Khaby Lame BODYSHAMING Addison Rae?!

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anna oop

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Khaby Lame BODYSHAMING Addison Rae?!


Lil Rebel
Lil Rebel Prije 23 sati
Calling someone a whale isn’t body shaming whale sometimes means a very wealthy person n I think he meant she’s rich in followers
•BTS mocha•
•BTS mocha• Prije dan
Sometimes I don’t like anna oop.
Jazziah Moore
Jazziah Moore Prije dan
People just want to hate on khady
•Sleepless._.Esme• Prije 2 dana
It’s funny how ana says no bullying and stuff like that but then she be exposing and kinda insulting tik tokers
Soju Prije 2 dana
Its fine to not support the lgbtq community but attacking them and hurting them is not okay.
100k_kidkai Prije 2 dana
Bro I used to be a fan of anna Oop but she just being disrespectful to the vegan teacher and to people trying to stop animal cruelty. And NOW SHE DOING KHABY LAME WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U GO SEE A FUCKING THERAPIST OH MY FUCKING GOD but I agree that she doesn’t deserve to be body shamed but she slim thick yasss queen 👑✨✌🏾
Romaine Baugh
Romaine Baugh Prije 2 dana
He shouldn't even be famous.. He did absolutely nothing on tik tok to get famous🙄
Lacreshia uneda Sianipar
Lacreshia uneda Sianipar Prije 3 dana
they literal follow each other and now this wha
butter Prije 4 dana
If he has rights to body shame someone then we have rights to body shame him 😎 equality b!tch
Lavender_weeb Prije 4 dana
Gurl Addison rae deserves it- She made 150+ k!11 thereselves.
MrCreeper Prije 4 dana
but i saw that khaby was following addison rae
MrCreeper Prije 4 dana
it could be khabys manager
Jay_king Prije 5 dana
I know that nigga Blake did not just throw up the crip sign cuh that nigga trippin
OOFOOF OOF Prije 5 dana
I am a fan but this ain't right, Khaby.
your mom
your mom Prije 5 dana
imagine judging people because they have a different belief than you 😐
Lestle Soto
Lestle Soto Prije 5 dana
I don’t want people to cancel khabhy lane I like him but hope he apologized
𝘋𝘢𝘯𝘪 Prije 5 dana
does it really fucking matter if shes a trump supporter?
cupidd Prije 5 dana
The past is the past yeah we get he did that but why would you bring up the past lol?
hads☮️ Prije 5 dana
how many, "aphobics" are there😂😫
Mxilliwastaken Prije 5 dana
Don’t forget how Addison publicly shared a MINORS address.
Danish buttercup
Danish buttercup Prije 6 dana
WHat if somebody bodyshames peatches
rachel Prije 6 dana
Tbh I know Bryce has done stupid things in the past but I genuinely feel sad especially when hea talked in the podcast about him helping him with financial stuff talk abt friends stabbing you in the back . Blake would be nowhere without bryce
Giana😩😳 Prije 6 dana
we all make mistakes, when a random person makes a mistake nobody gives him hate but when someone is popular they get hate, i don’t like addison but nobody deserves to get body shamed i still like him but i hope he grows from this
Ankita Sati
Ankita Sati Prije 6 dana
Racism at its best White people can never see black people surpass them in any field of life
Cici Games
Cici Games Prije 6 dana
Anna.....SHUT UP
Rheyanna Prije 7 dana
Ever since he hit 100m people are finding every bits and peice to get him canceled
Themisskarljacobs Prije 7 dana
song kinda sounds better when u add those sound affect thingys- 😍
えみこちゃん Prije 7 dana
Why would they hate her bc she supports Trump I support Trump too ʕ - o - ʔ
Grelli Prije 7 dana
You know what’s funny. Addison can be a trumpie and say that blm is a cult and ppl would still support her no matter what. But let a black person do sum
ayumi Prije 7 dana
anna is srsly annoying
orange chicken
orange chicken Prije 7 dana
he could've meant like in followers... like his following isn't as big. bodyshaming isnt cool but like you dont know what he meant
harikuu omgg
harikuu omgg Prije 8 dana
Ok ok ok, lets get this straight, khaby lame supposingly “bodyshamed” addison rae by liking a comment? it doesnt mean he said “omg addison rae is such a fat whale” like girl pls , your title says that he is bodyshaming her, so cool your campfire, its not like he said that its just a like of a comment we get that bodyshaming is wrong and i may not support it but it still doesnt mean that he said that she was fat.
marshmallow stories
marshmallow stories Prije 9 dana
Remember in 2016 when people used to have fun on tiktok
Lone Unicorn
Lone Unicorn Prije 10 dana
What is wrong with the tik tok community...why so toxic .....
The best friend squad  ♡
The best friend squad ♡ Prije 10 dana
Why the heck are people hating on everyone that supports Trump I supports Trump but I never told anyone because I know everyone is going to hate me like my ex using me BFF
The best friend squad  ♡
The best friend squad ♡ Prije 8 dana
@Ems attest you support my opinion!
Ems Prije 8 dana
Krista Grace
Krista Grace Prije 10 dana
anna i dont like u
Matthew Boettcher
Matthew Boettcher Prije 10 dana
2:08 girl what your litteraley following the person who said that
It’sTorii Prije 10 dana
I think people are right abiut quinton i think he said take a fat hit cus it wouldnt make sense if he said take a _____ hit
deez nuts
deez nuts Prije 10 dana
JSL- Gaming
JSL- Gaming Prije 12 dana
good for him lol
meow Prije 13 dana
her I don’t think he should be canceled for this: Addison making a movie:people CANCELED CANCELED 😍🤌
V10v3r Prije 13 dana
I don’t like Addison or anything but that’s going to far- like dude wtf also i still don’t know how Khaby has 100MIL-😟
Sloth With A Wand
Sloth With A Wand Prije 13 dana
He ment a cigarette when he said the "F slur" its what some ppl cal cigarettes
Sloth With A Wand
Sloth With A Wand Prije 13 dana
And no i do not support him
XtruMo.eM2d Prije 14 dana
I hate to break it to you, khaby has 110million now
Muyawie UwU
Muyawie UwU Prije 7 dana
piker forever
piker forever Prije 15 dana
atp it's not about drama or "cancelling" it's about understanding that bodyshaming is not ok
Phineas Gage
Phineas Gage Prije 15 dana
Bruh we all have body shamed people at some point....
♡︎Simply_roxbl♡︎ Prije 15 dana
I feel bad for famous people who are going through this
Wisteria Prije 15 dana
I think Keisha was correct about you lol. Actually, she could have said far more.
xkx Prije 15 dana
Not kabe
Lacey Henrick
Lacey Henrick Prije 16 dana
What what what The hell shakadie told me those
Gussion YT
Gussion YT Prije 16 dana
4:38 OK these boys I really want hit them with the shoe This is weird
Atia Albury
Atia Albury Prije 16 dana
Simply Cici!
Simply Cici! Prije 17 dana
Anna’s search history: - someone shuffling money - someone typing on phone - someone typing on laptop
frills r cute 2
frills r cute 2 Prije 2 dana
I’m Cool
I’m Cool Prije 13 dana
Alt Account
Alt Account Prije 15 dana
That’s true lol
Jana Bukhari
Jana Bukhari Prije 17 dana
Can someone explain what slurs are? I don’t understand them or what they mean
Helena Fernandes
Helena Fernandes Prije 18 dana
tbh ive hated him before watching this vid but now i do more
doDi-wan Kenobi
doDi-wan Kenobi Prije 18 dana
Cn someone explain to a 39yr old: so… kids these days are all extremely superficial, overdramatic and hardly neurotypical- but insensitive jokes are the Problem? Mohkay… hope is lost.
Allu Prije 18 dana
Khaby lame is king 👊🏽 yall soft
Sarrox Prije 18 dana
Why will people hate Quinton just because he is a trump supporter? This is the problem with everyone, someone political views should not make u judge them.
Vanessa De La Cruz
Vanessa De La Cruz Prije 19 dana
He should get canceled
Vanessa De La Cruz
Vanessa De La Cruz Prije 19 dana
What happened to “my girl Addison” you should honestly stfu
Cozy Plants
Cozy Plants Prije 19 dana
im not defending addison rae from body shaming, im defending everyone who has a similar body like her
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray Prije 19 dana
This video is about someone liking a comment u guys are stupid lol
kokichi’s wife
kokichi’s wife Prije 19 dana
mans getting cancelled for not saying a word 💀
Hankoc Pharung
Hankoc Pharung Prije 20 dana
Time and time again, "If idiots could fly, tiktok would be the perfect airport." All the idiots of Generation Z's are gathered in this platform. I don't understand, I just don't.
Astrid x
Astrid x Prije 20 dana
Still pronouncing his name completely wrong 🥰 queen of research
Bxxry Longbottom
Bxxry Longbottom Prije 20 dana
Okay, the person saying canceling Khaby is fine. But it’s the fact they said nothing about Addison Rae did you all of a sudden forget what she did? If you gonna cancel him cancel her too. 😭✋ (no hate to anyone.)
Krew Legendz
Krew Legendz Prije 21 dan
I feel like as a boy khaby should get cancelled cause in his past TikToks he made sexu@l jokes to girls.
queen bee
queen bee Prije 21 dan
idk man.. i dont rlly find khaby lame funny..../
Natalia Padilla
Natalia Padilla Prije 21 dan
I get that Trump is a bad person but I don’t why we have hate on people because they support him it’s their opinion like they are in titled to their own opinion
wendy wells
wendy wells Prije 21 dan
ok who remember how all tic tokers were the best but now its burning down
°ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕒° Prije 21 dan
With is wrong with Anna the shit khaby did shouldn't be okay after he apologies some of Anna's followers might have tw about things like this
Muzhara Lauren
Muzhara Lauren Prije 22 dana
Chill Anna chill
Yume! Prije 22 dana
Didnt u literally bodyshame a minor which made ur followers send hate to them?
jul Prije 22 dana
People LOVE to body shame but when they get body shamed they get mad💀
6slaughter_ Prije 22 dana
iiseaxshell4 family
iiseaxshell4 family Prije 22 dana
Bella Martinez
Bella Martinez Prije 22 dana
Bruh my brother still supports him, Khaby shouldn't have a platform. 🧍
chaneI Prije 21 dan
UltimateFireCracker Prije 22 dana
Lmao yet you don’t have the same energy with these white tiktokers being racist you’re worried about Khaby lmfao
Miraculus.x.bugaboo Prije 22 dana
ayumi Prije 22 dana
Well, we should not body shame people but it’s also important to think about our health.
Melina Santiago
Melina Santiago Prije 22 dana
She Deserves all the hate because I'm a hater now idc about her and happy bryce not with her and btw I'm not a Trump supporter and i don't support Trump supporters even Addison it just so sad
Melina Santiago
Melina Santiago Prije 22 dana
Idc about Addison anymore i lost alot respect for her
Frosty Prije 22 dana
Khaby lame is the best no one likes Addison Rae hahah
Rihab Chker
Rihab Chker Prije 22 dana
It’s khaby’s fans pages NOT him!!
Ghazy salaytah
Ghazy salaytah Prije 23 dana
vinniehxcker12 Prije 23 dana
am i the only one thats confused in the part when she said Blake,Noah,Markel and Vinnie. Vinnie wasn’t in any of the videos they posted and i saw josh in the video
Parfait Prije 23 dana
I didn’t know Addison played genshin what’s her uid I wanna friend her
dante&janet Elupre
dante&janet Elupre Prije 23 dana
everyone: kissing booth and he’s all that sucks me: enjoyed both IM A DIFFERENT BREED
mairani Prije 23 dana
Why is it always Trump supportive
valeria castaneda
valeria castaneda Prije 23 dana
Umm it really does matter if Addison supports Trump and no I don't support Trump but that's not funny and he is so rude
Kim's Lucky Charms (Gaming)
Kim's Lucky Charms (Gaming) Prije 23 dana
Stop editing the tiktok influencers faces and things that’s not his skin color and stuff your rude Anna Oop
Sashaly Prije 23 dana
i don't think he should get cancelled like Anna said only because he did mistakes he shouldn't get cancelled he should say sorry and think of what he said we do this to a lot of influencers when they do a mistake theree is other ways to make him pay than cancelling them
Moz Animations - & More
Moz Animations - & More Prije 23 dana
This is THE stupidest claim of bodyshaming I've ever seen. Where's the evidence guys? These guys make outrageous accusations without any info to back it up. If Khaby liked a comment that includes her as a whale, it doesn't infer than it's pointing out another person's body
a whole clowneryyy
a whole clowneryyy Prije 23 dana
I bet Khaby even knew what that comment actually meant😕jus cos he's getting almost more attention than Charlie yall really dig DEEP into his past? LOL yall need to rest🚶‍♂️
Shikamaru Prije 23 dana
Get a job bruh
kelly Lavigne
kelly Lavigne Prije 24 dana
Addison have the same body as me when i was in high school and people used to tell me if i loses 5 kg u will look nicer i didn't want listen to them i loved that i was not skinny and not fat it's just bother me that people think u need to look a certain type
Belmina Delic
Belmina Delic Prije 24 dana
You make me so mad😐
Sakurapetals Prije 24 dana
Why is it when sm1 gets famous yall like to dig deep and destroy em
Samantha Anderson
Samantha Anderson Prije 24 dana
Ummm ok Anna yes sure Quinton was wrong but you've said a racial slurr in the past don't be a hypocrite-
Butter 🧈
Butter 🧈 Prije 24 dana
Not the trump mess again, like I said you don't gotta bring it up and also she can support whoever she wants too pls stop bringing it up!
Jada Richards
Jada Richards Prije 24 dana
THIS IS THE ONLY VID THAT I DON'T LIKE ANNA.... It's giving double standards cause ur giving a pass for others who have bodyshamed Addison rae but u then said it isn't ok he did it its still not right but againnnn....It's giving double standards😐🤌🏾
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