is Lil Tay.. okay...?
heyitssquawk Prije 6 sati
i’m a lgbt mixed fan of billie. i’m still a fan and will support her, but i will hold her accountable. i don’t have any other social media’s than youtube but if i did i’d speak on this. hopefully she doesn’t surround herself with people like her “boyfriend”. i used quotations because i haven’t been keeping up with the topic and idk if she confirmed if it’s her boyfriend or not,
Thicc Snake
Thicc Snake Prije 6 sati
I am part of the lgbtq+ community and I am black I also stand by the asian community and just the thought of me still being a billie fan makes me gag I hope billie sees what she is doing and addresses it
Adie Delevante
Adie Delevante Prije 6 sati
I can't speak on the other topics but the music video... that's literally how we girls act around our friends. Being touchy feely with your girls doesn't mean people can assume your sexuality.
Sister iDV
Sister iDV Prije 6 sati
Bruh leave her alone . She could’ve whatever the f*k she wants!
Nour !!
Nour !! Prije 6 sati
I don’t know I don’t trust that guy Billie is dating bc billie has went on stage with a pride flag and supported BLM and then suddenly she starts dating a old racist homophobic dude I don’t trust it
Mariah Hutchins
Mariah Hutchins Prije 6 sati
Nobody know if they dating you could be that they can just be real close friends that's okay to have friends right Ono it's not okay cuz you guys always in her business you don't know what's going on her life mind your business and maybe she don't know what he did in the past have you ever thought about that no cuz you got too busy worrying about her mind your business go get your child support go get a job all you do is sit down sit around here and we do HRpost that's all you do you pretty lazy for a person who aren't people business do you own business tell me your business
Sarvani Frederick
Sarvani Frederick Prije 6 sati
Bryce is kinda quiet...
Aiyana Knopsnyder
Aiyana Knopsnyder Prije 6 sati
As a part of the lgbtq+ community I am hella upset at this. I was a huge fan bc she supported the lgbtq+ community and now I am not sure.
Stormy. Gacha
Stormy. Gacha Prije 6 sati
this whole thing was rigged and messy. but i do know that tanner didn't back out, he was kinda forced to because of his weight
CloudyWhistle Prije 6 sati
Wait.. So when did her alleged boyfriend make these posts?
Ight Tay
Ight Tay Prije 6 sati
Why you keep copying off of spill plug @spill plug
alison osceola
alison osceola Prije 6 sati
I feel so bad for Charlie and it’s so scary.
Abraham Goldgewicht
Abraham Goldgewicht Prije 6 sati
What’s wrong with that? She can post and say what she wants! Ur like judging her of how she wants to be. Please don’t be rude to her like that.
Shushi. Prije 6 sati
Bruh Billie is straight bruhhhh
Mariah Hutchins
Mariah Hutchins Prije 6 sati
You really don't know what's going on her life and maybe she said that because he can't take anymore tell her down always trying to tear her down if you were standing with her you would understand that she might be going she might have something going down in her life she don't want to talk about her personal life is none of your business she can make videos with girls it ain't none your business she said I like you don't know how CC minted I'm friends with girls or I like girls like I'm friends with them or like like them it's any business to sit down my your business and worry about your own life does having your life or mess up that's why you always want to be in celebs life
Совунья Совуньявич
Совунья Совуньявич Prije 6 sati
People are so damn sensitive these days. Stop, youre stupid
Summer Sinanan
Summer Sinanan Prije 6 sati
Olivia is still not over her ex and uses her music to shade him for moving on- yes the music is fire but the lyrics are too much. Just let the guy live his life! Can u make a video on that? Also tell me ur opinion if u want to!
Kassidy Vang
Kassidy Vang Prije 6 sati
Anna how are you not also going to mention that billie herself is racist 😅
aesthetic.TikTok boy
aesthetic.TikTok boy Prije 6 sati
If yt didn't put anna on my recommended "that day" then I'd be living under a rock rn
Ryanna Reeser
Ryanna Reeser Prije 6 sati
As soon as I saw Tanner 😭
chiara_ art
chiara_ art Prije 6 sati
☆ ☽UniiqueMushroom ☆ ☽
☆ ☽UniiqueMushroom ☆ ☽ Prije 6 sati
And billie was the unproblematic one☹️
✨google_was_my_idea✨ Prije 6 sati
1:30 Maybe she is more comfortable with her own gender.
alayna reyna
alayna reyna Prije 6 sati
KARLA SANCHEZ Prije 6 sati
I feel bad for bryce Austin had his whole family and bryce had no one behind him at all
Ana Gurgenidze
Ana Gurgenidze Prije 6 sati
I meannnn if her boyfriend was racist, homophobic and more in THE PAST why does it make him same things now? Like- we all are growing up every day and people change. So if he post something homophobic 5 years ego this doesn't mean that he is still homophobic after 5 YRARS ego guys.
Mariah Hutchins
Mariah Hutchins Prije 6 sati
You guys doing all the stuff just to tell her down I'm so embarrassed of my fans no she never said that no she never say that you guys are just taking way too far making her feel some kind of way and you guys are being but
PaintStarz Prije 6 sati
Hair dye’s gotten to her head
Mariah Hutchins
Mariah Hutchins Prije 6 sati
Do you a good person sometimes people don't know what they are until they find it and stuff so it maybe Billie eilish fine it in herself maybe she just don't know yet maybe she's confused you don't know
Mariah Hutchins
Mariah Hutchins Prije 6 sati
She never said a embarrassing she never said that she said to mind your own business don't know what's going on and how like you don't know what's behind the scenes you don't even know where she dating that could just be friends and you guys really need to stop messing with her willingness stop messing and making her sad and stuff because everybody was on your love life and on your life then you'll be mad let's know things I want to know things about you what are you do who you're dating you dating the races like for real
Sheridan Jenkins
Sheridan Jenkins Prije 6 sati
okay but like why is everyone blaming billie for her boyfriend's wrong doings I know it crazy that she dated him when she said she supports BLM and LGBTQ+ but the things he does is not billies problem, she doesn't control him or tell him what to do but everything else that was in this video she needs to talk about and I'm very upset about her, her fan was just trying to help her address it before she get's canceled but she didn't do nothing I hope she get's herself straight and say something
Gabe DiPippa
Gabe DiPippa Prije 6 sati
My respect for Billie 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
eralle eralle
eralle eralle Prije 6 sati
I've been waiting for this
deer gaming
deer gaming Prije 6 sati
Okay but like I don’t know if you already did this but like for an idea for mercy is like on the back of the shirt or hoodie or whatever it should have the word anyways luvs and then your HRpost profile on the back it would look so cute!
wanda supremacy
wanda supremacy Prije 6 sati
30 is not old But yeah racist and homophobic man sounds better
Kayleigh Oops
Kayleigh Oops Prije 6 sati
i DONT UNDERSTAND THIS. Mabey she liked the post beacuse SOMEONE is standing up for her. Smh yall just asume everything. And the music video looks like me and my completely straight friends at a sleep over... and were 13. soo can genz stop asumeing things like we are literal know it all's.
Lily Casanova
Lily Casanova Prije 6 sati
I think Billie is doing all of this for attention even if it was for attention she is disrespecting lgbtq and being racist for dating a man that hate lgbtq and is racist PlUs he is 30 something... no hate but Billie you need to get your career straight before dating homophobic we will understand if he was not homophobic but that just mess up..that disrespectful to 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ lgbtq...
Felicia Bullock
Felicia Bullock Prije 6 sati
Wym Michael Lee was doing good don’t he get knock out?no hate tho just saying lmao😭🤚🏾
The Demon
The Demon Prije 6 sati
Yall fans have 2 much time on ya hands needs to let this lil ma'am live her life without
•My LIFE• Prije 6 sati
Her career is like a ring in her fans finger, they can end it anytime, anywhere and she doesn’t seem to take it seriously.
Mariah Hutchins
Mariah Hutchins Prije 6 sati
Just leave her alone
Milliardo5 Prije 6 sati
Hope to know your take on the ongoing controversy with Creepshow Art right now. I figured this is right up the alley of Anna oop...
Mariah Hutchins
Mariah Hutchins Prije 6 sati
Some people like to tease is not like she's saying that she is
Victoria Allred
Victoria Allred Prije 6 sati
I mean Twitter is known as a toxic place ;-;
CALUM HOOD Prije 6 sati
Bryce hall actually got pushed down but you guys don’t care go back and look at the video and if you ever watch Jake Paul and Deji fight Jake Paul was bleeding is the punches because I know they are really easy bleeders so don’t make fun of Bryce hall yes he’s easy bleeder guys don’t get that but I understand so get over yourself oh ok
Andrew Waybright
Andrew Waybright Prije 6 sati
You ligit don't know anything about boxing stop thinking you know things, you literally got everything thing wrong
Emma Fisher
Emma Fisher Prije 6 sati
I'm not backing her up because I don't like her... I never did even before the drama but the music video to me looks like me and my besties when we have a girls spa/sleepover thing. We kiss each other and play games all the time but we are all straight so I'm like idk.....
Emily Acosta solis
Emily Acosta solis Prije 6 sati
Anna have u seen your fyp about the girls wanna it to fight sj start it
X arrowgent X
X arrowgent X Prije 6 sati
well they didn't lie when they said opposites attract lmao
Bloxity Prije 6 sati
Didn't even say deji correctly
Ava and Avarie vlogs
Ava and Avarie vlogs Prije 6 sati
i’m disappointed bebe 💕
Fire Guy
Fire Guy Prije 6 sati
Forgot zhc
Krishima Prije 6 sati
Ok so ......why should we stop liking the music just because of the moves people make? It’s stupid!!!! I just want to know why celebs can love who they love even if the person is homoph*ic or r*cist , if they love that person and they know what there getting into to be happy it’s just what they want so why do fans think everything she does is wrong it’s disgusting behavior and unfair for Billie. I am sorry please just don’t judge the person if you don’t know them personally.
Karlie_karblox Prije 6 sati
Wait Sophie left the squad ok I’m late💀
yellowqrxses Prije 6 sati
why do celebrities do this to themselves. 👁👄👁
Alina Morcov
Alina Morcov Prije 6 sati
at this point yall just bored💀 1.i dont think shes queer baiting, but If she is theres no excuse for that.. 2. SHE FUCKING LIKED A POST she never said yall are embarrasing 3. this is wrong. she cant say shes an ally then date the most homophobic racist man ever. i really hope these rumours aint true..
明美Akemi Prije 6 sati
Vinne I'm so proud of chu👍😀
Chanlin Smith
Chanlin Smith Prije 6 sati
i’m so done with people. y’all are so dumb. she’s straight and in my perspective the video was more of a woman empowerment thing. JUST LITERALLY STFU IT’s ANNOYING.
Your unemployed dudette
Your unemployed dudette Prije 6 sati
Christelle Kalambay
Christelle Kalambay Prije 6 sati
"the stare?" "sussy?" ANNA I CAN'T TODAY LMAO
ashley corbett
ashley corbett Prije 6 sati
elliana didnt throw it back :/
mariaioannaterz Prije 6 sati
That blonde hair really did something ro her brain...
Berria ୨୧
Berria ୨୧ Prije 6 sati
this ain't lovely see what I did there Ok but the fact the her fandom wanted THE BEST FOR her and she called them embrassing, like child-
Marcel xhope mikaelson
Marcel xhope mikaelson Prije 6 sati
What is wrong with people .... you hangout with girls = lesbian you hangout with guys = gay .... like wtf it’s called having fun it’s people ... and who are we to say what’s straight or not ? What’s gay or not? Like stop the judging ( and also look at billie’s song power and then look st her boyfriend 😉 *wink wink*)
Miss Gurl
Miss Gurl Prije 6 sati
About damn time
victori a
victori a Prije 6 sati
dam Billie we were all rooting for you
Emily Ramsier
Emily Ramsier Prije 6 sati
Why is nobody going after her parents for letting her date a 30 year old homophobic racist guy also HES 30
Corpse_ Lotus
Corpse_ Lotus Prije 6 sati
Wanna know something funny .. I forgot about the match until yesterday
Mari Nior
Mari Nior Prije 6 sati
LOL ya
nikey minayah
nikey minayah Prije 6 sati
Omg guys yall are taking this sooooo far 😐 "she called her fans embarrassing" No she liked a post from a *fan* saying the fandom is embarrassing. The fact that it comes from a fan means that they're not talking about every fans. "She's racist/homophobic" Her boyfriend said problematic things 5 years ago. Not that this is ok but it's very different from her actually being racist/homophobic. "She's queer bating" Maybe... But you can't really tell because she also acts like bff would in her mv and the caption is not really explicit like people say they love women in general. Not I can tell that billie is completly innocent but the thing is we can't tell so please *stop* assuming.
Keshma Francois
Keshma Francois Prije 6 sati
I think she what meant by embarrassing HER FANS ARE BEING TOO MUCH
your local god
your local god Prije 6 sati
i am watching this instead of going to school rn. it’s clear that i have priorities. :3
Lux lux
Lux lux Prije 6 sati
cheese doodles
cheese doodles Prije 6 sati
embarrassing asf i hate her sm lol
Hen Nah
Hen Nah Prije 6 sati
BRUHH im straight too and i love women but it doesn't mean sexually i just rlly fuckin love woman. (when i say I love trans people i don't mean sexually just as an example) Gen z is sooooo sensitive smh happy for billie that those people leave her fandom lol
Unique Brown
Unique Brown Prije 6 sati