Emma Elizabeth
Emma Elizabeth Prije 12 sati
Girllllll why lie about a thing like that it’s so offensive that she is really 14
Ahsika Citzon
Ahsika Citzon Prije 12 sati
if she is born in 2006 count it if danielle cohn is that dumb she is turning 15 this year she is not 16 did she go to school im younger then her and now im smarter then her like shush danielle
audge podge
audge podge Prije 12 sati
all the people saying “stan trisha” and “trish the QUEEN” etc etc... pls. you can support whoever you want, but please do remember that trisha is also hella problematic and has done MANY horrible things. this is by no means support for nikita, i agree with everything said. but we need to remember trisha isn’t an innocent little angel
Angela Causevic
Angela Causevic Prije 12 sati
thank you for this video 🤎
jaydead noodles
jaydead noodles Prije 12 sati
i love how the original video didn’t have as much views as Anna’s reaction video
Keeana_ Hxneybear
Keeana_ Hxneybear Prije 12 sati
Dint Addison literally cry because of paparazzi
Shan S.
Shan S. Prije 12 sati
Her logic is: deny and lie even though there’s evidence, just keep denying and lying and don’t ever admit to anything 💀
Mabelisse Davila
Mabelisse Davila Prije 12 sati
google says shes 17 ..
golden bqrbie
golden bqrbie Prije 12 sati
She’s 15 2021-2006
Sprixg YT
Sprixg YT Prije 12 sati
I- she confused me I really don’t understand like at allllllll why why why? What’s the reason
Lakeeyah Nanton
Lakeeyah Nanton Prije 12 sati
she is 14-15 end of discussion
Xo._Neya P_.
Xo._Neya P_. Prije 12 sati
Your show is not on Netflix
Ninorta Odisho
Ninorta Odisho Prije 12 sati
Anna this is a bit of fan behaviour, and unnecessary. Leave her alone smth
Beena Reiter
Beena Reiter Prije 12 sati
who else randomly found anna and has been watching her ever since
honeyNation Prije 12 sati
"If you're under 20 I wish you all the happiness you deserve in this world of negativity" 🖤
PUSING, GABRIELLE B. Prije 12 sati
What iffff her kids don't know her age eitherrrr.....
draco malfoy’s wife
draco malfoy’s wife Prije 12 sati
holy shit your facts are so wrong- mikey is “taking advantage” of a 15 year old? do you even know the definition of that? i’m PRETTY sure it’s consensual both ways but idk i may be reaching 🤷‍♀️
Marñico Williams
Marñico Williams Prije 12 sati
Danielle been 14 for 4 years
Maria Regina Medrano Duque
Maria Regina Medrano Duque Prije 12 sati
Did you guys understand what the blonde girl said cuz I didn’t understand anything out of her mouth cuz of the way she talked
Isaac Brookman
Isaac Brookman Prije 12 sati
Can someone tell me why most of the TikTok stars are white??🤔🤔
Aang Prije 12 sati
isn't that "mask" for hair spray so it won't get on your face????
Lxmon Trees
Lxmon Trees Prije 12 sati
I think she’s doing this bc she wants the amount of paparazzi kourtney gets to look famous..
Yana Bennett
Yana Bennett Prije 12 sati
Their relationship is a 3 yrs age difference. I don’t agree with that whole relationship thing but I feel like everyone should just let CPS take care of this especially get her mother away from her. We all know her mom is brainwashing the poor girl and I hope she gets help asap
apple juice
apple juice Prije 12 sati
And I thought google was smart😭✋🏾
TheFourBaddies Prije 12 sati
oh sorry guys I’m 23..
Google : if u know tell me !
Ella Smith
Ella Smith Prije 12 sati
She has to be 14or15 because she was born in 2006
Delaney Miller
Delaney Miller Prije 12 sati
The girl that made the video said that she was only mad that they didn’t stay friends. He didn’t sexually assault anyone she was just mad he blocked her
Kira Wong
Kira Wong Prije 12 sati
Sarah Munguia Castillo
Sarah Munguia Castillo Prije 12 sati
She is 15 guys 🙄
Sienna Many
Sienna Many Prije 12 sati
I am soooooooo done with chase
cat Prije 12 sati
not a muslim but i don’t rlly think apologizing will do anything. he seems like he doesn’t care and if he did it seems like he’d only do it so he could still stay relevant.
keerthana s
keerthana s Prije 12 sati
bruh people still talk about this?? isnt her birth certificate already posted on the internet?
diamond le
diamond le Prije 12 sati
did anyone see Darius Dober in the first clip i was like WAIT WHAT
Nadine Prophete
Nadine Prophete Prije 12 sati
Me waiting for Danielle's comeback video
Lydiuhh Prije 12 sati
if shes born in march of 2004 that would make her 16 atm
Dr. guyman
Dr. guyman Prije 12 sati
He's still innocent until proven guilty. He didn't have to confess, but fascist murderers were hunting him down, so he was scared.
Leya Kouassi
Leya Kouassi Prije 12 sati
But it doesn’t make sense you have been saying she’s 12 for like the past five years can be 13 for five years and she doesn’t even look 13
aubs ruth
aubs ruth Prije 12 sati
Love you Anna oop but just think people have been calling her 13 since 2016-2021 would she have had birthdays by now she’s not 13. Cut he some slack even if she doesn’t deserve it there are worse tiktokers put there. People will make any excuse or edit any thing to make people believe what they want
Reinier Dave D. Caspillo
Reinier Dave D. Caspillo Prije 12 sati
Did she even take periods???
Jaxson za tech
Jaxson za tech Prije 12 sati
I don’t think he is the same person now and isn’t still racist and transphobic and Islamophibic etc but he really needed to apologize properly which he didn’t
Fhaelyn Caoili
Fhaelyn Caoili Prije 12 sati
wtf I never knew any of this about him.. yea after hearing all of this about him I dislike him now 😃👍
iisimply_noddles :3
iisimply_noddles :3 Prije 12 sati
I feel like addi new song was suppose to throw shade on Bryce
Flower Army
Flower Army Prije 12 sati
R A Z Prije 12 sati
I don’t think it’s weird that she called the paparazzi it’s something celebrities in the 2000’s used to do like the Kardashians used to do and in think she’s becoming more popular then ever after being on keeping up With the Kardashians, jimmy fallon, and being in shes all that
A K Prije 12 sati
Just wait for her to turn 18 and we’ll all know. 💁🏻‍♀️
Aracely Rico
Aracely Rico Prije 12 sati
Um why is it addisons fault that the creators aren’t getting credit tf🙄
Limbu Prakriti
Limbu Prakriti Prije 12 sati
pls why doesn’t she just show her birth certificate or sum like???🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
anime samurai
anime samurai Prije 12 sati
NOT Rihanna
Maria Cecila
Maria Cecila Prije 12 sati
Bruvvv i want him to say te fattest sorry and if ppl don't believe him- if you can't beat em, join em.
sfcxtie billie
sfcxtie billie Prije 12 sati
So what if she unfollows everyone?! She deserves the right to unfollow/follow anyone? Get off her back bruh..Billie deserves good and not hate in any shape or form
Alyssa Sanchez
Alyssa Sanchez Prije 12 sati
wait... isn't she to young to have tattoos?
GEN VLOGS Prije 12 sati
Oh James when will u learn!! And the fact is that Noah Beck says he will bounce back up (even his friends/people on the podcast agree to him) but he will just be doing the same crap every time and get canceled, so what’s the point of his friends defending him if he done it several times
Kara Pennings
Kara Pennings Prije 12 sati
Anna just needs a Netflix series 🥱
Bigbrain 2006
Bigbrain 2006 Prije 12 sati
She only turned 15 this march Bruh
Tabatha Perr
Tabatha Perr Prije 13 sati
Anna was really rude in this video ngl....
Karmen Brown
Karmen Brown Prije 13 sati
also im bi and i got sooo angry at herrr
little dude from across the street
little dude from across the street Prije 13 sati
Do a face reveal
Chani Johnson
Chani Johnson Prije 13 sati
shes using her age for clout LLOL
Bigbrain 2006
Bigbrain 2006 Prije 13 sati
Saying she 16 but she is gonna be like 16 only march 2022 Bruh she ain’t gonna be able to lie abt when he acts like she turned 18
Karmen Brown
Karmen Brown Prije 13 sati
i cried laughing at this
Ray-Ann Prije 13 sati
1:01 lmao
Kayla - Marie Thomson
Kayla - Marie Thomson Prije 13 sati
When is the series launching
Eun Woo
Eun Woo Prije 13 sati
Omg i love this anna roasting everyone
noturnormalweeb Prije 13 sati
I’m Muslim and I liked him so much but this is just why
The Rayleen Show
The Rayleen Show Prije 13 sati
He used to be a good funny guy these days everybody getting canceled
Bigbrain 2006
Bigbrain 2006 Prije 13 sati
Im born the same year the difference many months later i look like trash but atleast don’t lie abt my age
Joanna Guzman
Joanna Guzman Prije 13 sati
I just got to say stop talking about people would you like it we we talk about you oh shut up please
Stephanie Haley
Stephanie Haley Prije 13 sati
Who’s holding that camera-
Maria Agrazales
Maria Agrazales Prije 13 sati
Megha Ramprasad
Megha Ramprasad Prije 13 sati
ari needed a single tweet for her album to explode and win another award meanwhile these mfs need to get someone cancelled to still be relevant. so who’s the real clout chaser 😳
Serena McCalib
Serena McCalib Prije 13 sati
She has to be 15 cause her birthday is literally three days ahead of mine and I turned 15 this year I was born in 2006 also so....
ItsAxdrey backup
ItsAxdrey backup Prije 13 sati
She just turned 15 in early March
Irene J
Irene J Prije 13 sati
2012 she was 6 2021-2012=9 6+9=15 she us 16
LucidJxlian Prije 13 sati
So long story short people got nothing else to do but cancel peoole now huh? Damn everyone involved in doing those it’s just sad.
Chavs_xoxo Prije 13 sati
Lol people keep saying she is 13 for like 2 years now-
The 0.01% germs Left
The 0.01% germs Left Prije 13 sati
If I EVER find rule 13 art of Anna , I swear to god that will be my 13th reason
placida medel
placida medel Prije 13 sati
So now how old is she ?
hanna Prije 13 sati
constructive criticism: the audio quality is really bad and when you speak a little louder than the rest of the video (like when you say BUT) it's painful
Allan Gross
Allan Gross Prije 13 sati
Lollll 🏃🏻‍♀️💨 🧋🧋🧋🧋✨✨