who ALLOWED Addison Rae to go to the Met Gala?!!

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anna oop

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who ALLOWED Addison Rae to go to the Met Gala?!!

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Ysa Rhayne Mostrales
Ysa Rhayne Mostrales Prije 12 sati
Rea Gian ,Autor
Rea Gian ,Autor Prije 21 sat
Fouler Kibbles
Fouler Kibbles Prije dan
I also dont like when tiktokers get invited to big celebrity events. But liza koshi is fine.
Jana Hraisi
Jana Hraisi Prije dan
This is unacceptable
Yoriichii Tsugikuni
Yoriichii Tsugikuni Prije dan
How did THE Ariana Grande not get invited and Addison did 💀
Orcaa-Chan Prije 2 dana
your never an influencer without having ex's....
Miraculous Theories
Miraculous Theories Prije 2 dana
I was in charge of invites this is who I would invite -Harry Styles -Doja Cat -Drake -Kristen Bell -Ariana Grande -Taylor Swift -Nick Jonas -Joe Jonas -Kevin Jonas -Olivia Rodrigo -Beyoncé -Will Smith -Peyton List -DaBaby -Dove Cameron
Deku’s Baby
Deku’s Baby Prije 3 dana
Okay all hate aside, Zoe and Addison are beautiful women. They’re just really problematic
Deku’s Baby
Deku’s Baby Prije 3 dana
And Danielle but I don’t rlly wanna get hated on for “sexualising” her
Lucky HH
Lucky HH Prije 3 dana
If anyone from that possible invite list it would be Liza Koshy, Bella Poarch and Loren Grey… like come on now.
Portion Mukbang
Portion Mukbang Prije 3 dana
Adisson was just another plot for world wide reach met gala peers used her as she’s get millions of views until she walked out of her car they all realised at the end of the day they’ve been fucked up
Tracii Ropata
Tracii Ropata Prije 3 dana
They act like they don't tell ppl to kys in the comments lmao 😂
Elizabeth Lopezgarcia
Elizabeth Lopezgarcia Prije 4 dana
I watched her movie and I had to skip so Many times 😣☠️
Kermits Foot
Kermits Foot Prije 4 dana
They did invite ari but she didn’t come ☺️
XxHoneysuckleXx Prije 4 dana
Bretman and Khabe should be invited.
Veronica Chiquinquira Arce Carpio
Veronica Chiquinquira Arce Carpio Prije 4 dana
wait... so adisson gets to go and doja doesnt..........................................................................
Whatev3r Prije 5 dana
I think they should invite writers/authors! ;^;
micherylle Prije 5 dana
She have a song
Nazia Amin
Nazia Amin Prije 5 dana
Why not Harry Styles I am mad?
Sophia Su
Sophia Su Prije 5 dana
She got an invite from Kourtney
ImHonest777 Prije 5 dana
anna are you trying to be an influencer? at least all this 'tik tokers' show their face and who isnt brave behind a fake name and no face?? youre so shady and stop hating on the people who's making u famous LOL you'll be no one without them more positive news youre so full of hate.. is even toxic now watching 3 or vides or ur profile
Adeeba Jahin
Adeeba Jahin Prije 5 dana
I honestly feel so bad for Addison. She gets so much hate like Idk how she can possibly handle all of this. She did not invite herself AND it's not her fault that some big celebrities didn't get invited. Idk why you guys are so pressed.
Maya Murad
Maya Murad Prije 5 dana
The movie is so good like stfu
MinChild-미소 Prije 5 dana
and the queen rosè went 🖤💗
Angelina Soto
Angelina Soto Prije 5 dana
Addison Rae Is Not Even AList Celebrity She Just A TikTok Dancer Who Think She Can Sing And Act But She Can't Even Sing And Act She Only Got Famous For Dancing On TikTok Meet Gala Should Invite Real AList Celebrity Who Work So Hard On There Job And Addison Rae It's Not Even Trying To Work Hard She Only Getting Famous Because She's Pretty
fatima noori
fatima noori Prije 5 dana
"trumpy" hahahahahahah good one
Sabina’s World
Sabina’s World Prije 6 dana
No bcz i was so surprised they didn’t invite Doja Cat and invite ADDISON RAE
Gabrielė VS Orestas
Gabrielė VS Orestas Prije 6 dana
tbh i like thee name padgett so i can't relate
Fun with G2H
Fun with G2H Prije 6 dana
I literally don't know why they invited Addison rae but not Maddie zigler
ちゃんエニオラ Prije 6 dana
paget sounds like a soup 💀
Annela Pais
Annela Pais Prije 6 dana
They Really did ariana dirty
Just Yagya
Just Yagya Prije 6 dana
Non one is gonna talk abt bella poarch like gurl she has been receiving soo much views on her songs and she deserves she spot of Addison rae at this point- I don't perfect tik tokers to on galas but if they are doing this all bretman (sorry if I wrote it wrong ) and bella poarch
Betty Perez
Betty Perez Prije 6 dana
Myra Laing
Myra Laing Prije 6 dana
"The bar.... is in hell" lmao imma quote that every day
Tensity Prije 6 dana
these nuts did... and now I'm blue balled
Joe.g Prije 6 dana
Nobody : Anna: “not trying to offend addisonrae” Also Anna: “she has no sense of style “ “Not even a celebrity “
Tinna Bhoi
Tinna Bhoi Prije 6 dana
You are mad at addison that she was going to the met gala but she didn’t invite here self?!!? So f you
Lilly Prije 7 dana
It is kinda weird that Addison was at the met gala but not doja cat, Addison literally got famous of dancing to doja’s songs😬
Abigail Nanyonjo
Abigail Nanyonjo Prije 7 dana
Why TRIUMPH supporter
Abigail Nanyonjo
Abigail Nanyonjo Prije 7 dana
Why addison rae
kpoole Prije 7 dana
wait a second: hold up.. ADDISONS A TRUMPITTY BOBBITY! now i really don't like her 🤬🤬
R҉o҉s҉e҉ Prije 7 dana
What why tf would you bring Addison wait wait wait WHERE IS TAYLOR SWIFT
chrollo stan
chrollo stan Prije 7 dana
Zunairah Zafreen Zayaan
Zunairah Zafreen Zayaan Prije 8 dana
2:08 ....... What about CL and Rosè??😅 anyone help plz 🥲
Jana Nikolic
Jana Nikolic Prije 8 dana
She isn't a tiktoker anymore she's a celebrity now. Yall can stop hating on her including u Anna.
_ Alfi _
_ Alfi _ Prije 7 dana
@brbrr LMFAO
brbrr Prije 8 dana
Lmaooaoaoaoaoa plss thats funny wht u just said
Dora Chhangte
Dora Chhangte Prije 8 dana
So here a girl of nowhere decides whom to invite! Is this supposed to be funny?
pchoudarygamer 🦋🦄
pchoudarygamer 🦋🦄 Prije 8 dana
i was upset about tiktokers at met gala what about doja and ari. why teens!! Influencers r taking over everything . I ain't trying to spread hate
Life of Achan
Life of Achan Prije 8 dana
but WHY wasn’t bretman rock invited like they can invite ADDISION RAE but not him while bretman rock was LITERALLY in nyc not gonna lie if he was invited he would’ve slayedd
LaiLaifidgets Prije 8 dana
Ok Bella POARCH is actually an singer so..I wouldn’t be mad at that but Charlie damelio Dixie Noah ????? Are u fxcing SERIOUs
Maxwell Toure
Maxwell Toure Prije 8 dana
Y’all stay hating Addison didn’t ask for this like she got picked
omega Owens
omega Owens Prije 8 dana
These influencers shouldn't be invited to any celebrity events given the fact they're not celebrities
Magic Light
Magic Light Prije 8 dana
All I wanna say is I am disappointed. I have no hate towards the tiktok and Instagram influencers but they didn't invite enough celebrities made me go wtf
Just AnotherFlower
Just AnotherFlower Prije 8 dana
I love your videos but, addison rae said this is what I wear for a WEEK. its her opinion and her style, yes its a bit plain. But its her style, and im NOT a addison ''ie''
🌼Sunny🦋 Prije 8 dana
Tbh why Addison rae, NO HATE TOWARDS HER but like I am talking serious tho WHY did they invite TikTokers!? That just do a 15 second tik Tok video and they get invited to the GALA!? I don't get it why they are inviting TikTokers there is more celebrities that deserve to be invited
Elina Nikolopoulou
Elina Nikolopoulou Prije 8 dana
Addison looked so good. I can’t say the same about Dixie tho 💀. Btw Ariana and Nicki were invited, but they decided not to go.
hi satan
hi satan Prije 8 dana
Ngl im willing to see khaby..
GeorgiaRose Wachuchurumii
GeorgiaRose Wachuchurumii Prije 8 dana
idk about yall but i would honestly refuse to go, trust me if she would have said no and then tweet sum saying she felt she doesnt deserve to go, believe me ppl would have loved her smh. but i just wouldnt go if i as famous for doing what she does lol
Malachai Jones
Malachai Jones Prije 8 dana
First of all shut up there gorge and please you wish you were a celebrity too so you can be up there,yes there tik tokens but still
harikuu omgg
harikuu omgg Prije 8 dana
Khabane Lame is the only one i support from the tik tok thats going to the gala. He just makes more sense
patty♡ Prije 9 dana
Addison Rae was invited to the Met Gala because she's friends with the Kardashians, she made a music video and now she's considered a singer and a lot of young children admire her such as Maison Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashians son.
Sew Away
Sew Away Prije 9 dana
Let me start off by saying tik tokers are not and never will be TRUE celeberties. TRUE CELEBERTIES are known for their legendary iconic movie roles, music, really insane modeling ect, and extremely hard hard work and auditions. It's an utter disgrace that the met gala wants to glorify young teenagers that do 10 to 20 second dances. It's like this generation is losing the actual definition meaning if celeberty. Social influences seems to taking over and it's embarrassing. I said what I said. Peace
Eshal Nusrat
Eshal Nusrat Prije 9 dana
Honestly tbh Addison didn't even ASK to get invited. She was INVITED by the MET GALA. It ain't her FAULT y'all Not a fan but y'all r just being rude
Mae Prije 9 dana
its like lil huddy on weverse but worse
miriam blake
miriam blake Prije 9 dana
Anna, Addison looked great stop coming after her!
Rosemarie Quinata
Rosemarie Quinata Prije 9 dana
What happened Anna ? You used to love Addison ???
Mehbiz Reasa
Mehbiz Reasa Prije 9 dana
At this point yall r just jealous
Bbbbqq Prije 9 dana
She is literally just a TikToker how did they let her attend the met gala with the big celebs I am not a hater or anything but seriously there’s a lot of people who deserves to go but didn’t get an invitation and she got it invitation how !!!!!
Sandra Lain
Sandra Lain Prije 9 dana
The whole thing is a fundraiser, not just a fashion show. With Addison’s following, it could help it. I doubt y’all even watch the met gala.
Sandra Lain
Sandra Lain Prije 9 dana
the met gala is a fundraiser. with addison’s following, it could help it. i love emma, but based off followings, addison has every right to be there as well. yall always like to say “if addison can be invited, so should i” bitch pls do u have 80+ million followers tf??
Tiffany da simp  💗
Tiffany da simp 💗 Prije 9 dana
3:55 i was wearing headphones oop
Mi Amour
Mi Amour Prije 9 dana
honestly bro the whole list well ALMOST the whole list is filled with fake morans why do they not offer an invite to a surgeon idk I mean they just save lives others just post on instgram which is so much more important.
K C Prije 9 dana
I don’t think this is that bad I don’t rly care about Addison or any TikToker for that matter but I think it’s great that smaller celebrities are being given the chance to attend such a big event I’m so happy and jealous of Addison if anything I think we should be excited about it, I mean it increases the possibility that any one of us could attend the met gala 😌
jcelynes Prije 9 dana
I feel like people aren't letting Zoe start a new life, considering she has a child on the way, they aren't letting her change. Of course the things she did in the past are wrong, and I have no right to say if I forgive her or not, but shes kinda been minding her buisness so I don't know why people are going after her all of a sudden. I don't support or like her at all, but that doesn't mean im gonna try and go ruin her life
CrispyCreme Prije 9 dana
Bretman rock and Liza in the possibility list make sense but the rest nahh!
Sud La squid
Sud La squid Prije 9 dana
She went to the gala😑
youknowthevibess Prije 9 dana
Haloishome Prije 9 dana
Literally where’s Taylor?! WHERES MY WIFE
reyy.my. baee
reyy.my. baee Prije 9 dana
chipcrossing Prije 10 dana
To be honest I don’t get into this stuff and I’m not a fan of Addison or this but I can see her rocking a met gala outfit.
Ur mom is calling
Ur mom is calling Prije 10 dana
Why not olivia, harry or doja cat?! 😊💔
JENNIE KIM Prije 10 dana
No tiktoker:)))
Skysparksss Prije 10 dana
You always are in its non of your business I can literally ban you rn happy
Nicole Prije 10 dana
I am watching this on the sep 14 lol
olivia ahinikko doja harry deserve to be there
hiphopmissedmop Prije 10 dana
dude you do not need to hate on addison she got invited it is a great oberchuinty you are supposed to be a tea spiller not a hater you are so disrespectful I watch your videos becuase I want to know about drama but anyway addison should not get hate becuase I bet you that if you got invited to the metgala you would go
briley jean
briley jean Prije 10 dana
it’s pronounced CON not COEN lol
Kulvir Gill
Kulvir Gill Prije 10 dana
Isn’t Rosè from BLACKPINK also being invited to the MET Gala?
Shirin Prije 10 dana
Idc if they invite Bretman or Nikki or Bella...I mean they have done some actual noticeable stuff...but the rest...no goddamn way
Dumpling Prije 11 dana
Yo what ? Why tf would they invite a girl who has a fashion of a Cesar salad without dressing ? Like they could have invited zayan, BTS, BP, and they chose to do…… Addison ? Like Bella and Bret, I can understand cuz Bella got talent. Idek if this is an early April fools joke, because it better be.
Lourd Sabah
Lourd Sabah Prije 11 dana
Y'all are mad that someone is getting movies and starting another life than tiktok
Jj Prije 11 dana
Addison did not deserve it.
Arapera Walker
Arapera Walker Prije 11 dana
Doja cat ????????
Vanshika Prije 11 dana
I don't see harry styles name there
Ava Alipour
Ava Alipour Prije 11 dana
ADRX Deedrich
ADRX Deedrich Prije 11 dana
Tiktok is the gateway to huge success , it's the ground platform for tomorrow's starz..
ADRX Deedrich
ADRX Deedrich Prije 11 dana
She can now add acting credits to her growing portfolio.. the girl is annoying AF but she has millions of followers, she is adored by millions which means that she is an asset to the vogue financial.. it's all about vogue keeping up with the trends of the younger generation for their business profits . A celeb of today is all about the amount of influence they have that will be profitable for a corporation .. it took Kim Kardashian many years to get a met gala invitation, to date , kourtney was not yet invited .. 💜
I am racist  to white people
I am racist to white people Prije 12 dana
They didn't invite Harry, BTS, Doja, , Olivia, Aurora and many other artists and celebrities but they invited these Tiktokers 🤡🤡🤡
sacid Prije 12 dana
addison PLEASE do not go for the love of god omm...
• Caramel •
• Caramel • Prije 12 dana
What the hell? Addison Rae is in no means an a list celebrity- like what about Olivia Rodrigo?
Boba Bear
Boba Bear Prije 12 dana
And also everyone hating on the hes all that trailer but the movie becoming #1 in america i can not deal with this
Boba Bear
Boba Bear Prije 12 dana
Sooooo 10 million dollars isnt enough to Afford a met gala dress... Imma js go
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