Z’bo Prije 22 sati
for the hate to addison is becuz the "sunraes" is sending death threat tto the dsmp fandom and 2 of the fan take their life so yeah...
minazviita gonzo
minazviita gonzo Prije 22 sati
From her tik toks i think she is way better now
Nikolina Mandic
Nikolina Mandic Prije 22 sati
haven't heard that name in a while lol
Heather Muir
Heather Muir Prije 22 sati
ok but why do i feel like shes related to derek trendz like the way she says "whats good youtube"
Soomali Midnimo & Wadajir
Soomali Midnimo & Wadajir Prije 22 sati
Did she actually get cancelled everyone on tik tock said ur cancelled
chvrs bubba
chvrs bubba Prije 22 sati
Ok but like can you go back to reallll tea like cheating scandals,relationships,shades,lying
Eunice de Graav
Eunice de Graav Prije 22 sati
Does her boyfriend really think that spanish is a race 🤨😂
LuvlyFlxwer Prije 22 sati
Not trying to cause drama but I think her accent might be real otherwise she might of stuffed up on camera at least once. A lot of the time you speak like the people around you.
Nikita Collins
Nikita Collins Prije 22 sati
She clam down and she is really cool soooo
BabyAari Prije 22 sati
She's getting attention from shoving her beliefs in our faces, she's just disgusting.
TropTrev Tv
TropTrev Tv Prije 22 sati
All this is great but how bout let’s start.. not judging people to the maximum and then feeling “emotional” once we find out what they’ve been through.. and actually not judge them from the beginning because we never actually know what “everybody’s” going thru.. because it’s a lot more of these , good cases.. turned around lives .. etc .. just saying .. I be seein the attitudes towards ppl switched on here left then right so fast
Jonhel Santos
Jonhel Santos Prije 22 sati
People hate her because she's overrated. I don't think she's overrated, but if she is indeed overrated, its not still a reason to hate her because being overrated is not even problematic. People who hate overrated people are those who have many insecurities to themselves. They also have crab mentality.
Trinity Printis
Trinity Printis Prije 22 sati
I remember she dropped a racist song about Asians and now roblox kids are using her song as a racist trend
Stormy Prije 22 sati
I think that he’s scared to be depressed again, I believe that the tiktokers made him feel a lot better and I just think he doesn’t wanna let them go :( I think we should feel sorry for Larray because what would you do if your best friends was attracted to minors, racist, etc!
fangirl____123 Prije 22 sati
I'm a big fannnn of piper
Nabba Albadri
Nabba Albadri Prije 22 sati
She should be in jail for long (1678)
Nabba Albadri
Nabba Albadri Prije 22 sati
Bro she muder her boyfriend,dog and daughter wtf
Jiebyang Prije 22 sati
Mom!! pick me up I'm scared!!! (╥﹏╥)
Daya Paulson
Daya Paulson Prije 22 sati
I forgot about her
Trolletta Prije 22 sati
She’s still black-fishing.
mariam Xoxo
mariam Xoxo Prije 22 sati
Okay but what's the problem with woah Vicky trying to stay out of drama now she probably noticed what she was disrespectful and discussing to Poc or a whole community and wanted to change because she's starting to grow up for herself.
raye googlemail
raye googlemail Prije 22 sati
I think their parents got but separated
𝐚𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐮𝐡 Prije 22 sati
she changed the title from f*** to h*** lol
Ki telf
Ki telf Prije 23 sati
i'm not even os tr8 tiktok and i don't know most of people u talk abt but do I still watch and enjoy your content? oh boii i do!
stitchface Prije 23 sati
I don't get why people are like "omg the movie sucks the acting is horrible" like sis- have you even watched the movie yet, have you even been in a movie yet?
Juliexbillie Prije 23 sati
but the real question is: why does she talk so weird
lσѕєя・Lemon Prije 23 sati
This is getting out of hand and is disgusting. People go through stuff like this for real and they just make fun of it or take it lightly 🤦🏾‍♀️
Arixni Gacha
Arixni Gacha Prije 23 sati
Why do u randomly scream ? Like at first u say miss katie is blah blah blah and then.... U say BUT!
Elie Prije 23 sati
Have a great day God love y’all
Tungam Gadi
Tungam Gadi Prije 23 sati
If Hailey is uncomfortable and all why can't he leave Justin..
who am I?
who am I? Prije 23 sati
Honestly, I feel bad for him at this point
ʟᴇxɪ Prije 23 sati
does anyone remembers woah Vicky crusty musty song?
Lois Keflu
Lois Keflu Prije 23 sati
what does the sl.. means?😅
• Agnes •
• Agnes • Prije 23 sati
She changed alot since then, she's doing better and not being the girl she once was before
lifenshyanne Prije 23 sati
girlll this is soooooo old
Mae Beline
Mae Beline Prije 23 sati
Slow knews day huh
Acknowledge me.
Acknowledge me. Prije 23 sati
can anyone explain why the n word is so offensive? Black people use it so why cant others use it ? Please explain im from a country people don't talk about these things.
Acknowledge me.
Acknowledge me. Prije 22 sati
@I’m a seal oh okey, thank you :)what if a white personnsaying the word doesnt mean to offend the black community but they just want to use it in the same way as black people do?
Trolletta Prije 22 sati
Pick up a history book. There’s no reason for you not to know this.
I’m a seal
I’m a seal Prije 23 sati
The n word is an offensive word used against black people during slavery. Black people reclaimed the word and made it their own. So don't say the n word if you aren't black. ( sorry someone else can probably explain it better than I can) (not good at explaining things)
llllio Prije 23 sati
Anna... your getting haters..
arianaslacey Prije 23 sati
she changed the f word to hell
blarkayyy Prije 23 sati
“She’s so unproblematic” Are we not gonna talk about the tattoo?
Supreme QUEEN
Supreme QUEEN Prije 23 sati
Honestly I love Woah Vicky,she's soo ICONIC! You can say whatever you want about her but she's not dumb tho,she knew exactly what she was doing and acted the way she did till she got famous. Now she's chilling and going on yachts,trips and now she's RICH! You know how they say, Fake it till you make it.
Aimi Meiling
Aimi Meiling Prije 23 sati
What porn has done for our society, see you All in hell in a few years fellas
cacelia mgoneh
cacelia mgoneh Prije 23 sati
Just so u guys now that clip of Justin hitting is false. Justin didn't actually toach her lol if u watch the whole clip she started laughing
Xxxlilyxxx Love
Xxxlilyxxx Love Prije 23 sati
She did () * mouth* 👈👈👈 * you now it* with carrot
Bear hxnyRoblox
Bear hxnyRoblox Prije 23 sati
Me wondering about that vegan teacher tooo much drama her attacking dharma Mann and attacking other tiktokers lol
Mahdi the mad
Mahdi the mad Prije 23 sati
Bella have properly Ben going through a hell but she don’t deserve be treated that bad. An still wen hers step wen her step dad an step mom do so bad things too her so she still Really kind an don’t do anything with that. I really really really think that 🥺
Anna Britton
Anna Britton Prije 23 sati
i think she has changed and become a better person
Life With Aksy
Life With Aksy Prije 23 sati
I saw the first title “Where tf is woah Vicky”😭 but somehow I’m still late😒
KalinaxBiss Prije 23 sati
Have you made a video about the girls on tiktoks who are faking having Tourette syndrome for aesthetics and clout?
crybabyy Prije 23 sati
lmao one time i saw her at target
crybabyy Prije 23 sati
@moonx_aesthetic the one in Illionis
moonx_aesthetic Prije 23 sati
What target lol 🤍
Trippie's bish✨
Trippie's bish✨ Prije 23 sati
Title before was:Where the f**ck is woah Vicky
Fort Night
Fort Night Prije 23 sati
I don’t rly know why you would bring up stuff that’s in the past like she doing good and better now why are bringing up stuff just so you can get clout when she is doing much better ??
Maria 愛
Maria 愛 Prije 23 sati
''People love to talk about others'' ''Why do you care about others lives?'' '' Why are others people's lives the main interest?'' -Yeji
eatyogreens Prije 23 sati
i saw you change the title...jejejejejejejejee
MakiDonalds Prije 23 sati
Your honestly getting desperate to post nowadays start posting things that interesting and needed to have awareness too other than bring up old stuff
Jayzz Prije 23 sati
I hope that Justin behaves better. Ik that he is like an adult, but he acts like a kid.
𝕗𝕩𝕚𝕣𝕪 𝕔𝕩𝕥𝕥𝕒𝕘𝕖
𝕗𝕩𝕚𝕣𝕪 𝕔𝕩𝕥𝕥𝕒𝕘𝕖 Prije 23 sati
oh mah god im not hating but like i was crying laughing when the smol clip of Dua Lipa meme was inserted like XD
Hussam Ghunaim
Hussam Ghunaim Prije 23 sati
Please let her stop she’s crazy
Lexis Prije 23 sati
I clicked faster then you could say gurl
Rima Youssef Ali
Rima Youssef Ali Prije 23 sati
she has changed for the good and let me just say I like your outdo card
AJ Prije 23 sati
Anna, won't you talk about the Kris Wu Scandal?
Addie Teee
Addie Teee Prije 23 sati
Anna’s “ya’ll” sounds like a dinosaur at the end
iAmRenée Prije 23 sati
The way how you ridicule her in the beginning then sympathize with her afterwards tho
Fate Legendary
Fate Legendary Prije 23 sati
Speed do a live with Vicky Anna opp ....
Jet Elery Asun
Jet Elery Asun Prije 23 sati
I swear, Netflix is on thin ice smh⚰️
Caitlin Joseph
Caitlin Joseph Prije 23 sati
Can u do something about liltay
Eshita khan
Eshita khan Prije 23 sati
People who are saying " anna bringing back stuffs from years ago and and she is desperate to upload " First of all she totally mentioned she wanted to know what Victoria is doing now ,then she proceeded to explain all the shit she did and finally concluded that now Vicky have changed and everyone is loving her for that , so I guess she just tried to give us an update about Victoria and thats more than fine Love u bestiess, stay spunky stay funky
•tEnDoU's HanDs•
•tEnDoU's HanDs• Prije 23 sati
I dont know but i remember from 2 years ago that someone that i used to watch as a kid said that woah vicky has a disorder that makes her think thats shed black....thats all i remember
Ldxy Prije 23 sati
Cursing is bad in the Bible but everyone believes differently
Sapphire Rings
Sapphire Rings Prije 23 sati
If shes Spanish shes from spain
Princess Zeldork
Princess Zeldork Prije 23 sati
Okay I agree with you but I don't agree with anyone having the right to use certain words.
{ insert Name }
{ insert Name } Prije 23 sati
So your problem with woah vicky is that she’s being normal
King rawr
King rawr Prije 23 sati
I've been there since the first Owa owa
Gloss Basics
Gloss Basics Prije 23 sati
Good for her
Lone Unicorn
Lone Unicorn Prije 23 sati
Why ...make a video on her now....why bring up old videos...😒 This video was not needed.
maci love
maci love Prije 23 sati
That’s good for her mental health because she used worse than Nikita Dragon
Ana Prije 23 sati
Hey, at least she stopped and changed, THATS the influencer I'd love to follow.