Nessa Barrett BANNED & CANCELLED! Mads Lewis EXPOSED, Bryce PUNCHES Austin McBroom?

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anna oop

Prije 27 dana

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Nessa Barrett BANNED \u0026 CANCELLED! Mads Lewis EXPOSED, Bryce PUNCHES Austin McBroom?


anna oop
anna oop Prije 26 dana
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brushyoureteeth Prije 14 dana
King Of Cooking 😋
King Of Cooking 😋 Prije 16 dana
I have never thought so hard about filmora- it is a pretty cool app ngl :")
【Cookie crum】
【Cookie crum】 Prije 18 dana
filmora is a 10/10 i've been using it for while before i saw this video and its so easy and fun to use.
Tyrel Foxy10
Tyrel Foxy10 Prije 20 dana
Hi cool 😁
fleur delacour
fleur delacour Prije 22 dana
@ZDubbz she doesn't reply
Mya Cisneros
Mya Cisneros Prije 5 dana
I fell like Anna is a nina fresa
Coolio Suf
Coolio Suf Prije 6 dana
Me realizing tomorrow is June 12th-
Kamelia Hazboun
Kamelia Hazboun Prije 6 dana
without drama... life.. would be.. BORING LIKE- IM GLAD PPL MAKE DRAMA PERIOD
JC Vlogs
JC Vlogs Prije 7 dana
As but as i dislike austin i want him to win over bryce i cant stand either but bryce is just petty and Terrible
Alohabeachclub Prije 7 dana
Dudeeee Nessa and Coopet are friends
Criminal minds
Criminal minds Prije 7 dana
Why is Addison face on a dog
GG GG Prije 7 dana
Bro Austin has 3 kids is Bryce trying act like the Monster or sum
pixie couture.
pixie couture. Prije 7 dana
ThatBoredGirl ThatBoredGirl
ThatBoredGirl ThatBoredGirl Prije 7 dana
I can’t stand nessa. She’s such a homewrecker
Tshepang Mphuthi
Tshepang Mphuthi Prije 9 dana
😂😂😂😂the attention on a silver platter y'all give tik tokers is hilarious I'm here for the drama
Sofa Mocha
Sofa Mocha Prije 10 dana
Casey Chandler
Casey Chandler Prije 12 dana
ok but mads seems like genuinely such a nice person so idk why everyone seems to be coming for her lmfao
Stqrxmii Prije 13 dana
I love Filmora! I decided to try it because of a lot of adds I’ve scene, and I loved it! I’ve never tried editing, and it was super easy to use! The water Mark just covered my whole video lol
Lazer G
Lazer G Prije 13 dana
So when is the face reveal🤞🏻
Totallynotboog Prije 15 dana
nah austin is gonna beat bryce....
Moo moo
Moo moo Prije 15 dana
ALL these Stupid tiktokers should have there account deleted
isabella Prije 15 dana
austin and bryce are acting like children and when did this drama even start and is it REALLY worth having a silly fight over??
isabella Prije 15 dana
also poor catherine://
Constanza Blank
Constanza Blank Prije 15 dana
Did i see Louis ???
Leanne Lowe
Leanne Lowe Prije 15 dana
I love how June 12 is my birthday and someone's murder is gonna go down in a stupid boxing fight
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 15 dana
Mads is the sweetest person ever my niece has a fan page for her and she always talks to her when she's sad
Carla Goulbourne
Carla Goulbourne Prije 15 dana
The end was really a Anna opp
Silvia Castelli
Silvia Castelli Prije 15 dana
0:13 louissssss 💗😌
nat Prije 15 dana
i know im late to talk about this but it is SO immature for austin to schedule a fight with someone when he has young kids living with him. they're obviously going to see the fight somehow, and it's a horrible influence on them. it's also stupid that they just decided to make a public fight? like just call over the phone and sort it out ig? lol
svnxelo Prije 16 dana
i swear all u gotta do is unfollow someone and the whole internet turns on u 💀
AnniePlayzAdoptMe Prije 16 dana
i swear the most unproblematic person is avani like have you ever heard any drama from her? .... I'll wait....
1 Prije 16 dana
bryce bouta get dropped on g 😳😳
syeed Prije 17 dana
yuh they were gonna have a boxing match on my bday
Kaylee Piscoya
Kaylee Piscoya Prije 17 dana
NGL made needs to get over it. Her saying all that makes Nessa get more hate and death threats.
Amy Ebu
Amy Ebu Prije 17 dana
So Mads is not only a TikToker but also a poet lol
Melanie Casso salcedo
Melanie Casso salcedo Prije 17 dana
Already saw that video I’m not hating on you Anna but I’m saying that I already saw it and I was pretty shocked 🌫
Melanie Casso salcedo
Melanie Casso salcedo Prije 17 dana
Nessa really out here be blaming people when they’re not tick-tock tick-tock decided this for their own discussion I am probably not making sense right now I know what ye I love you and I hope you have a great day also let someone for a little piercing girl you don’t look cool
M〤 AngelOfDeath༄
M〤 AngelOfDeath༄ Prije 17 dana
I laugh every time I see a tiktok dance I swear the dance moves are so stupid they can't even dance 💀
Lucy- -
Lucy- - Prije 17 dana
I pray anyone who reads this is loved and healthy
Editsbyakayla._ Prije 18 dana
you haven't heard nothing from Payton moormeier
CeceMsp Prije 18 dana
im sorry bryce (not rlly) but why did you dive in like that- you couldve thrown a punch....
Robloxxxcloudy Robloxxxcloudy
Robloxxxcloudy Robloxxxcloudy Prije 18 dana
Nessa: straight her hair Her kid: Mom were you really a h@e back then Nessa: no what you talking about that Kid: shows tiktok Nessa: umm no
Itzdatcherrygirl 1
Itzdatcherrygirl 1 Prije 18 dana
U need a face reveallll
Alana Zamari
Alana Zamari Prije 18 dana
hey my beautiful loves! hope you're doing great. if not then have hope, it'll get better.
Alana Zamari
Alana Zamari Prije 18 dana
filmora and its newest version is amazing! just checked it out. imma need a free license thoo
addie lee
addie lee Prije 18 dana
Are u high?? Bryce didn't get dropped by Austin; a bunch of beefy bodyguards just surrounded him
Bryce Hall is a toter trash Austin is the most better one just letting yall know❤️
Maliyah Davis
Maliyah Davis Prije 18 dana
Bryce ain't gonna kick Austin's butt it's the other way around he pushed Austin thinking he would fall next thing Bruce is on the floor Bryce ain't gonna win nothing
THATKIᗪLAUREN Prije 18 dana
I hate Mads Lewis
totalbitch_ Prije 18 dana
ur vids would be SO much better if u just talked like a normal person. u sound so fake/ annoying
giordana adina
giordana adina Prije 18 dana
when video starts 1:29
I stan too many groups
I stan too many groups Prije 18 dana
if bryce beats austin and fight ksi, ksi will obviously win no doubt. stay mad emilys.
Wondering Wongail
Wondering Wongail Prije 19 dana
The only reason why Anna has not seen an unproblematic tiktoker or is 1 because she looks at the same tiktokers over and over and and only pays attention to the tiktoker that are in a famous Tiktok group or house or just get into scandals a lot and 2 because unproblematic tiktokers wouldn’t be in TikTok drama videos duhhh
Berserk shin Theodore
Berserk shin Theodore Prije 19 dana
i think we already have a Idea of how the Fight will end
Berserk shin Theodore
Berserk shin Theodore Prije 19 dana
it funny how Bryce Ended up legit On the Floor by the Security Guards it was so funny, and he said " he can beat Ksi" Man doesn't know what his Doing fr
wuawua137 Prije 19 dana
Austin deserved to get his ass kicked
Brooke Lynn
Brooke Lynn Prije 19 dana
Not saying I like messaging that much but how do y’all know that she’s blaming Mads or seb because it doesn’t have to be them again people on the internet assuming more stuff that they don’t know
Isabelle Blackmore
Isabelle Blackmore Prije 19 dana
My birthday is the day of the fight lol that’s gonna be funny 😂😂
Creativity With
Creativity With Prije 19 dana
I'm just her cus I need more of Anna •_•
Peyton Huffman-Smith
Peyton Huffman-Smith Prije 19 dana
lol i feel like TikTok is just a big middle school
amaaani gill
amaaani gill Prije 19 dana
brice is going to win the fans and all the people pushed himover\
stfu. Prije 19 dana
austin is gonna win the fight.
bella Prije 20 dana
I know she did not call someone out just becausee her acc got baned it's not nobody's fualt but her's
ADY GRACE Prije 20 dana
the thing is when bryce went to punch austin he failed but when he got to the ground it was his body guards and not austin doin anything.
j2cinvestments Prije 20 dana
I know she's your girl but Seriously... You cant controll her friends. Just Console her abt it :/
Jocelyn Gonzalez
Jocelyn Gonzalez Prije 20 dana
Jesus is coming soon are you sure your saved?
Summayah Ahmed
Summayah Ahmed Prije 20 dana
The only unproblematic tiktokers are the funny ones.
Mia Rodrigues
Mia Rodrigues Prije 20 dana
Me when I hear Bryce Hall's name AGAIN ???????!!!!!!
Aria Karamanlis
Aria Karamanlis Prije 20 dana
Aria Karamanlis
Aria Karamanlis Prije 20 dana
Aria Karamanlis
Aria Karamanlis Prije 20 dana
Tyrel Foxy10
Tyrel Foxy10 Prije 20 dana
妖精の死体 [] F41RYC0RPS3
妖精の死体 [] F41RYC0RPS3 Prije 20 dana
Honestly tho Austin deserves it he's fake af and he's not a nice person
Ruba Khalid Alghamdi
Ruba Khalid Alghamdi Prije 20 dana
ahh nahh 0:11 she has started making ads ,,,, nah please stop !! i mean it's kinda useful to people who wants to edit their own vids
that good one
that good one Prije 21 dan
This doesn’t have anything to do with this drama but she used a Louis Tomlinson meme
Yuvia Mendoza
Yuvia Mendoza Prije 21 dan
Austin x Bryce drama has to be fake. Austin did a sponsorship for Bryce energy drink line a while ago and they made youtube vids together.
yanyan Prije 21 dan
Also catherine deserves better
yanyan Prije 21 dan
i feel bad for mads she keeps getting accused she honestly seems geniunely kind
lol its me
lol its me Prije 21 dan
i don’t support neither but i’m pretty positive that austin is gonna win bc yk he has more experience and bryce is just all about that talk and besides he keeps embarrassing himself more by saying it’s gonna be so easy when he literally just got beat up lmao
Natelee Goolsby
Natelee Goolsby Prije 21 dan
Byeee....Anna Oop my bestieee
Miguel Lorenzo
Miguel Lorenzo Prije 21 dan
The introooo😭😭😭😭😭
Camden Snyder
Camden Snyder Prije 21 dan
ok but ik that we dont ACTUALLY know if mads or tori is right, but like did yall noticed that tori only came forward abt it when mads was already in a scandal. Idk I find that kinda weird
1 1 1 0 7 Beepasha
1 1 1 0 7 Beepasha Prije 21 dan
bruh weren't nessa and mads besties????
Bing Galleon
Bing Galleon Prije 21 dan
im sorry i really don't know them🙃🙃🙃
Gmd Girl
Gmd Girl Prije 21 dan
so jaden really cheated on mads?
Veena Gouriah
Veena Gouriah Prije 21 dan
The new character design is but i was shook
bananaアイス Prije 21 dan
Funny how Zoe la groomer still has a platform but nessa got banned
Reece M
Reece M Prije 21 dan
Mads is the "silent but deadly" type. She's the type of girl I hated being around in highschool because they're always so favored but SO mean. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if these accusations against her are true
Queenxbees x
Queenxbees x Prije 21 dan
They don't even know if it was mads who banned her acc soo.... at this point I want to punch some ppl
Simply Love Business
Simply Love Business Prije 21 dan
if you look closely bryce was trying to body slam him but the people pushed over bryce thats why he fell
Aresema Hagos
Aresema Hagos Prije 21 dan
Aileen Prije 22 dana
yoo i feel bad for the one who filming Bryce and Austin girl got crushed by them
Johanna Hernandez Lopez
Johanna Hernandez Lopez Prije 22 dana
Here: saying that no one in the tik tok app. Me: What about Avani??
China Mcfarlan
China Mcfarlan Prije 22 dana
It's not cool how everything is happening to mads
April R
April R Prije 22 dana
That fight and all this that Austin started is very childish.feel so sorry for catherine.i hope she will move on one day but looks like not.but all this HRpost vs tik Tok and childish
Sarah Colimon
Sarah Colimon Prije 22 dana
Stop blaming Mads for shit like it is not funny this is bullshit.
Sianna O'Brien
Sianna O'Brien Prije 22 dana
I clicked faster then Anna can say BUT
fleur delacour
fleur delacour Prije 22 dana
ppl are saying bryce s*xually ab*used a girl. is this true😔
Sneezyrocker Prije 22 dana
It’s so funny bc Bryce is weak asf he can’t even handle a few insults after literally bringing Austin’s kids into this 💀💀💀
EUGENIE GRACE Prije 22 dana
im tellin yall its these yt tiktokers cause i never see this shit happen with poc it might have but i just dont see it happen
Teag Fr
Teag Fr Prije 22 dana
June 12thhhhhhhh
Not Louis Tomlinson in the meme
Paisley Karlin
Paisley Karlin Prije 22 dana
Why am I watching this
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x Prije 22 dana
Kinda sad how in a few years all these “famous” tiktokers will be irrelevant and completely forgotten! Anna...what will you do then??!😪😪🤣
Lilly Powell
Lilly Powell Prije 22 dana
Great my birthday is on June 12 🥺😩
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