addison rae and nessa barrett are both LIARS!!

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anna oop

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addison rae and nessa barrett are both LIARS!!
#annaoop #nessabarrett #addisonrae

KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije dan
I’m sorry- what exactly did Addison do wrong? She’s single, they’ve been single. Bruce felt sad when he was called an ex boyfriend- well that’s what u are buddy. And what that girl said was right- she never said Bryce cheated - she said he has too many cheating ALLEGATIONS, some ppl get tired of that shit and just decide to leave all the drama back. Y’all acting like Addison HAD to stay with him. I still haven’t seen her do anything wrong to him and I don’t even like her
Sarita Hrickova
Sarita Hrickova Prije dan
They're all in de same age as me but they keep acting childish 🙄
Carolina Infante
Carolina Infante Prije dan
aDdIsOn ChEaTeD «, girl just leave their lifes alone the only that can speak abt this are the ppl that know rlly. Yall just didn´t know that he cheated first..
Camila Magana
Camila Magana Prije dan
Unseasoned Feet
Unseasoned Feet Prije dan
Why is NO ONE here talking about what she is doing to the dream SMP (so for context Addison Rae is trying to join the dream SMP she leaked tommyinnit and technoblades address. She wanted to kick tommy out so she’ll have a place in the SMP. She edited pictures of Niachu. And has the courage to blame it all on the dunkins)
Milla Kobbina
Milla Kobbina Prije 2 dana
umm tiktok drama is way more confusing than piper rockelle's squad drama lmaooo
Taline Antoun
Taline Antoun Prije 2 dana
I feel bad for Bryce
王靖悠WONG CHING YAU Prije 2 dana
Bryce:I’m jealous of a girl A few years later Bryce:HI SISTERS
organic hazz
organic hazz Prije 3 dana
Lyrics: Weeks
sunchild -
sunchild - Prije 3 dana
why? why are people so fuckin obsessed with OTHER’S relationships????? i never understood why ppl would care about actual celebrities relationships ie. actors, musicians, etc. but bruh now a days you truly just need a pretty face n put yourself out there on tiktok and you’ll 98% become somewhat “viral” idk i just honestly cannot make sense of why ppl care about these ppl, who they don’t even know love’s life???!!? someone help n explain it to me pls
purify Prije 3 dana
i’m on social media detox right now, what the fuck is happening.
Kennadie Rich
Kennadie Rich Prije 4 dana
So what if Josh cheated didn’t Nessa kiss chase
Bloom of Domino
Bloom of Domino Prije 4 dana
Wasn‘t she also seen with Zack Bia, Madison Beer‘s ex? 👀
Landon Prije 4 dana
Nessas dad is the coolest dad alive
StrawberryPsycho Prije 4 dana
Your videos are amazing 💕
Froggy plays
Froggy plays Prije 4 dana
dang addison😭✋
Yulissa Zamora
Yulissa Zamora Prije 4 dana
You’r ugly Addison😭 You’re cute 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢👋🏻
Abeeha Zahir
Abeeha Zahir Prije 5 dana
Braelyn Prije 5 dana
addi caught lackin😀
Gabriella Kadiri
Gabriella Kadiri Prije 6 dana
why don't Addison and Bryce do a lie detector test to solve all their problems and the publics questions
MELANIN BARBZ Prije 6 dana
MELANIN BARBZ Prije 6 dana
Cant trust no one
lily Prije 6 dana
bryce is literally complaining abt addison bringing stuff to social media... on social media so i just,,
Miya Percival
Miya Percival Prije 6 dana
I just want to say congratulations on almost two million followers
BibikaOnYt Prije 6 dana
Question who tf gives a shit about teens relationship
Dream Solo
Dream Solo Prije 6 dana
Honestly, I thought that Addison was not problematic whatsoever, but I kind of felt it.
FUCKSATORU - Prije 6 dana
I don’t blame ness a for cheating tbh
Michaela Jonsson cole
Michaela Jonsson cole Prije 7 dana
She definitely doesn’t all these fucking, Braddison fans just want them to get together their relationship is so toxic they shouldn’t.
Myleiシ Prije 7 dana
y’all literally shipped nessa and jaden but when they start dating you all get mad?
Genesis Mendez
Genesis Mendez Prije 7 dana
Nessa tik toks is so cringy 🤠🤠
Sa'Myah Ettinoffe
Sa'Myah Ettinoffe Prije 7 dana
Idec that Addi cheated cause Bryce is still an asshole
cookie _
cookie _ Prije 7 dana
puhlease stop shouting "BUT" it aint funny miss gurl its just plain annoying
Naeemah B
Naeemah B Prije 7 dana
Honestly the people who I do believe in the Madsen Nessa situation or meds and Josh Richards I feel so bad for Josh because he was madly in love with Nessa and what Nessa did was not right. And meds was genuinely crying none of that fake apology stuff that you see on HRpost so
Naeemah B
Naeemah B Prije 7 dana
Chase Hudson honestly I don’t know why anyone didn’t believe him like he seem so genuine and I don’t think that he would make all that stuff up so it’s kind of stupid though we didn’t believe him in the past
Naeemah B
Naeemah B Prije 7 dana
I definitely do believe Addison Bryce hall doesn’t give any good vibes or any reason that I should believe him and I honestly think that his decisions are just effed up sometimes.
Summer Prije 7 dana
I love how Anna says "BUT-"
melike Sener
melike Sener Prije 7 dana
i dont understand she can be in love with someone and also have guy friends and hang out with them? Why does bryce to make such a big deal out of it?
fredrick douglas
fredrick douglas Prije 7 dana
your so quiet and then all of a sudden u scream BUT super loud next time check to make sure u dont have large spikes like that
cqcqxmx Prije 7 dana
Man I really feel bad for these tiktokers, like fr idk what to say..
Andrea Jimenez
Andrea Jimenez Prije 7 dana
If Bryce was so mature he wouldn’t be bringing the SITUATION to social media and shade Addison when he was the one that cheated on her. Addison can go and date with anyone she wants because she’s not an a relationship
Soùl Vènom
Soùl Vènom Prije 7 dana
If jaden really cared he would not made tattoos with jaden so early she's crazy
Soùl Vènom
Soùl Vènom Prije 7 dana
Everyone was like mads is bad and now nessa colours are showed and people came after bryce and now addisons truth is out 🙊
Drama QuEen
Drama QuEen Prije 7 dana
she thinks she is a celeb just for a stupid song its not even good
måřïə.jøšə håđđãđ
måřïə.jøšə håđđãđ Prije 7 dana
ya know if they never revealed their problems in the first place and dealt with it like adults privately it would've been so much easier and no one would ever hate on 'em. Sometimes I really hate social media.
ρ є я ƒ є ɕ т ơ
ρ є я ƒ є ɕ т ơ Prije 8 dana
Tt Anderson
Tt Anderson Prije 8 dana
Chase did tell all of us but most of us didn't listen😬😢
Ayo, you got something in you’re eye
Ayo, you got something in you’re eye Prije 8 dana
Nessa thinks she’s emo, SHBSHWNA SHES EGIRL
Kenzie Bry
Kenzie Bry Prije 8 dana
Tf boo you’re upsetting me he freaking cheated are you stupid... yeah you are an idiot for just blaming it on her and Bryce hall cheating on her like what grade are you in 1 tf
Pancake_ Oof
Pancake_ Oof Prije 8 dana
Rebekkah c
Rebekkah c Prije 8 dana
And etc just cuz Bryce and Josh look and act like f boys doesn't mean they are. You never know someone truly unless you list in to them. And no one is...
Rebekkah c
Rebekkah c Prije 8 dana
Trust Bryce he's never been a bad guy... If she was in the right she would have talked about it.
maymay Moore
maymay Moore Prije 8 dana
Bryce: I never wanted this to become public Also Bryce: makes everything public and starts drama
maymay Moore
maymay Moore Prije 8 dana
Nether of them are good people period.
Larissa Macias
Larissa Macias Prije 8 dana
Yeah so anna oop so i am not a fan of addison rea but i feel bad for her and she can date who ever she wants but then again am not a fan i just feel bad and plus her new song like she got hate for it just by making one. but then again dateing 2 boys that mhm... um... bad?
Briana Ocasio
Briana Ocasio Prije 8 dana
I don't know why Addison broke Bryce's feelings , Bryce but 100 percent into the relationship
Briana Ocasio
Briana Ocasio Prije 8 dana
Josh is acting very nice it was kind of suspicious but this drama is making me laugh because it can all just be resolved ☺️
Quinn J
Quinn J Prije 8 dana
I'm just waiting for the day where alllll the drama is somehow forgotten and all these tiktoks that were friends can hang out together with no beef Smh
Goku Tanaka
Goku Tanaka Prije 8 dana
omg youre so close to 2 million
LeAh PlAyZ
LeAh PlAyZ Prije 8 dana
honestly if people dont want to start sh!t with people the I say DONT EVEN REPLY TO OTHER F---ING SH!T
kyali. dv
kyali. dv Prije 8 dana
Bryce deserved MUCH better🥲
Amy Douglass
Amy Douglass Prije 8 dana
Miss gurll...
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije 8 dana
I don’t know who to defend anymore 😭
Alexandra Parker
Alexandra Parker Prije 8 dana
Addison literally sucks. So pathetic.
Ja'Layvian Morgan
Ja'Layvian Morgan Prije 8 dana
and fact byrce did cheat on addison
Ja'Layvian Morgan
Ja'Layvian Morgan Prije 8 dana
why do ppl do this they broke up get over the past people just stop making these type of vdeos good luck and have a nice day
iiichxoco Prije 8 dana
But like, why are ppl calling her out for cheating on bryce while they LITERALLY broke up? Like they ain't even together..?
laila lizam
laila lizam Prije 8 dana
i don’t know about them at all and don’t care at all 😗
black lives matter
black lives matter Prije 8 dana
Addison is more complicated than my math test
KANYE WEST Prije 8 dana
They’re all from Los Angeles and got fame from TikTok. That speaks volumes alone.Their careers are based off drama, why are people surprised by their narcissism?
OooOoO GOn
OooOoO GOn Prije 9 dana
i swear the god the BUT seriously has me scared
Mexican Juarez
Mexican Juarez Prije 9 dana
Why do I feel like every tiktoker will have their own RELAITY SHOW!!!1
Bella Prije 9 dana
This is so stupid bc it's none of our business let them live
Larieyha Baker
Larieyha Baker Prije 9 dana
Nessa doesn't need any "support" that's her fault and her problem! Yk she a home wrecker 😃
My life as Alex
My life as Alex Prije 9 dana
Josh did say he wasn’t the best in there relationship so I don’t think it has to do with that maybe he were the bed still 😂
ItsMaybelline Prije 9 dana
Ok but all I am saying is that Chase is a king
Myiahꨄ Prije 9 dana
Peep how anna changed her animation it looks so goodꨄ
Illusion Devil_kaeden
Illusion Devil_kaeden Prije 9 dana
the dislikes are the addison and the nessa fans
JeanneOnCraxck Prije 9 dana
Honestly Addison thinks she’s like a big celebrity ... fame got to her head so much
Fateme Heidary
Fateme Heidary Prije 9 dana
yall people just forgive nessa because shes emo
Davi Ani
Davi Ani Prije 9 dana
okay but who else feels like dis is karma for bryce and josh for what dey did to chase?🥱
Maya Hunter
Maya Hunter Prije 9 dana
mads and josh should date to get back at them lol
royale . luna
royale . luna Prije 9 dana
Omgeeee! They cheated! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Ann Marie
Ann Marie Prije 9 dana
Bryce was tweeting all about Addison. Tweet after tweet. But he told HER to keep it private? Am I missing something?
soriah maharaj
soriah maharaj Prije 9 dana
Is it weird that i belive bryce about his cheating allegations 😬
Briana Hunte
Briana Hunte Prije 9 dana
When your name is Briana.
Mimmie Payne
Mimmie Payne Prije 9 dana
Jesus loves you
halo jon
halo jon Prije 9 dana
So like see u in 10 years when u get recomnedid lime bye 🤗
Winterbaby Prije 9 dana
3:25... I don’t like Bruce like that but how is that his fault? Allegations are what ppl place on’s their assumptions, rumors, not facts u till proven...I’m confused how that’s his fault...
Jessitta Joji
Jessitta Joji Prije 9 dana
I don't understand why people bash Addison. She's single. She can date anyone she wants. How's that cheating?
roumaissa as
roumaissa as Prije 9 dana
i swear this father is talking shit smh
Caitlin Edits
Caitlin Edits Prije 10 dana
Chase is just funny man 😂😂
Alex. Prije 10 dana
This is one of the reason why i stopped supporting them💀✋🏻
XxSunshinexX Prije 10 dana
I just can't believe these tik tokers have the audacity to date there own friends ex's 👁👄👁
Mr. Buttnugget
Mr. Buttnugget Prije 10 dana
Tbh Addison is the problem y’all I knew something was wrong with her
Sophia Reece
Sophia Reece Prije 10 dana
But I feel like if Addison were to make a reality TV show the table would be flipped. I also feel that Bryce is tryna pin this on addison. Arguments are a team effort
Sophia Reece
Sophia Reece Prije 10 dana
Also how Bryce about a accuse addison of cheating on home when we have more proof of him cheating on her
norah The roach
norah The roach Prije 10 dana
People just need to get over that Jaden and nessa are dating people move on from ex’s they don’t have to stay sobbing over one person there whole life you only live once so
quay Prije 10 dana
I feel like Bryce broke her bc I noticed she has been doing all this after he broke up with her
Travis Scott
Travis Scott Prije 10 dana
bryce: "i'm so mad i hate you. addison cheated omg" addison: oh i know how to clear this up "i'm single"
Candy Andy
Candy Andy Prije 10 dana
nessa sounds 12💀💀
tre smith
tre smith Prije 10 dana
Anna did you see stromedy vs bryce hall Edit: kyle godfrey beat bryce hall
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