why olivia rodrigo is a hypocrite?

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anna oop

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why olivia rodrigo is a hypocrite?

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easthvqh Prije 8 minuta
anna is the only hypocrite here. liv literally cut down on her social media screen time to 30 minutes, so its not like she would know until interviewers brought it up.
Sweetly_Retro Prije 16 sati
*Why Anna Oop is a Hypocrite.*
Shanley Grace Obin
Shanley Grace Obin Prije 18 sati
funny how you say olivia being a hyprocrite when she literally didn't mentioned anyone.
the right hand man
the right hand man Prije 22 sati
pls, not you acting like you're not a hypocrite-
Melody Prije dan
Why are we talking about children?
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 2 dana
wow anna you really change the title from olivia rodrigo is a Hypocrite to why olivia rodrigo is a hypocrite now we know you do it for the money and views
c Prije 3 dana
im her fan , she is allowed to express her feelings in a song but she can still say sth to her fans
Doge Prije 3 dana
Her songs r great and she has a good voice. But I don’t like her to much. All her songs have little sneaky lyrics that r just rude like déjà vu, it’s a great song and all but the whole song is just talking about how someone relationship means nothing and isn’t special.
Doge Prije 5 sati
@c she doesn’t need be mean and rude in her songs towards them. Sure it’s fine to get inspired by something like a break up, but there’s a difference to basing a song after a breakup and dissing someone all throughout the song
Ice cream Cookie
Ice cream Cookie Prije 2 dana
@c she didn’t even date josh and yet she’s still making songs about him and Sabrina
c Prije 3 dana
bcs her break up gave too much inspiration to her
Jazzy Hawko
Jazzy Hawko Prije 3 dana
I realised that too
Ice cream Cookie
Ice cream Cookie Prije 3 dana
Doge Prije 3 dana
She’s very talented, has a good voice and knows how to write songs. So why is she wasting her time on songs that r just gonna make her look like a brat
diana stan
diana stan Prije 3 dana
No she isent
Priscila Aurora
Priscila Aurora Prije 3 dana
Maybe Anna should stop canceling people and get canceled herself
Kyli Prije 3 dana
Y’all people really tried to come after Niall. The whole one direction fandom are like fucking Vikings- good luck
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 3 dana
that’s because it not true anna it was a group of people who made up a dumb rumor and people believed it and also olivia couldn’t date jousha because she was 16 when high school musical start and joshua was 18 going onto 19 and olivia going onto 17 so they coulnd’t date because it was legally and olivia said they she couldn’t write a song about sabrian. because she doesn’t know her and her songs it should like she was a third wheel and there was another girl trying to steal her mans
Tessa Ramsey
Tessa Ramsey Prije 4 dana
just because anna is a hypocrite doesnt make olivia any less of one.
brittany Prije 4 dana
y’all she did talk about the drama in jan-feb multiple times 💀
kit kat
kit kat Prije 4 dana
Shes not responsible for what her fans do yall💀
sinu0la. Prije 4 dana
i love how you called bella porch a celebrity, shes the only one that deserves that title out of all the tiktokers.
Goldie Productions
Goldie Productions Prije 5 dana
lmao people in the comment section are so mad it's honestly hilarious
Kiko Prije 3 dana
Yes 😂
Everyday is 1989
Everyday is 1989 Prije 5 dana
The clickbait title, you hating on a teen despite not knowing shit, defending a three year older man who dated liv when she was a minor. I think we all see who's the real hypocrite here, you.
Blossom 21
Blossom 21 Prije 5 dana
If you look at the original Drivers License you can see she said Brunette girl, but blonde girl rhymes better So she changed it to blonde girl! She didn't mean to target it at Sabrina!
SkullyXXGamer Prije 5 dana
i love how the title of this video is talking about someone being a hypocrite. let’s be honest, we’re all hypocrites 😒.. please enough anna.
•Strawberry_• Prije 5 dana
This video makes no sense Olivia could have been talking to anyone when she said “blonde girl” she hasn’t confirmed it yet and the antis are just making a big deal out of it because they think Sabrina is the only blonde girl in the world Olivia said nothing about her and Sabrina made a whole freaking song about driver’s license like please.. no one wants the drama it’s annoying
Creative Cassandra
Creative Cassandra Prije 5 dana
Yes look at anna being a total hypocrite in this video....you should have not have gone after Olivia. It's because of people like you, new actual good and creative artists who are getting recognized in the industry start to get hate and drama finds them.
Hirai Momo
Hirai Momo Prije 6 dana
Aren’t you a hypocrite
AnimeDweeb Prije 6 dana
Btw I didn’t even know who she was until I found a tik tok cause I’m in a k pop world lol.
AnimeDweeb Prije 6 dana
Anyone could be blonde…..
Kaia Wrigley
Kaia Wrigley Prije 7 dana
Queen Namishta
Queen Namishta Prije 3 dana
@Princess Paloma Um olivia had some drama like do u live under A ROCK
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 3 dana
@Queen Namishta cause why is anna going after a minor like bruh olivia’s situation had nothing to do with anna so why is anna even talking if she don’t no nothing
Queen Namishta
Queen Namishta Prije 6 dana
AlysiaBlue Prije 7 dana
Your a hypocrite too girlay- 💀
Queen Namishta
Queen Namishta Prije 6 dana
Nosebleed de Groselha
Nosebleed de Groselha Prije 7 dana
Jesus Christ this is all so stressing.... that’s why I never look up the lives of the singers I enjoy and just listen to their music
swiss Prije 7 dana
I don’t hate Olivia or have any hate to throw at her but like- She literally made a whole entire album filled with songs about her ex who is now with a blonde girl. I know it takes a long time for people to get over things, but that’s her ex. And she said stuff like “yeah I really don’t like shaming women because they stole my man” or something like that. I know it’s not exactly hate she’s throwing at Sabrina or Joshua but the way she puts it into lyrics seems like a code word to send an army at them smh
Big Big Simp
Big Big Simp Prije 7 dana
Why can’t people have sad songs about breaks up? Especially when going though it, her fans need a better parent to teach not to be huge dicks
Leah Manhertz
Leah Manhertz Prije 7 dana
Lizzo is so nice stop bullying her
x.TAT.x Prije 7 dana
Aaahh *sips* ✨☕My daily afternoon tea☕✨
Amara C
Amara C Prije 8 dana
Anna always brings up stuff from the past but used racial slurs herself ur a hypocrite Anna 🙄
Published Pixels ✨
Published Pixels ✨ Prije 8 dana
can anyone pls actually tell me the reason of taylor and justin drama /
Yuyu Yaya
Yuyu Yaya Prije 8 dana
Pls just shut up anna
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 3 dana
@Queen Namishta girl your like 9 you don’t know what’s going on ana spreading lies
Queen Namishta
Queen Namishta Prije 6 dana
Maybe u should shut up
Christina Latorre
Christina Latorre Prije 8 dana
Lmao, most of the fans who hate Anna Oop here are Olivia Rodrigo fans XD
🖕What you got to say
🖕What you got to say Prije 8 dana
In basically every Olivia Rodrigo song she sings about being dumped and the ex moving on to someone who is "kinder" "sweet" and every compliment under the sun......... I'm just like "Maybe that things YOU WERE THE PROBLEM AND PROBABLY A 🐩"
🌸𝔑𝔞𝔱𝔰𝔲𝔨𝔦🌸 Prije 8 dana
Lizzo is a queen I love her. Leave her alone.
Milky Mxxn
Milky Mxxn Prije 8 dana
Coming from an hypocrite
sugadaddy drizzy
sugadaddy drizzy Prije 9 dana
billies past is so embarrassing it’s a testament to being able to do anything with a corny ass past and still be famous
bish 24
bish 24 Prije 9 dana
For all we know the song could have been about her friends from bizaardvark
Carrasco Reyes
Carrasco Reyes Prije 9 dana
this shit really is the new future of pop?
imagineombre Prije 9 dana
Olivia never really hated on Sabrina she just mentioned her in the song like all she said was “your probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt she’s so much older than me she’s everything insecure about” she was kinda complimenting her ngl
Abbey Casey
Abbey Casey Prije 10 dana
poor lizzo she is beautiful and did not deserve that
Ashyanna Kate Cabunoc
Ashyanna Kate Cabunoc Prije 10 dana
Why Olivia Rodrigo is a hypocrite? Girl- you really think all of her music are just fake? , Nope Nuh uh, I am out 🏃‍♀️🙄🙄
Synza Shrestha
Synza Shrestha Prije 10 dana
You know it’s all fans Choi’s who to hate or not to hate and Olivia rodrigo is a insolent girl so she does not speak out like.....uhhhh
nickiana mixer
nickiana mixer Prije 10 dana
Olivia and Joshua never confirmed anything, neither did sabrina and Joshua!
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 3 dana
yeah and olivia and joshua can’t even date so it makes so sense anna just believing what’s not the internet when it was just a rumor
DiEgO_232XD Prije 10 dana
Wait what did I miss, I haven’t been on this Chanel for like 4 months and have never seen a hate comment under Anna’s vids lol 😂
Miranda Canaday
Miranda Canaday Prije 10 dana
Olivia is allowed to write songs lmao and her money is definitely not running out.
mybootyitches Prije 10 dana
Honestly why does Anna sound like such a dramatic toxic white girl?
CallMehBell Prije 10 dana
It’s not Olivia’s fault that her fans harassed Sabrina
YourFavoriteCrime Prije 10 dana
She isnt a hypocrite
lara amedi
lara amedi Prije 10 dana
Hughhh ur voice O 'i
Xim Zalabam
Xim Zalabam Prije 10 dana
Olivia legend
Hunniii Prije 10 dana
I mean yeah Olivia could have spoken before...but i don't really care
rylee pike
rylee pike Prije 10 dana
olivia never hated on sabrina tho? she said “ur probably w that blonde girl who always made me doubt, she’s so much older then me, SHES EVERYTHING IM INSECURE ABT” basically complimenting her- if anyone was hating it was sabrina w her song skin
Afhara Elfiore
Afhara Elfiore Prije 7 dana
Afhara Elfiore
Afhara Elfiore Prije 7 dana
That's what I thought too
taeTXT Prije 11 dana
Id rather love olivia than you anna ur gonna get canceld😐
Claire Curtis
Claire Curtis Prije 11 dana
Everybody's a hypocrite
Ice cream Cookie
Ice cream Cookie Prije 11 dana
I think her songs are really good but I absolutely hate the fact that majority of her songs are about Sabrina and josh. Like you obviously know how to write songs, why don’t you try singing/writing something that’s not gonna add more drama to something you created. It’s like she just wants to see Sabrina and josh get hurt. She’s not letting the drama and hate stop by releasing more and more songs about them. She seems like the girl at school that would act nice but silently judge you and give u snarky looks while no one sees. Smh
Ice cream Cookie
Ice cream Cookie Prije 3 dana
@Princess Paloma so your saying it’s a coincidence that the lyrics clearly match Sabrina? ‘Blond girl’ ‘So much older than me’ ‘Another actress’ ‘’We kinda sound the same’ ‘Cause you played her uptown girl’ If the songs were not about her why would she not address it a soon as people were accusing her
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 3 dana
@Ice cream Cookie it has never about them it was a boy she met in her town look at her old songs on instagram
Ice cream Cookie
Ice cream Cookie Prije 3 dana
@Princess Paloma then why the hell is she creating songs about them
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 3 dana
there not olivia and joshua never dated because olivia is a minor
Death By Cuddles
Death By Cuddles Prije 11 dana
Hot take, celebrities aren't 100% responsible for how their fans react to things but they are responsible when it starts affecting people's well beings or physical health.
ivy Prije 11 dana
olivia never dated joshua in the first place wtf
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 18 sati
@ivy yeah
ivy Prije dan
@Princess Paloma yes but despite the age difference, they never dated or showed romantic interest in each other
Princess Paloma
Princess Paloma Prije 3 dana
yeah that’s what i trying to say because olivia is a minor and jousha was 20 and olivia was 17
minaisaqueen Prije 11 dana
GURL u just did not drag that queen of Olivia so please zip that big mouth you have for once and mind ur business sweetheart:)
Gachaleah YT
Gachaleah YT Prije 11 dana
She didn't send the death threats tho. Her fans did. And she can control her fans bc how many fans does she have? Like 10Mill? Yea i don't think a 18 year old could control that many ppl. Just saying.
Jayden Moon
Jayden Moon Prije 11 dana
Bro... It's been 7 years bruh
Brenda Knight
Brenda Knight Prije 11 dana
Anna is so insecure
Queen Namishta
Queen Namishta Prije 6 dana
mxrningsunset ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
mxrningsunset ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 11 dana
Olivia Rodrigo fans should stop making her seem bad and sending death threats. I’m sure they are all 10 who are heartbroken from their first crush.
ilymay Prije 11 dana
there is atleast 1000 blonde people Joshua can be friends with.
Aly C
Aly C Prije 12 dana
i have been a fan of olivia for a year, its not about josh or sabrina her writing was during their FRIENDSHIP. they NEVER DATED. joshuas song was made 2 YEARS AGO WHILE THEY WERE ALSO IN A FRIENDSHIP. chile.
Melody Prije 12 dana
Anna should be the last one to comment about someone being hypocritical
LilyEdits Prije 12 dana
apocalypse101 Prije 12 dana
all for girls supporting girls, but she is a hypocrite, and everyone seems to see her as a victim, and that shows with the amount of people defending her when the fact she could have stopped her fans is brought up. if u can constantly call out Addison Rae u can call out Olivia
Leah  Blake
Leah Blake Prije 12 dana
She didn't intentionally go after Sabrina? Yet, you added that she put blonde girl in the lyrics. Also, she said she is so much older than me. This is intentionally going after Sabrina. Those lyrics were very calculating and intentional.
Swagata🦋♡ Prije 12 dana
2:25 I was like: man army's are everywhere 🌚💜
Collin Badeaux
Collin Badeaux Prije 12 dana
She’s 17 and still very young, just leave her alone.
Zu Prije 13 dana
taylor is so sweet I don't get why people would hate on her, and billie was young at the time, so it's understandable that she doesn't know the full picture.
ari violet
ari violet Prije 13 dana
they both knowingly made bank by playing it up. now they’re over it.
Shubhashree Tayade
Shubhashree Tayade Prije 13 dana
First of all stop spreading lies. Olivia and joshua never said that they were gf and bf (those were fan theories)...u shouldve mentioned that.
Shubhashree Tayade
Shubhashree Tayade Prije 13 dana
Everything was made up by fans
AAG Prije 13 dana
not anna saying olivia is a hypocrite but saying that nessa deserves better...-
mia Prije 13 dana
sorry to break it to you but “you’re probably with that blonde girl” is not hating on sabrina
Victoria 2.20
Victoria 2.20 Prije 13 dana
Tbh I don't usually look up to celebs but lizzo is one celebrity I can actually idolize, shes a huge hearted queen💞💕👑
Anwyn Chapman
Anwyn Chapman Prije 13 dana
People are acting like she was dragging Sabrina in drivers license?? She literally expressed how she sees her as better than herself and she’s jealous- how is that an insult.
Meadow Forest179
Meadow Forest179 Prije 13 dana
splatboomer Prije 14 dana
Leave the girl alone.
Ateki-san Prije 14 dana
Honeslty I love Lizzo. Likee what did she even do, come on people yall better than this
M Valz
M Valz Prije 14 dana
The wobbly voice 💀
Chika Prije 14 dana
Seriously Anna needs to get canceled🤦🏻‍♀️
Chika Prije 14 dana
"Why Olivia rodrigo is a hyprocrite" Anna speak for youself
charlie kemp
charlie kemp Prije 14 dana
In Drivers License Olivia was saying nice things about Sabrina it's the fans that started harassing Sabrina.Yes Olivia could have stopped it but we all make mistakes. plus I'm pretty sure this drama was months ago.Are you already running out of ''scandals'' that you have to bring back things that happened ages ago.if you didn't know Olivia her self has moved on(she's dating someone else). Maybe Sabrina and Olivia have had conversations of camera and are now friends. Stop posting about others lives and focus on your own.
pewwww Prije 14 dana
karinaplayz Prije 15 dana
People started to forget about the drama between three of them Olivia had the audacity to bring it back what the hell !
sweetheart Prije 15 dana
by the tone of your voice, you definetely shouldn't be trusted
Daisy Rocha
Daisy Rocha Prije 15 dana
This was so embarrassing Olivia😭
Tiffany Kong
Tiffany Kong Prije 15 dana
I love how cardi b said haters were nerds looking at the popular table bc it’s true
Zachary Singkee
Zachary Singkee Prije 15 dana
billie was 12 when she commented that she was on team justin. just think about it, a 12 year old kid might not know what exactly is going on just like we do, so just leave billie alone. plus, why bring up something that was so long ago? it really is unnecessary. leave billie alone, if yall hate her, don't waste your time on her. and remember that billie and taylor and or good terms too so don't cause drama, smh.
Zero Lovegood
Zero Lovegood Prije 15 dana
My problem with Olivia is that she never said anything about the hateful comments Sabrina and especially Joshua received. Like I know she's a good singer and everything but her personality sucks. (getting canceled by her stans in 3, 2, 1...)
Ashley Agabao
Ashley Agabao Prije 15 dana
Maybe we shouldn’t judge too quickly? We don’t know what’s going on inside. Also, one mistake doesn’t mean she’s automatically a bad person.
bred lol
bred lol Prije 16 dana
oh you did not censor the users who hated on lizzo.. thanks bae 🙏🏾
zi ohmy
zi ohmy Prije 16 dana
she didn’t “help to cause” anything. it’s not her fault her “fans” sent hate to Sabrina and Josh. And it sure isn’t her job to defend them. her job is to be an actress and drop music, not protect ppl from the internet. and even tho it’s not right, negative and hurtful comments come w/ being under the public eye. liv is allowed to speak on things WHENEVER she wants and not bc she’s obligated to.
simeeyah baker
simeeyah baker Prije 11 dana
Naomi W
Naomi W Prije 13 dana
She isnt obligated to, but it would be a logical thing to do. Clear up the misunderstanding. Its not her job to protect people on the internet, but if someone is literally being send death threats over a song that YOU wrote (and you are aware of the fact that these people are being bullied online cause olivia definitly knew this was happening) she should have said something regarding the situation. Again, its not her job, but it is the normal human thing to do.
BEST.MUSIC.... Prije 16 dana
Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg Prije 16 dana
I think the whole drama thing was the medias fault Tik tok and twitter were the ones who gave it the attention and then it spread all over the web sure Olivia ismt innocent but neither is the media nor Sabrina. I still agree with you tho
iiSimplyTrinii Prije 16 dana
Anna, no one cares if it ‘doesn’t sit right with you.’ IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! What Billie said was 7 YEARS ago. like wtf. oh, and OLIVIA is the hypocrite? i think you’re the hypocrite babe. just stop gossiping about EVERYONE. it isn’t fair. these situations don’t even INVOLVE you. so girl, just sit down.
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