Jojo Siwa CALLED OUT By A Celebrity? Bryce Hall CANCELED By The D'amelio's? Nessa SOLD Her Soul?

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anna oop

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Jojo Siwa CALLED OUT By A Celebrity? Bryce Hall CANCELED By The D'amelio's? Nessa SOLD Her Soul?
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anna oop
anna oop Prije mjesec
do y'all think the illuminati is real? it low-key scares me ngl LMAO... or maybe i'm just saying that because i'm....... nvm ;)
ÐJ Gäĉhā
ÐJ Gäĉhā Prije 7 dana
kaden Prije 7 dana
@Naman so ur dads a she? also don’t lie :) it won’t get you anywhere in life
Miya shorts
Miya shorts Prije 22 dana
@τгᄋււ don’t be a hater it’s not a good look on you
SKY LIMIT on YT Prije mjesec
Maybe you sold yours
zqneee Prije mjesec
@PrettyRock the only reason I'm bothering you is cause you had the audacity to tell mean to shut up when i wasnt even talking to you 🙄
Aniya Green
Aniya Green Prije 15 sati
The lyrics was :you a bitch jojo see why. his nickname was jojo was his nickname he just knew that we were going to say something about him talking about her so thtas why he put a picture up .
Ruby O'Connor
Ruby O'Connor Prije dan
DElollypop Prije dan
honestly anna ur better than all the other HRpostrs lol. u don't make drama you just talk about it.
Sundus Mohamed
Sundus Mohamed Prije dan
Nekeya miller
Nekeya miller Prije dan
We didn't even know byrce before add
Glamour Goddess
Glamour Goddess Prije 2 dana
what? his daughter probably looks up to her (not sticking up for jojo tho)
h̥ͦ e̥ͦ l̥ͦ l̥ͦ o̥ͦ p̥ͦ e̥ͦ r̥ͦ s̥ͦ o̥ͦ n̥ͦ
h̥ͦ e̥ͦ l̥ͦ l̥ͦ o̥ͦ p̥ͦ e̥ͦ r̥ͦ s̥ͦ o̥ͦ n̥ͦ Prije 4 dana
Is this an becoming a big ancient thibg
Marie The Neon Twins
Marie The Neon Twins Prije 5 dana
Can we get a tour of the oop mansion ?
It's Malia
It's Malia Prije 5 dana
DABABY doesn't need hate.BRYCE IS STUPID AND DISRESPECTFUL. And nessa did NOT sell her soul. LUV U PEASE OUT
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
Heidi and Mark you are embarassing you milk your kids for money and fame
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
All Dixie does is come between her boyfriend and his friends
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
The Damelio parents are embarassing they're money hungry and fame hungry they can't cancel anyone hahaha just themselves and their own kids
It's Kyra Fam
It's Kyra Fam Prije 6 dana
i bet JC feeling real dumb asf rn
aquaminato simp
aquaminato simp Prije 7 dana
pretty dumb, though who knew siwa was see ya(?)???i mean it sounds like it, so who knows, but you rlly cant blame him ig
The_icequeen bish
The_icequeen bish Prije 7 dana
We stan jojo siwa 🤪
Iliana Perez
Iliana Perez Prije 8 dana
Ofcourse it’s dababy..
Jennifer Perrie
Jennifer Perrie Prije 12 dana
Okay let's start off with the fact that Jojo is 17 and a bunch of people r attacking her and ofc its going to be a 29 year old man like wtf. And why did James Charles get involved like it didn't evolve him in the first place. Also Bryce Hall needs to stop his childish acts like this. And stop attacking a bunch of tiktokers and singers. Like what did they do to u to get this hate. So just stop. This is getting annoying.
Saeko Prije 12 dana
Why the fuck would he call her a bitch is he looking for a fight like 😐
Squad Quotes
Squad Quotes Prije 13 dana
I think we know where da baby got his name...
Jalanie Mamailao
Jalanie Mamailao Prije 13 dana
DaBaby has left the chat.
Cordelia Seeds
Cordelia Seeds Prije 13 dana
Ok but why are people shading James for responding to the hate to Jojo LOTS of people did
TaBrylen Robinson
TaBrylen Robinson Prije 13 dana
i mean she kinda sus
safio dool
safio dool Prije 13 dana
U wanna start drama
CAROLINE MATE Prije 14 dana
I missed all this tea
CAROLINE MATE Prije 14 dana
hi girlllll
daeyon Prije 17 dana
8:10 she has a point tho...
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez Prije 18 dana
Dance Channel
Dance Channel Prije 18 dana
I’m pretty sure the whole jojo sows thing was a wordplay thing like how a lot of rappers name famous basketball players yk
Brady Thompson
Brady Thompson Prije 20 dana
Dabays comment just showed u the truth
Alexy Paulin
Alexy Paulin Prije 21 dan
Jojo siwa = jonathan see why =dababy see why
Anastasia Korshunova
Anastasia Korshunova Prije 22 dana
So many people making songs that say “I won’t be alive after *age*” they usually die at that age-
Kay Dean
Kay Dean Prije 22 dana
With the Dixie thing I think that she shouldn’t be as mad at Noah because he didn’t know what was happening in the prank but Dixie’s parents have every right to be mad at Bryce Hall
Lilly Prije 25 dana
Omg just bc someone has a talent doesn’t mean they soled there soul wtf-
A1mighty LazR
A1mighty LazR Prije 23 dana
Theres something called fake talent
That one Mixed girl
That one Mixed girl Prije 25 dana
You can’t cancel jojo siwa, *she finna come back like a boomerang*
leximae xo
leximae xo Prije 27 dana
“stay out of black peoples business” jojo: 👱🏻‍♀️
Kerline Tanelus
Kerline Tanelus Prije mjesec
Da baby didn't need the hate
Sophia Blair
Sophia Blair Prije mjesec
When u gon give us a face reveal
alexa rexha
alexa rexha Prije mjesec
Why does she have to be so drama queen is just a fucking prank like stop beeingso childish
Lily Andrade
Lily Andrade Prije mjesec
they should not say that they need to get out of her life like yall dont even know and it was just the song dang some thing with da baby and nessa is a inncont person
Kill Me
Kill Me Prije mjesec
Kinda stepped a line? A bit disrespectful? Tf he sounds stupid
Hannah's fun and games
Hannah's fun and games Prije mjesec
So evryone can say stuff about dababy but when james does it's not his place y'all need to catch a grip
She's a running she's a track star
She's a running she's a track star Prije mjesec
Your kinda annoying
Hot Shots
Hot Shots Prije mjesec
He was not even dissing her- They quick to cancel some who is black .
Kallie Chaidez
Kallie Chaidez Prije mjesec
I know she did not just show the American Horror Story Coven mansion-
kmskiezz kal
kmskiezz kal Prije mjesec
Aphrodite xx
Aphrodite xx Prije mjesec
the 27 club doesn’t mean that they all sold their soul to the devil before dying. it’s just a weird inexplicable thing that happens to majority of celebrities...a lot of them, made songs about that fear of dying (Louis Tomlinson for exemple) so...
Anya Prije mjesec
why they embarrassed abt James, its literally the fandom who started assuming things.
haywtf Prije mjesec
Jojo is his nick name and siwa is as in see why
Sloane Sloth
Sloane Sloth Prije mjesec
Anna u the truth ur the best but wut I’m trying to say is that people don’t 100% like u cuz ur kinda hating on peeps but still luv u. Just sending a message byeee
who asked u
who asked u Prije mjesec
i know not nikita calling someone a little boy-
Deja Frazer
Deja Frazer Prije mjesec
I know they are not coming from my sis Nessa Barrett
Deja Frazer
Deja Frazer Prije mjesec
I know people in coming for my husband Dababby 😭
M’s art and stuff :]
M’s art and stuff :] Prije mjesec
James Charles needs to keep black peoples names out his dirty mouth. Like when will he actually get canceled and people will realize his irrelevant
S Sharp
S Sharp Prije mjesec
Dababy was never dissing her. First he had to make something go together. Also he claims that “Jojo” is his nickname and “siwa “ is like see why supposedly. Also he bought every product of Jojo Siwa. So tbh for the pool who think otherwise cool ig but at the same time why would he diss her especially when he is buying HER products and that is helping her make money? Yk so?
saniyah rose
saniyah rose Prije mjesec
dababy is way richer than jojo siwa
cupid Prije mjesec
i don't really like the damelios, but the damelios should get thrones for cancelling the drama king 😜
Lvn Q
Lvn Q Prije mjesec
y'all bryce should be sorry not noah bruh bryce never trust bryce bcs bryce is a stupid liar
kawwaii bxarbie
kawwaii bxarbie Prije mjesec
No effence. But James need to be worried about his Own problem with him getting shaded for trying to date a 16 year old just saying🤦🙁😑
Blue :3
Blue :3 Prije mjesec
People always try to diss everyone without letting them explain then y’all get clowned on when it was a misunderstanding I cantttt 😭😭😭
Jada Howsand
Jada Howsand Prije mjesec
James should mind his business and work on his own scandals lol .
CELIA PARISH Prije mjesec
why did they come after james after dababy cleared up the drama saying he probably feels “stupid asf” when all of them should feel stupid cause they were dissin dababy as well 🤦🏽‍♀️ make it make sense
lele t
lele t Prije mjesec
Da baby wasn’t hating on jojo 🤣🤣 yall real dummy out here. Jojo : Jonathan , Siwa : See why . Listen to the song
angie Prije mjesec
not y’all not understanding the rap game
Dogforever100 000
Dogforever100 000 Prije mjesec
Why does ness a sound drunk
Ariel Overbey
Ariel Overbey Prije mjesec
I LOVE how people bring race into EVERYTHING bro calm down🙄
Kylah Brown
Kylah Brown Prije mjesec
Don't play with ma boy dababy
Bad bleep Goat
Bad bleep Goat Prije mjesec
Poor Dixie, dude that shit is not acceptable.
Thea Bergner
Thea Bergner Prije mjesec
Soon the whole entire tiktok community will be accused of selling their soul to the devil
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson Prije mjesec
They have every right to be mad if i had kids and it was my kids u lucky u got 5 followers left
Sydney Muai
Sydney Muai Prije mjesec
FR why y’all coming at James pfff. “ sTaY OuT oF BlaCk PeoPleS BuiSnESs” if I was that gurl, I would be embarrassed AF
Oya oya oya?
Oya oya oya? Prije mjesec
I don't like Nikita,but protecting Jojo Siwa was extremly nice and kind of her-
Nya Two。
Nya Two。 Prije mjesec
Y’all are so quick to cancel people- like chill! Thanks!
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
it’s a lyric damn
asfchvr Prije mjesec
As hedi should
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
these ppl that are mad at heidi for defending her children don’t deserve to have kids
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
never respected Heidi more when she said “don’t mess with my kids”
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
james got the math this time 😂
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
imagine not having any other rhymes so you had to use jojo siwas name in your song. embarrassing honestly
ᖇᗩᗴᘜᗩᑎ ᑕOᒪᒪIᗴᖇ
ᖇᗩᗴᘜᗩᑎ ᑕOᒪᒪIᗴᖇ Prije mjesec
it's•me•Mika Prije mjesec
He isn't dissing Jojo, yall NEED to listen to the whole song first
Icy dior
Icy dior Prije mjesec
Da baby didn't mean to diss JoJo he just needed something to rhyme
s U n ._. f L o W eR
s U n ._. f L o W eR Prije mjesec
Smh the song wasn't even aiming nowhere near Jojo, people over there just needs to stop trying out for the drama club--🐸🔪
Jalya Jade
Jalya Jade Prije mjesec
There not beefing it’s the fans and tea pages spreading false info about the situation
Nikki Blau
Nikki Blau Prije mjesec
Wait im so confused can someone explain how Bryce Hall pranked them?
Maham Omar
Maham Omar Prije mjesec
im sorry, the way she says "dababy" is killing me lmaoo
kiki Prije mjesec
Dababy was not dissing his other name is jojo he means see why
Azura Jade Holtshausen
Azura Jade Holtshausen Prije mjesec
Pls do one on Lana del ray
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
okay dababy using jojos name for clout
Sparkle Holloway
Sparkle Holloway Prije mjesec
Actually on the radio if you listen he said his daughter loves her and he did to and they weren't even arguing and if they both dont care why make it a big deal
TikTok. Taj
TikTok. Taj Prije mjesec
Damn Da Baby old...he ain no baby nomo
세라 Prije mjesec
why does Bryce exist?
Miss Jade
Miss Jade Prije mjesec
I bet the people on twitter who said "oMg He'S roAstIng hEr" are the same people who also said after "BrUh hE waS cLeArlY tRynA rHyme" Well played.
Elie Prije mjesec
Have a great day god love y’all
Kamari Arnold
Kamari Arnold Prije mjesec
He didn’t come for jojo it’s word play da baby’s nickname is jojo and siwa: see why
• Jk’s pillow •
• Jk’s pillow • Prije mjesec
First of all, don’t hate on me. But dababy was making a joke, second of all it’s not James business or nikitas.
fameouss kayla
fameouss kayla Prije mjesec
Payton Ashley Playz
Payton Ashley Playz Prije mjesec
How do u sell your soul?.......
Payton Ashley Playz
Payton Ashley Playz Prije mjesec
Can wait to see Zoe’s baby let’s see if it’s real
iiRxuby Prije mjesec
2:12 PERIODT JAMES! Yall, im sorry and this isn't meant to offend any blacks cause I loveee blacks so so much! But I gotta explain why does the blame come to white if they complain black people when its actually a serious matter and has to do nothing with the skin of a person? Yall im literally done- I dont get why that woman said that. Either way if he was white that woman won't say that. This is too much annoying. Im not a white im mix so yall don't come for me and I love blacks so so much but this thing is a bit too much. Blm is a meaning of treating Blacks just like how everyone treat white, equality not meaning Blacks matter more than whites or sum. In this situation James was tryna protect his friend Jojo bout dissing her calling Bitch for no reason at all and not yall coming up saying don't interfere in black people's stuff.
Steven Secora
Steven Secora Prije mjesec
Luv watch the rest of the clips of Bryce's video dixie said it was fine
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