their emotions after being betrayed by the person she trusted the most. my long term ex & i have been broken up going on 5 years. the hurt doesn’t go away. crazy how people can switch this onto mads (for the record i’m not even following, nor a fan of mads) - let her share her feelings the way SHE needs to. stop acting like people with followers aren’t human beings.
Artiyza Prije 12 dana
not everyone moves on so quick anna, being cheated on sucks especially in mads situation.
דיאן אבו אל היג'א
דיאן אבו אל היג'א Prije 12 dana
Will Anna darling can you move on from your ex in two months? Yeah I don’t think so , so you can’t come on here and say that mads can’t move on very fast and paint her like a crazy person and obsessive one .
Vannessa Rodriguez
Vannessa Rodriguez Prije 12 dana
Okiiiii but like if brice cheated so manny times why did addi go back with him????
Gucci FlipFlops -
Gucci FlipFlops - Prije 12 dana
“My pee is blue” - Anna Oop
Jonida Ndoci
Jonida Ndoci Prije 12 dana
not everyone simping over each other a month ago and now throwing shade at each other like i cant keep up with these people and im not even gonna try to
Jackson Pearson
Jackson Pearson Prije 12 dana
Might she broke up with logan paul
Kiera Owens
Kiera Owens Prije 12 dana
I'm sorry but she did move on
Kecyia Salandy
Kecyia Salandy Prije 13 dana
"My pee is blue" - Anna.
Khloe Mikaels
Khloe Mikaels Prije 13 dana
Y'all need to stop hating on anna because there are multiple tea channels that make false accusations
Renzea Prije 13 dana
Lol she don’t owe y’all anything apology. It’s her private life and her business that she rather deal with in private with the people who are involved. Y’all be wanting an apology video from everyone like they did something to you. It’s between them and who they hurt. Don’t come saying they hurt you cause of something they did to someone else. What y’all a bunch of empaths now. Feeling everyone’s pain. It’s like people can’t be human these days and mess up. Yeah this is a serious thing but still. Somethings just don’t concern everyone. Y’all too quick to post things online rather than deal with things in private first, then there be a whole load of misunderstandings and miscommunication. Doesn’t make sense.
Roxana Rock
Roxana Rock Prije 13 dana
omg anna kinda get old
no one
no one Prije 13 dana
leave mass alone nessa was the one who ruined everything shade her.
Ayesha Saad
Ayesha Saad Prije 13 dana
Leticia Unknown
Leticia Unknown Prije 13 dana
random comment👀✨: Look at 4:21 lmfao
DJkittyP Prije 13 dana
I can’t stand Addison these days 😒
Evelyne Rivera
Evelyne Rivera Prije 13 dana
Do a face reveal
Southern Rythmn
Southern Rythmn Prije 13 dana
I know madds Lewis is upset but it's time to get over it. It's just making her look petty and bad rn.... she needs let it go. If ur with a new guy and ur still talking about ur ex then you dont truly like the new guy your with ur just using him. Simple.
Aliayah Burrow
Aliayah Burrow Prije 13 dana
I would be mad to if i was mads
A’Yunah Brielle
A’Yunah Brielle Prije 13 dana
I think Mads and other ppl should MOVE ON and stop bringing up the Jaden & Nessa situation bc it’s really old and no one really cares anymore. Also, Mads should just focus on her bf and her life.
Aria Mumford
Aria Mumford Prije 13 dana
Soooo you clearly don’t like sienna...
Alecha Watt
Alecha Watt Prije 13 dana
I feel like Addision set Bryce up🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🙄🙄🙄!!!!!
pluxqts !!
pluxqts !! Prije 13 dana
3:53 this part made me so angry. anna, this is not “juicy drama” this is a federal crime. trauma. fear. not “juicy drama”.
Stephanie Valentin
Stephanie Valentin Prije 13 dana
ooh anna "just move on" it aint easy
Priscilla Bonna
Priscilla Bonna Prije 13 dana
U don't understand why her mother is being involved....hello is her daughter name being slandered like are you dumb lol
angelica socias
angelica socias Prije 13 dana
i hate all tea pages bc they leave the most important information/fax out 🤦🏽‍♀️
Medine Abdullayeva
Medine Abdullayeva Prije 13 dana
Literally Sienna never apologises she always makes the drama worse...
Ashley linton
Ashley linton Prije 13 dana
Everyone loves money. Straight facts and there is nothing wrong with it. If someone messing with my cash flow ofc I would talk about it. People need to stop acting like tiktokers aren't people and need to earn money as well
Ashley linton
Ashley linton Prije 13 dana
I don't know why everyone cares about these people's relationships so much.
violet and maddy
violet and maddy Prije 13 dana
addison is in a huge drama because of the dream smp fandom. im in it but its really toxic.
Ssanyu Kawuki
Ssanyu Kawuki Prije 13 dana
mads situation: anna you have no right to tell her to move on and throw shade at her. it was her relationship that had been going on for a year. She will defientley be devastated after finding out bestfriend got with her boyfriend. mads was betrayed and lied to therefore she has right of way. no negotiations.
Ssanyu Kawuki
Ssanyu Kawuki Prije 13 dana
just my opinon.
mélanie Barile
mélanie Barile Prije 13 dana
idk if Sienna SA jack but she most certainly did things to him (like abuse) since jack had said sth about her "getting the help she deserves" and that Mason just wanted to "protect him from the truth" or something. and for the comments and tiktoks, nothing on tiktok is ever taken seriously and always exaggerated, these could just be taken out of context - so I don't rly have an opinion on that but she most certainly did sth to him
Corrin Turner
Corrin Turner Prije 13 dana
From a person who had bed SA many many times, sienna honey that wasn’t an apology at all. I here for Jack all the way. And for Mads like get over jxdn all ready- she’s obsessed with him.
Nissi Henry
Nissi Henry Prije 13 dana
i really hate addison
ANELI MEDINA Prije 13 dana
so i found i tiktok of sienna kissing jack while he fainted and she didnt do anything and i wanna show you because its just very gross and disgusting
Jana Fahda
Jana Fahda Prije 13 dana
Like I love mads but girl chill like be mature and move on tf
•taurus• Prije 13 dana
Are you ever gonna talk about the mcyt and addison drama
Cari “Cari” Ellison
Cari “Cari” Ellison Prije 13 dana
Always believe the victim first.
queenajie gang
queenajie gang Prije 13 dana
Do u have a face reval?
Fofo studies
Fofo studies Prije 13 dana
i dont think so
beautiful boy
beautiful boy Prije 13 dana
Sienna should be ashamed of herself. A video was leaked yesterday which is absolutely disgusting.
kfusion Prije 13 dana
mads is just obbsessed with nessa and jaden, just leave them alone
Sarah Rachid 💖🙈💋
Sarah Rachid 💖🙈💋 Prije 13 dana
Billie_ Prije 13 dana
Me too my aunts when my parents start fighting over small things again:
Coco Prije 13 dana
Everytime she says but my soul goes to another dimension 😭
Celeste Alleyne
Celeste Alleyne Prije 13 dana
I don't blame mads...if my boyfriend left me for my bestfriend i'd be pretty upset for a while...think about how mentally and emotionally taxing that is but y'all be changing relationships like underwear so i guess i don't really have a point🚶‍♂️
Ambraezy Prije 13 dana
Honestly, I don’t agree w saying to move on cause she said her and Christian aren’t in a relationship-he’s clearly a rebound. When someone cheated on me, it took me a YEARRRR of self love to get over the situation. I know they’re living the fast life, but they’re also still human. After Britney and Justin Timberlake broke up, he continued to slander her in diff ways for YEARS so I think it’s unfair especially given how young mads is
Army_ Blink
Army_ Blink Prije 13 dana
I think it's normal that mads is still shading her ex, i mean she got betrayed like that... and people are expecting her to move on that quickly? 🤣
alexhdravs Prije 13 dana
Anna be quiet before u know the qhole situation!
Allmightth Prije 13 dana
She posted something 4 mins ago
Angela Mullins
Angela Mullins Prije 13 dana
Am I the only one that thinks Mads knew la di die would blow up big? I think she actually “sabotaged” them before the song was released to decrease or distract the fan base, because she knew how good the song was and she was jealous?
Cookie games 101
Cookie games 101 Prije 13 dana
could they just stop? it’s been over for a while now.
Itzzz Nylamilan
Itzzz Nylamilan Prije 13 dana
Bro Anna you missing out on the teaaaa post a videoooooooo
javier concepcion
javier concepcion Prije 13 dana
And the lesson is if you ever get tiktok famous don’t be with a tiktoker be with a celebrity like a model,nba or singer.
Rhyme Grace
Rhyme Grace Prije 13 dana
Sydney Muai
Sydney Muai Prije 13 dana
While y’all are out here stating your opinions and shit...I’m just noticing the random ass clips she puts in here like what does that have to do with anything it’s so funny😭😭😭
ashley aurelia tjoa
ashley aurelia tjoa Prije 13 dana
the expose me thing WAS A TRENDDD its not abuse lmao 😩
Heidi Lee
Heidi Lee Prije 13 dana
The exposed video of sienna on jack tho… he was clearly unconscious. People say they saw him move his arm or whatever but there a thing called blacking out..
Ot7 Shenanigans
Ot7 Shenanigans Prije 13 dana
Bryce is trash I don’t even know how he has followers
Kalyn C.
Kalyn C. Prije 13 dana
Y'all "missed" those signs because the women was the aggressor and man the victim. Jeez this is why I can't stand social media culture.
Nadia Renteria
Nadia Renteria Prije 13 dana
I can’t believe she’s really saying she’s not gonna apologize for something she did not do but there’s still a lot of things that are kinda sus , like the tiktok videos she’s been posting and her commenting shit in his ex’s video
Nadia Renteria
Nadia Renteria Prije 13 dana
Sienna is being silent rn until she finds some lies to say , let’s see what she says .
Coral Douglas
Coral Douglas Prije 13 dana
Did anyone see the video that was released earlier today where Sienna is literally on top of him when he was unconscious?
Google Account
Google Account Prije 13 dana
Marely Campohermoso
Marely Campohermoso Prije 14 dana
i just saw a tiktok of sienna making out with jack while he was unconscious
yucky 2256
yucky 2256 Prije 14 dana
wth?? I do not believe sienna. This is literally so wrong of her to do and literally jack, his brother, and his friend are exposing I think she’s overall just a s3xu4l 4ssault3r and people shouldn’t be supporting her anymore. Always believe the victim.
BaySavage Bay
BaySavage Bay Prije 14 dana
OK so Im going to have to disagree with ANNA mads is not being obssesive this incident is going to be a memory to her she probably has trust issues after the incident mads was nessas best friend so mads has every right to say what she wants to say about the situation and who cares if people are bored upset of her talking about the jaden/nessa incident its not for the publics entertaiment its NOT even entertaiment ITS A REAL CAUSE/SITUATION so ANNA its not called being obssesive :)
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