Keira Mendez
Keira Mendez Prije 19 sati
as an nb and pan person i certainly can say seeing a pride related thing in the teachers room makes me feel comfortable in me being who I want to be however I don't believe is teaching anything is just proof that the teacher will support u as well as everyone is valid and welcomed i don't really resite the pledge however there's a flag for it and if there isn't one is fine just is important to be respectful
𝙷𝚎𝚢, 𝚒𝚝’𝚜 𝙲𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚕
𝙷𝚎𝚢, 𝚒𝚝’𝚜 𝙲𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚕 Prije 19 sati
3:37 Cuz you’re not, “Cuz we are” NO shush
Lesly Vanegas
Lesly Vanegas Prije 19 sati
Don’t do Harry like that wtf
Robbie Irby
Robbie Irby Prije 19 sati
4:34 that was dixie banging on this wall or door
Alisha Marie
Alisha Marie Prije 19 sati
Stop with the hate already. Y’ll acting like you wouldn’t take these opportunities.
Prabdeep Rai
Prabdeep Rai Prije 19 sati
his 'fans' need to respect his privacy and stop being so obsessed with his sexuality because it's actually concerning :/
unknown💖🍄 Prije 19 sati
i rlly don’t think jimmy should get hate.
𝙷𝚎𝚢, 𝚒𝚝’𝚜 𝙲𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚕
𝙷𝚎𝚢, 𝚒𝚝’𝚜 𝙲𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚕 Prije 19 sati
What are these people doing with their lives….
water melon sugar f u
water melon sugar f u Prije 19 sati
y’all i’m a harry stan and he did come out AS UNLABELLED
melina Prije 19 sati
tbh im not american but i do belong under the trans umbrella of the lgbtq+ community. I dont think this is so offensive. Seeing americans obsess over their flag is kinda creepy ngl. The teacher said that IF U WANT TOO she didnt pressure anything tbh. Having a pride flag in the class is really important to make people feel safer and more comfy.
Vibe With Ace
Vibe With Ace Prije 19 sati
The fact that they didn’t invite Doja Cat and invited Addison even though she got fame from Doja’s songs🤦🏽‍♀️
chloe k
chloe k Prije 19 sati
anna doesnt know how to pronounce anything its aahliyah nit aliar
random okami
random okami Prije 19 sati
TLC doesnt give a F* about the well being of this show xD they only give one about the money they generate, so sad
Alicia Sharpe
Alicia Sharpe Prije 19 sati
LOL GO ANNA OOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachael Drinkwine
Rachael Drinkwine Prije 19 sati
"eat pu**y, not animals" idk if they know that cats are animals or not...
Aaliyah Bailey
Aaliyah Bailey Prije 19 sati
Aa lee ah that how you say it
Rockstar Gacha
Rockstar Gacha Prije 19 sati
Gross I have the same name as her
Loveritty Prije 19 sati
Why do you say her name like that.
Cadzy✰☯︎シ︎㋛︎ Prije 19 sati
well duh....if he was holding a pride flag he is probably LGBTG+
Ellie Conrad
Ellie Conrad Prije 19 sati
5:05 BRUH. the lyrics are already “and i know that you’re scared because i’m so open”. those are the original lyrics
Olivia Prije 19 sati
I love peaches videos this girl can surprise us everytime
Ellie Conrad
Ellie Conrad Prije 19 sati
DUDE. y’all just need to respect harry’s privacy, he said he’s unlabeled. so don’t go around accusing him of being gay. jesus christ
To  B a s I c
To B a s I c Prije 19 sati
My sister has a lgbq+ club at her school she’s in middle school and 38 members it shouldn’t matter who you are these teachers are nice and probably kind
Taylor Ester
Taylor Ester Prije 19 sati
u said her name wrong lol
Cilicia Maloney
Cilicia Maloney Prije 19 sati
I dont think she deserves all the hate for what she wore because she was going with the theme. It was something about America and she wore a American designer
Alissa Saez
Alissa Saez Prije 19 sati
It’s (a-lia)
Highest Hoe
Highest Hoe Prije 19 sati
Not You saying it’s embarrassing to Not know who Aaliyah is; and not be able to pronounce her fucking name correctly
unknown💖🍄 Prije 19 sati
also i’m pipers age AND I LIVE WITH MY PARENTS STILL. like please-
Shola Okunuyi
Shola Okunuyi Prije 19 sati
billies fans upset? more like jealous
Highest Hoe
Highest Hoe Prije 19 sati
It’s “ Ah -lia”
Emely A. M
Emely A. M Prije 19 sati
Ok anything an influencer says like people just find some way to make them feel horrible like if haters didn’t exist the world wouldn’t be a bunch of ass holes like people wouldn’t care what influencers do think or where like it’s so annoying just let them lives there lives people.🙄
megbro Prije 19 sati
a-lie-uh 💀 also, it seemed a little derogatory to describe harry as possibly being “fruity”
Aly C
Aly C Prije 19 sati
i just realized now im not subbed i feel dumb.
strawberry foam
strawberry foam Prije 19 sati
Embarrassing.. Its aaliyah like aliyah
Israe yeeee
Israe yeeee Prije 19 sati
you should’ve dislike this shitty vid
nikita roland
nikita roland Prije 19 sati
Heavy internet bullying towards Addison Rae
Sans Dimples
Sans Dimples Prije 19 sati
"Troye sEEvin" 😂😂 *** Troye SIvAn
Miapiggy Prije 19 sati
This comment section is annoying. Why are y’all saying you hate Americans when not all Americans are bad 😭
Nour Atabi
Nour Atabi Prije 19 sati
I hate how they invited influencers (Dixie and Addison) but they didn't invite Zendaya ............ like bruhhh.......
Stephanie Dean
Stephanie Dean Prije 19 sati
“Why does it bother you” Lmao okay, let someone dress like you, act like you, basically take your name as their own and make an entire foundation on being your lookalike when that’s something you yourself have worked for since childhood. It’s not any different from identity theft. So yeah, it’s one thing to impersonate someone; do impressions. It’s another to obsessively try and become them. Ariana could have been more mature about the situation, but it isn’t her fault that this fifteen year old girl isn’t getting the attention she needs with what she’s doing. She should be her own person. Idol or not. Obsession is not an okay thing. Obsessing over a person? I feel bad that Ariana is getting so much hate from her fans for this; because she has a point. That’s her name that Paige is practically stealing. The girl needs a wake up call and realize what’s acceptable admiration and what’s flat out unhealthy and disrespect.
DwayneStorm Prije 19 sati
Alana matured so much. I'm so happy to see her doing a little better, but it's so sad that her life was almost turn upside down from that show and her mom's drug abuse. I hope she continues to find peace
theebibian Prije 19 sati
Why are people do pressed about Addison it wasn't you who met Billie so just shut up!!!
Diana Prije 19 sati
Brentman rock cosplaying
Tida Gibba
Tida Gibba Prije 19 sati
for someone who seems to not like addison rae you seem very obbsessed with her anna - seems a lil sussy to me
Muhaisin Prije 19 sati
She’s the only tiktoker i can respect.
cloudy_sweetener Prije 19 sati
Why are so many ppl coming for harry like that if he doesn't wanna come out that's totally fine
Diana Prije 19 sati
Addison didn't even look that bad
Ari .-.
Ari .-. Prije 19 sati
MY LIFE Prije 19 sati
say it wth me A LEE YA idk wtf you saying
blisful Prije 19 sati
Bruh everyone thinks harry is gay just cus he is playing a gay character in a movie?! Yall fr stupid and obsessed
Jarielis Roasdo
Jarielis Roasdo Prije 19 sati
Bretman had every right to wear that dress and he kill it on the red carpet just because he made a comment about being a big fan don’t mean anything u people be having the worst comments ever
vinqly Prije 19 sati
im sorry but the harry styles video was just hilarious-
Weeb Verified
Weeb Verified Prije 19 sati
Is it just me or memes we’re actually really funny 🥲
KeroWasFound Prije 19 sati
I f****ing think Paul and Oli are crazy, they are such assholes for doing this
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Prije 19 sati
Harry doesn’t need to be ‘fruity’ to have flawless style
cloudy roblox
cloudy roblox Prije 19 sati
4:36 LIAR
Sophie Harrelson
Sophie Harrelson Prije 19 sati
danielle didn’t say she was mad at her mom. she said she couldn’t get into the water because she was on her period, so she would only take pics. I love your content but please stop twisting her words
Rome Basquiat
Rome Basquiat Prije 19 sati
Stop saying fruity
Rome Basquiat
Rome Basquiat Prije 19 sati
Stop saying fruity
🌹IC3PEAK Fan🌹 Prije 19 sati
2:29 I smell a big fat cap
WhoCare's? Prije 19 sati
What if he's fake fans are lgtb
aniya Prije 19 sati
Ana you don't understand how annoying I find you.
Sophiaml 06
Sophiaml 06 Prije 19 sati
Ok, I’m a Harrie and people DO NOT get that there are different kinds of fans. We post Pics of Harry holding Pride Flags cause we’re happy that he is so supportive of us. I DONT CARE IF HE LOVES WOMEN, MEN OR NON BINARIES OR WHAT EVER THEY DEFINE THEMSELVES. there are different kinds of fans, don’t put us all in one pot.
Mxiraa Prije 19 sati
Like Jenna is the only one who acts there age
Daxdy Inez
Daxdy Inez Prije 19 sati
As a young girl who grew up with Taylor Canniff As my childhood along with some of his old friends this is so uncalled for this is literally so disgusting
Imran Kassam
Imran Kassam Prije 19 sati
"troy sEEEEEEVan" im sry that pissed me off
UGLYTHEY Prije 19 sati
Your commentary is lowkey unbearable how do you mispronounce Aaliyah’s name like that when it’s said correctly in a video YOU took from??? Christ.
Kawaii Shitty
Kawaii Shitty Prije 19 sati
Y’all let’s become tiktokers so we will meet our favourite celebrities lol
Cookie Roblox
Cookie Roblox Prije 19 sati
Just because he wears "girls clothes" doesn't mean he is gay like jeez
Yasmine Izabella
Yasmine Izabella Prije 19 sati
Anna's videos are becoming sad.
Lani Mahao
Lani Mahao Prije 19 sati
Me being a girl with an ED and depression seeing this: (the tiktokker) ->🥺🔫
sosa vamp
sosa vamp Prije 19 sati
do you not know aaliyah 😑
Kristal Boyce
Kristal Boyce Prije 19 sati
I feel bad for her parents....
ratoroy Prije 19 sati
Meeks♡Senpai Prije 19 sati
"I'm not here to judge." Her *judging*
hannah Prije 19 sati
how did it make her uncomfortable???
Kiera GRANDISON Prije 19 sati
It's ah lee yah not ah lie yah
Cᴇʀʏs Prije 19 sati
Leave them alone 😒
ur mom
ur mom Prije 20 sati
those “fans” are fans. their literally OBSESSED. its fucking annoying as shit