nikita dragun made a song and it’s HORRIBLE!?

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anna oop

Prije 26 dana

nikita dragun made a song and it’s HORRIBLE!


DrSadd21 Prije 14 sati
Hi Mrs. W**B***
Evxui Prije 16 sati
1:14 she was applying deodorant- 💀
cloudy_sweetener Prije 17 sati
Come on bella porch is the only singer I can tolerate from tik tok
Abraao Enoque
Abraao Enoque Prije 17 sati
"Triple Homicide" LMFAO
Toad Prije 23 sati
Imma trigger ppl lol This man nikita needa chillax 🤣
Marwa Hossain
Marwa Hossain Prije dan
Nikita : hmm I can sing and dance really good like really good . Bella : who is actually singing good
Phoebe Watson
Phoebe Watson Prije dan
Anna is really rude to her just trying to make a song
Ninti Bey
Ninti Bey Prije dan
She made that persona because she was afraid to express her real true self Nessa live in y’all head rent free huh? Y’all miserable frl she doesn’t gaf ab y’all hating asses lmao move around
Sarthak Arora
Sarthak Arora Prije 2 dana
what when and how in the world i- no this is not real
gia Prije 2 dana
All three bella, Dixie and Addison can sing y'all are just haters Nd y'all gonna hate forever bcz they will always be on top
Oliver Johnson
Oliver Johnson Prije 2 dana
I don’t think Dixie is that bad tbh but I do think Addison sucks. Bella poarch is really good tho and I think nessa is also really good
novskha Prije 2 dana
I like Anna’s “BUT” dk bout y’all
Alyssa the Gymnast
Alyssa the Gymnast Prije 3 dana
I mean dixie can sing
destiny rexya
destiny rexya Prije 3 dana
I hope she's being sarcastic saying that Nikita is multi talented.. Nikita is trash
Ahlaia Gelvoligaya!
Ahlaia Gelvoligaya! Prije 3 dana
me;waiting for the music vid
Queen Isha
Queen Isha Prije 3 dana
Why y’all hating like the song ain’t even come out yet , YALL just love to pick on tiktokers
Bambi Sinclair
Bambi Sinclair Prije 3 dana
Anna:"Who wakes up to fight with their ex " Me: ........ 👁👄👁"I FEEL VERY ATTACKED!"
Bambi Sinclair
Bambi Sinclair Prije 3 dana
On behalf of the transgender community we do NOT claim,have nor want ✨ANY✨ association with Nikita! 🙂
Kaitlin K
Kaitlin K Prije 3 dana
unsubscribed, i can’t do it anymore. these videos attack people for no reason. it’s not tea, it’s just anna being a bully
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Prije 3 dana
even with my volume at its lowest, when ana says *BUT* i feel like ill go deaf..-
✨𝕕𝕖𝕜𝕦𝕤𝕪𝕞𝕡💖 Prije 3 dana
Avalean Winston
Avalean Winston Prije 3 dana
really shady TikTok?IT'S A TREND SWEETIE
cheesepop ♡
cheesepop ♡ Prije 4 dana
Ok sometimes i don’t get y’all like you bully Nikita for her voice but the moment she gets insecure abt it and lipsyncs over someone else’s voice you make jokes about her being insecure and want to cancel her? What??
Jennifer Prije 4 dana
She used dead trans woman on her 💩 music video… that’s lie ..
Kara Hide
Kara Hide Prije 4 dana
honestly I feel like ppl should just worry about themselves then care abt what that Neesa girl
T Ali
T Ali Prije 4 dana
Omg Nikita’s song is- 🤢
Dxvii Prije 4 dana
Lets be honest, Bella poarch is the only one who's ACTUALLY thriving when she started her music career, unlike these other influencers-
•K i t t y C h a n•
•K i t t y C h a n• Prije 4 dana
Honestly, I got alittle pissed by watching this. Because Nikita is a Queen to me. But if her songs aren’t good I wouldn’t mind it but eh I would judge it alttile but like damn, it feels like she’s honestly throwing hate on her? But yeah yeah, no offence to anna but I watch all her videos and I only enjoy watching hers lol😭😭😭
•K i t t y C h a n•
•K i t t y C h a n• Prije 4 dana
But what now, people are gonna Cancel her just because her music is terrible? I don’t think that’s how it works. Why do people get cancel for they’re music being trash. I love her makeup and other stuff. Instead just say she isn’t suitable for songs or musics
llllio Prije 5 dana
With ur queen NESSA? Anna u support a racist broken emo pick me girl??
Laila Fleming xo
Laila Fleming xo Prije 5 dana
Dixie songs are good
Alex J
Alex J Prije 5 dana
Who’s Kenzie and Isaac? Lol
KiwiRosa Prije 5 dana
Too many untalented people making it in the music industry
MOA BUDDY Prije 5 dana
1;10 where can i watch that clip?
Bienvenue Prije 5 dana
That's one gross song. It's called Dick and she outs every man, she says she slept with 🤦 she's one foul person IMO.
AYEItsAriel Prije 5 dana
Why are u saying the QuEeN hErSeLf Nikita isn’t a queen 🙄
Moon Light
Moon Light Prije 5 dana
Honey stop screaming please I can’t concentrate fr it hearts my ears 😹
Neve Prije 5 dana
The fact the song blew up
Mars Prije 6 dana
Nikita is just having fun, fucking around, and not being serious. I fully expected her song to be a heap of garbage but I actually like it lol
Keke’s Dynasty
Keke’s Dynasty Prije 6 dana
Bru she too controversial time to be done
mohammed idriss
mohammed idriss Prije 6 dana
i love how she showed clips of nikita in escape the night
Hakunaphase Prije 6 dana
Omg kids are mean😳
Erica Li
Erica Li Prije 7 dana
I honestly really like Dixie songs but Addison song is uhh questionable
I like Ratts poo
I like Ratts poo Prije 6 dana
Chenille Wilson
Chenille Wilson Prije 7 dana
Both Dixie and Madison are amazing singers
Jayde Clementson
Jayde Clementson Prije 7 dana
The only tik toker that has made good music is Bella poarch
darling💕 Prije 7 dana
did i just hear i got two girlfriends and they bestfrends🤔
🌸✨Ducksxheavenly✨🌸 Prije 8 dana
Face reveal??? ||
Lia's Vibes🎵
Lia's Vibes🎵 Prije 8 dana
Not all tiktokers thinking that they can sing like girl you are Not multi talented 😒
🌸Tsubakihime🌸 Prije 8 dana
Her song is out of emotion and expression🤮
I stan talent
I stan talent Prije 8 dana
Is nessa Barrett being sarcastic? Because when she said she’s not like other girls, she talked in a weird voice and did the Debby Ryan move. I’m genuinely confused,
Rakeb Prije 8 dana
why does every tiktoker suddenly wants to be singers?
Peyton Lynne
Peyton Lynne Prije 8 dana
Y’all can anybody a pick me. Nessa is definitely not a pick me girl. She was just posting tiktoks like everyone else? Like everyone is very different in personality and style. What is the problem with that? Her music is actually good and she pulls off the style. Go listen to her ep. And learn how sweet she really is. Because you guys are sickening and just rude. You have no right to say what she is and isn’t when nobody knows her personally.
Midnight 그림자
Midnight 그림자 Prije 8 dana
Now all of sudden tic tokers can sing?🙄
정코 ♡
정코 ♡ Prije 8 dana
NOW NOKIA DRAGON Listen guys ik it's nikita dragun
PALESA MOHALE Prije 8 dana
You really hate Nikita hey?
kat Prije 9 dana
no, no music isn’t for everyone. not anyone can make music, it’s so much more than cheap snares, beats and poor lyrics. it comes from a very ancient time and it should be treated as such. great artists like eminem or michael jackson ARE musicians, nikita or dixie just press a button to make a beat and add lyrics to that, there’s no real talent here.
Swiftie By Heart
Swiftie By Heart Prije 9 dana
Yall realize we dont have to "deal" with ANY of these songs. just let them express their love for music even if its terrible. which i agree on
Swiftie By Heart
Swiftie By Heart Prije 3 dana
@Alysia ÙwÚ exactly
Alysia ÙwÚ
Alysia ÙwÚ Prije 5 dana
Or bring unnecessary drama Into people’s lives?
Madeline Meadows
Madeline Meadows Prije 9 dana
lol i'd like to see you act sing and make a company and be super good at it then you can be disrespectful to other like that.
SoCuteBleh ツ
SoCuteBleh ツ Prije 9 dana
Auto-tune ain't saving this shi-
Anabel Gropaj
Anabel Gropaj Prije 10 dana
You can just ignore theyre music
Kappally Sims
Kappally Sims Prije 10 dana
Just let her release her music. Other artists do that too and nobody shades them. Hypocrid
madison heath
madison heath Prije 10 dana
Literally Dixie has a great voice leave her alone
Emmy and Pinkk Roblox
Emmy and Pinkk Roblox Prije 10 dana
how does annna almost how 2 mil she doesnt deserve it
Ava Prije 10 dana
dixies a awesome singer bruh
Sophia Jordan
Sophia Jordan Prije 10 dana
We so brain washed her
Purple girl Afton family fan
Purple girl Afton family fan Prije 10 dana
Racist I can't believe you turn down an apology video
vspresetxcx help
vspresetxcx help Prije 10 dana
just don’t listen to the song and u mont deal with it
ColdTrix Prije 10 dana
ngl.. anna be switching alot.. its honestly annoying.
BRUH ESME Prije 10 dana
Tbh nessa’s voice gets a so annoying 😐
u all suck
u all suck Prije 10 dana
anna ur ''queen'' is islamphobic. get some help pls kthx x
kaden my beloved
kaden my beloved Prije 10 dana
no hate but like she be hypocritical to pay her bills like 💀
Jaedelle Lee - Dow
Jaedelle Lee - Dow Prije 11 dana
nessa sounds like my 5 year old cousin
Zarmeen Hashmat
Zarmeen Hashmat Prije 11 dana
Thing I don’t get is that if she likes a tiktok she defends them
Love Huyh
Love Huyh Prije 11 dana
Why does everyone hate Anna?? Just wondering lol
maha alshafi
maha alshafi Prije 11 dana
nikita dragun has all talents and its funny
• cinna •
• cinna • Prije 11 dana
why does nessa always have her head sideways?
Mep the simp
Mep the simp Prije 11 dana
yoooo I want to be your friend is badddd!!!!
Abigail McDonald
Abigail McDonald Prije 11 dana
Y'all are so annoying. What if they want to sing what if they want to dance. It's a free country. Those who are underrated will be underrated it's the society we live in, it's not their fault. You all are so noisy it's annoying.
FALSE BARBI Prije 11 dana
She use to be a dancer tho
FFFoxxy Prije 11 dana
Why are all tiktoks are becoming acters and singers
multi stan
multi stan Prije 12 dana
istg, no hate or shade, but whtas the point on hating on tiktokers that makes music, why is it ok for everyone else to make music but not tiktokers. some tiktokers really to have passion for music. and calling dixies and addisons music a straight out joke is literally just straight out rude af. like im not the biggest fan of their music, but i dont go around talking shit about it. if u dont like it then tf move on
Besties squad Besties
Besties squad Besties Prije 12 dana
No hate but did u call dixe bad at singing?
Charlotte Prije 12 dana
Anyone waiting for Anna’s scandal 🤪
sam Prije 12 dana
Nadia Tang
Nadia Tang Prije 12 dana
im surprised her weave didnt fall off during the teaser u showed
Superman Gamer 923
Superman Gamer 923 Prije 12 dana
Anna just made it clear that she HATES Nikita and Addison.. Like WTF she hasn't even heard the full song but she already calls it HORRIBLE... Yeah can we get ANNA cancelled now plss
BORED Prije 12 dana
I like how she says my queen nessa then shades her right after lol also can we talk about how Nessa and bella are the only tiktoker that can sing
Ava Cooke
Ava Cooke Prije 12 dana
ohhh noooo
Purity Jackson
Purity Jackson Prije 12 dana
She literally drags Dixie in this yettttt makes a video “feeling bad” for Dixie with all the hate😐
Judy Mingo
Judy Mingo Prije 12 dana
Dixies songs really arent that bad In my opinion atleast
Froggy Plays!💚
Froggy Plays!💚 Prije 12 dana
No stop cause Bella poarch is the only good singer from tiktok😶
Mishca Africa
Mishca Africa Prije 13 dana
But i honestly like like dixie's songs
They_luv_Dylan_ Prije 13 dana
dam Really throwing shade on Nikita
Justin Henderson
Justin Henderson Prije 13 dana
Dixie has great music.Addisons is trash
Carrot_head Prije 13 dana
I’d say she’s a person who acts not an actor
Minna Synnermo
Minna Synnermo Prije 13 dana
Honestly I think Dixie is pretty good at singing I mean I don't listning to her but she is not that bad but Addison and Nikita is just 🤮
Kᴇʀᴏʙʟᴏx Prije 13 dana
LMAOO anna is such a hypocrite
Joelle Siwa
Joelle Siwa Prije 13 dana
The NEssa one was really funny
Nevaeh Jones
Nevaeh Jones Prije 14 dana
Anna….you are getting kinda problematic making all these videos every day about the same pple…..kinda being a bully 🤨
Racheal Adesiyan
Racheal Adesiyan Prije 14 dana
honestly tiktokers should stay tiktokers thats what yall are good at well except for my girl bella
Ateki-san Prije 14 dana
Nessa: "I'm like, so different" All the other girls: "Yeah me too girl"
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